Near my childhood home in Southampton, there was an abandoned property where I used to hang out. A long curved driveway provided a darkened path up through wildly overgrown evergreens, raspberry vines, and daylilies up to a large house, perfectly intact and fully furnished inside, but deteriorating outside.

The nearby garage had big holes in the roof, but I used to climb up there for elevated picnics, enjoying the contemplative and somewhat mysterious atmosphere of the place.

It was the perfect combination of safety (close to home) and adventure (secretly trespassing!) that made it so attractive, I think. I can still remember the dank, woodsy smell and the dappled shade there.

I enjoyed and needed to be alone. Being in nature was a very important part of my physical and spiritual life at that time. As a kid in that time/place, I was afforded a lot more independence and ability to do these things than most kids do now… J.H.

This memory is one of a series of contributions being made to the Remembering Your Inner Child Project. You are welcome to contact us or send us your memory.

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Larry Tyler

Missed this one. I absolutely love this. Memories abound thank you for sharing.

Kathleen Hendrickson
Kathleen Hendrickson

Thank you Larry, J.H. told me she enjoyed remembering and re-discovering those aspects of her self. She was more daring than I.