Remembering World War II, Pearl Harbor and Patriotism

Many of you seniors have come a long way on a road that at times was very bumpy- at most.

Let’s start with depression. No jobs. Some folks found it hard to get a meal and would do chores such as cutting wood to get a meal. Any type of work would do.

The government establishing CCC camps for people to work on the highways and so forth in order to put food on the table. Some of the farms experienced droughts in certain parts of the country. There was the migration of families to different parts of the country to find work. However, you survived and as a result made your generation very resolute.

Then came World War II. It began on a Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, when our nation was plunged into war by a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Our nation was not prepared. However, it did not take long for the nation to rise to the occasion. Men and women joined the armed forces. The draft was implemented. There were men who were drafted for their skills regardless of age or physical fitness. The women joined the WAC’s –Women’s Army Corp. The women who ferried the planes to England in support of the air force. There was a buildup of the merchant marines and of the armed service medical staff.

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