Remembering Who You Are

What is remembering who you are? It’s going back to the basics of what makes you happy.

According to the Harris poll, only one in three Americans are happy. Money seems to be a big factor. Still, money isn’t everything. Happiness is a feeling that comes from within ourselves.

What Makes You Happy?

When we remember who we are or thinking before we speak, we tend to be happier. It is the act of being responsive over reactive. Dr. Rick Hanson wrote about this in his acclaimed book, Just One Thing, 2011. He spoke about the Buddha Brain.
There are steps to help you be and listening to your inner voice. These steps will help you have more success in your personal and professional life. So what is your inner voice or wisdom? There is a lot of talk about this the simple way to explain it is coming from your heart rather than your head. It’s that time when somebody says, ” do want to go to the ballgame?” and you’re thinking no still you say, “sure.” That’s coming from your head rather than your wisdom. Let’s examine coming from our heart. You’re not a baseball fan. You don’t have the extra money to spend on an expensive ticket to sit board in the stands watching your team which happens to be losing all season. When we come from our head were usually doing so because we want to please others or it’s a pattern of behavior. This simple demonstration isn’t very useful unless we make is meaningful to home or work.

Getting Out Of Heads

This is where it gets into a more important dynamic. What if you say, yes I’ll take on that project to your manager, and you don’t have the time or the expertise? Doing so can undermine your success at work. Speaking from your heart first by creating a response rather than a reaction is key. You’ll hear me often talk about using responsive conversation opposed to reacting. Because relationships are at the core of all life and success, we have to pay attention to how we interact. The difference at home can be you saying I’m not sure I feel comfortable watching this TV show it’s too violent for me. The outcome is not having a night filled with unsettling dreams. On the other hand, you may be used to saying what ever I’m fine this is not remembering who you.[su_spacer]
Speak Up For Yourself: Remembering Who You Are
Another way of remembering who you are is speaking up for yourself. This takes courage and time to develop. These tools will start you on your way. Body mind business success is part of a whole life experience. It revolves around happiness for your self and those you love.
Here are three tools to help you get more out of your success using body mind and soul for your business.
1. Before committing to anything take a breath and check in with your body. Society is used to quick answers however it’s okay to slow down and take your time. If you’re asked the same question again by someone at work or home you can say I am thinking about how I feel about this.
The delay in response according to Responding vs. Reacting, J. Loeks 2009, can be five seconds or days. Creating pre-responses is a well-known way of buying some time to think about how you feel.
2. Tightness around our heart area means we’re feeling a mental answer as opposed to what we want. It can also mean we don’t like something. Take note of the thoughts in your mind. Is there a mental pattern that’s occurring? This can show up as a thought.“I should say yes they were so nice to take care of our lawn while we were on vacation.” “If I want to get ahead I need to go to this dinner meeting with this big investor even though I don’t like him very much. ”Our mind always has an answer for everything, but it may not be the best answer for you.
Agreeing to watch your neighbors three large Labrador dogs while they go on vacation for a month isn’t a great idea if you don’t know much about dogs. Make a suggestion that feels right for the situation and don’t get yourself into a mess.
Going to dinner with a potential investor that drinks too much is not a good investment for you. The right investor for your startup will come along. Waiting might be tough, but if your heart is not in your business, it won’t succeed.
3. In body-mind-soul work for business and personal, we always have to come from our soul. We make decisions and have conversations all day. If we chose with our head, it raises our blood pressure and creates other health problems. Using our mind logic to communicate is cluttered with past experience instead of what we want. If we’re not feeling it, we’re not passionate about something at a soul level. You have to like it.
Confidence In Life And Business
In your personal life, I recommend the steps as well. If you’re having a heated moment was someone, step back allowing your breath to calm and your heart to relax is the first step. Next, think about what you want and what the other person is also wanting. Is there a way these two things can align either fully or partially? Perfect alignment of ideas rarely occurs. Find the commonalities that don’t compromise who you are or who the other person is. Yes, you may both have to give a little but don’t give your soul in the situation. By this I mean your comfort zone and who you are. When we use these steps to remember who we are we develop better confidence and awareness of the feelings of others. We become happier and successful.


Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
OUR HEALTH is important to our success as entrepreneurs and business professionals. Dr. Debra Arko Novotny L.Ac, D.Hom. NMP, CHC specializes in helping women not let health, aging, and menopause get in the way of life. As a professional herself, she understands the need for easy ways to cook and stay fit as we age. She’s an expert in weight loss and menopause. She helps women navigate their busy work and family lives. Her simple approach to changing our behaviors and beliefs has helped women for over two decades regain control of their health and life. Dr. Deb is one of the leaders in Body-Mind-Lifestyle Design. She is a Natural Health Practitioner and coach. Debra is an author and speaker in health and business. Deb practices what she teaches. Natural health, Primal eating, and designing your life. In her office, she provides Functional Medicine, Easy Primal Eating, Acupuncture, and acupoint injections [rejuvenative medicine]. Work with her in-person or virtually by via her Websites: Enhanced Living Today, or Denver Acupuncture Health. OR reach out to her by EMAIL or Phone | Office (720) 515-4602. She resides in Colorado with her husband and family.

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  1. I liked your article so much, I read it again. Each of your points resonate well with one of my favorite books called the “The Articulate Executive”.

    I just used the book (and of course some of the points you raised) in a course that teaches executive presence.

    Good stuff.

  2. A little bit of exercise can really give boosts of happiness too — especially when that exercise is done at certain times during the day. As a person, your moods are very predictable. Often you’re happy or down roughly at the same times during the day. So, take a break and do something while you’re down to perk you up.