Reveal the Treasure

There is a treasure in you…a deep quiet that surrounds all the shiny objects stored in the crevices of your life. Here, in this still center is where the adventure begins …revealing the diamond that is the essence of You.

Open your heart wide in wonder, seek beneath the surface to find what you didn’t even know you were looking for. Let simplicity be your guide when the clutter of the world begins to crowd your true identity and dampen your joy. Let go of everything for one spacious moment as you connect to the core of what you most love.

Now let even that go.

When it comes back, you’ll know it’s Real.

What do you most love?

It likely has nothing to do with the shiny objects that are stored in your physical spaces. Or even the less shiny, but still essential, objects that you hold onto, either because you use them or might need them someday.

When we are faced with a life-changing event such as the one that’s happening in the world right now, what we love takes on new meaning.

Even when we are not facing a pandemic, most of us will name similar things when we are asked to connect with the core of what we most love. People. Pets. Parts of life that belong in our hearts, no matter what other belongings we might be holding onto.

When you need to remember the treasure you are holding, no matter what is going on in the outer world, take a sip of simplicity and tune into the essential.

It will always be here, right in the center of you. Your diamond essence.

Reveal it now.

Sora Garrett
Sora Garretthttps://soragarrett.com/
Sora Garrett is a highly-creative humanitarian & life-simplification guide who blends her love for writing with her gift of inspiring people to think outside the box. Her fourth book, Simply Enough: Create Space for What Matters is a call to simplify our spaces so we can focus on creating a better world. This book is also a cornerstone of her mentoring circles, where she holds space for deep conversation about what matters while offering creative solutions and meaningful connection to others ready to cultivate more spacious lives of meaning and contribution. When she’s not writing or creating, you can find Sora taking long walks with her mini-schnauzer, working in her garden, sharing time with her life-partner of 44 years, their two grown children and one amazing grandson, or skiing/hiking in the mountains of Idaho where everyday miracles can be found.


  1. Beautiful thoughts here Sora, Soothing and real. Some people really needed reminding of what matters.. it is in simplicity we truly see what matters. Thank you for this beautiful presentation and reminder! We all have a precious gift…being able to see it is an even better gift!
    Have a wonderful day! P.