Retain Your All-Star Employees

Imagine your company is a professional football team.

If there were weaknesses, you’d strengthen them! You would improve your offense, strengthen your defensive line and do what it takes to keep your star athletes and win in the Super Bowl!

Corporations spend up to 30% of their overall cost due to their inability to retain good employees. The effects of losing great employees should be a real warning sign to corporations that change is needed. These costs include:

  • Looking for new talent
  • Training new employees
  • Up to a 6-month lag time getting the new employee up 100% productivity level

Are you voted “One of the Best places to work?”

If you are not, and you are losing good people, you need to ask better questions like, “Why do you want to leave us? Did we do something wrong?” Learn from the exiting employee, and apply the lessons learned, or become a sinking ship. Change is in the air with a rebounding economy and corporations need to understand the great value of employee retention.

Company’s voted ‘best places to work’, are also reaping great profits because they are not losing their All-Stars. These companies place great value on employees and make them feel part of that winning team.

Here are five tips to improve employee retention:

1. Share Core Values: Openly communicate and follow your company core values. Post your company core values through internal monthly newsletters, intranet, and company meetings. When the whole company follows its core values it means everyone in playing on the same team. This reinforces a team environment.

2. Communication holds the Key: Senior leaders and managers should be offensive coaches at all times. A great coach is someone who encourages input from their employees.  When employees can share their ideas, they feel like they can help the company, and foster employee engagement.

3. Entitlement Disaster:  Ego-based management has proven to cause more harm to a company as it fosters an environment that managers are more important than employees. Employees are always the most valuable asset to any company. “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur.” – Nelson Mandela

4. Play it Safe: When the company shows signs of instability, like high turnover, employees don’t feel safe. Provide transparency, and engage employees when there may be changes in the company. Avoid confusion, and clearly outline expectations and responsibilities.

5. Accountability Empowers: Employees love to understand the company playbook so outlining what the rules, the expectations, and the goals are essential components of accountability. Employees usually want to excel in their job.


Randy Friedman
Randy Friedman
As co-founder & President of RITE Academy, Randy Friedman is proud to be a public service advocate and training innovator. She combines her athletics and mental toughness training, bringing Racial Intelligence to law enforcement, corrections, and all public service. As a certified Social+Emotional Intelligence Coach with the ISEI (Institute of Social+Emotional Intelligence) and her 30+ years in corporate and athletics training, Ms. Friedman brings a unique perspective that helps to educate law enforcement enhance their skill-set in Racial Intelligence. Ms. Friedman has taught, coached, and mentored top corporate executives, and civic leaders in the community. As an executive in public relations and brand marketing, she understands the importance of upholding a positive image, as well as preserving respect in the community. As a professional athlete for many years, she has published two motivational books. The first in 2008, called Your Inner Swing, 7 lessons in golf and life. Her second book, co-authored with Linda Webb, The Athletic Mindset, 3 tools for success, published in 2012. These books are being used as positive motivators in communities and corporations around the world. Ms. Friedman is a nationally recognized speaker, and her global initiatives have made a positive impact in bringing communities and companies together. Ms. Friedman’s extensive experience in athletics and motivational training, combined with emotional and social intelligence, is the foundation that pieces Racial Intelligence together. This powerful groundwork for law enforcement and all public service professionals is what brought Ms. Friedman and Ms. Webb together again, to create the RITE Academy.

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