Remembering the Girl by the Stream

A short block from my house in Stayton OR, there was a gently flowing creek through the thick woods. It happens that it was a shallow creek that I could access by crawling beneath the foliage and through the brushy undergrowth. As a five-year-old, I loved the gentle sound of moving water. It left me with a serene feeling as I emerged from the densely wooded area. I wasn’t to play there, so sometimes I would just pay a quick visit.

I imagined myself on a brave expedition as I stood beside the stream and threw a few stones, returning as a conqueror to my yard where I continued playing in my private inner world – refreshed somehow, by the memory I carried with me of the sound of moving water and the plop of the stones.

At five, I owned my world – now a memory where I return years later and recall and feel the serenity and joy of being me.

As children, when we are blessed with a sense of security, our cells become embedded with the experience of moments of presence – peace. Years later as life happens to us and presence becomes a challenge, we can revisit these memories to assist us in our cultivation of presence moment by moment.

I invite you to send me your story of a moment of happiness as a child. I reserve the right to use your “moment” in a future blog in complete confidence.

Kathleen Hendrickson
Harmonious Power is the ability of high achievers to experience extraordinary results in business and personal lives with profound joy and deep fulfillment. Kathleen guides successful executives to unlock subconscious patterns and beliefs to find deeper expression, passion, and life purpose. Her mission: To provide a confidential and individualized program that allows you to maintain your current life style while stepping into higher levels of integration of your DNA encoded true Self and embody your highest potential as you travel along your Path to Harmonious Power. In the course of her varied and successful career, a driving force is to experience self-actualization or individuation and guide others in their own self-directed exploration and pathway to a deeper, richer, and more fulfilling life. Your life work and purpose are encoded in your DNA at the time of your birth. Kathleen’s gift is her capacity to listen to you intuitively and perceive your yet unrealized true self. As your Guide, she listens and holds the space for your self-exploration and insight - allowing you to open to your highest, innate potential. She is an entrepreneur and successful businesswoman. She invites you to explore how you can steer the course of your business and personal life in the most natural direction that is entirely of your choice. You hold the answer within; she listens and sees you in your highest expression.




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