Relocating Tips To Boost Your Freelancing Career

Relocation can be a big risk. It is a big change that accompanies struggle and obstacles. It is a personal choice that an individual must think of before making such huge decision. There are uncertainties in relocation but oftentimes, when done right, the rewards can outweigh the challenges.

As a freelancer, who generates income for independently, you may come to a point that you need to relocate for better career opportunities. And you are not the only one. According to US Census Bureau survey in 2012-2013, career change is among the top reasons why most people relocate. About 20% of workers surveyed are willing to move to a new place for career improvement.

But how can you be sure that relocating is a good choice for your career? Take note that not all who decided to move succeeds in their career. So to get more chance of succeeding as a freelancer, you may want to follow some of these tips.

Foresight Your Career Progress Before You Move

How strong is your industry in the city you are going to transfer to? Be honest with yourself and ask these questions.

  1. Is your prospect city going to sustain its progress for a long period of time?
  2. Is the progress stronger than your current city?
  3. Can you see yourself more successful in your prospect city a few years after you move?

Though there is no guarantee of success when you transfer, you have to think about the factors that can contribute to your success. The odds should be in your favor to be on the positive side of the situation. So start thinking ahead and be proactive.

Thorough market research on your potential clients is fundamental before you start relocating. What are the demands of your target market in that certain place? Can you meet their demands? Market research is important so you can determine the feasibility of your business in your prospect city. Also, whatever you can find out in your market research, you can use this in your future marketing approach.

Create A Timeline For Your Transition

Transition starts from the day you packed your things up to the day you are able to adapt and adjust to the new place. As soon as you have made up your mind about moving, you need to create a plan and a timeline for your transition. You cannot just pack your bags and go without any concrete plan.

So how do you start your transition timeline? Start by planning when and how to move and immediately continue your operation. Make your move stress-free as possible by getting some tips in relocating. There are lots you can find over the internet. It is also important that you also prep up your new place so once you have relocated you can immediately be productive. Make sure utilities such as telephone, internet and electricity are working as soon as you transferred. These are essential to continue your business flow.

It will also help if you create a deadline for yourself. By that certain time, you should be able to get back to full operation. By that certain time, you should find yourself financially recovering from the relocating expenses and you should significantly improve your career as a freelancer.

Build New Connection And Nurture Your Previous Ones

As a freelancer, your client is the life blood of your career. You need to take really good care of clients’ relationship to keep them coming and it is perhaps the most challenging part when transferring location. When it comes to your clients, your olds ones are as important as your new ones so you have to know how to take good care of both.

There are different kinds of clients freelancers have. Some of them, you may not need to meet personally while others are location independent but whether they are locals or not, you still have to inform them of your plan of moving and where you are going to move. You need to tell them your new address for snail mail purposes and other physical transactions.

Additionally, you need to assure your previous clients that you will be as responsive as you are before in your previous location. You need to let them know that you value them and you have to assure them that the transfer of location could help you provide a better quality of output for them.

On the other hand, making new connections will be quite challenging. You have to start building a new connection from your new place even before you move. You can also ask for a referral from your loyal clients. Ask them if they happen to know anyone from the new place and if they can refer you to them. The word of mouth from your loyal clients is one of your strongest marketing strategies to gain more clients so take advantage of it.

Cost Of Living vs. Income

You are moving to another city as a freelancer because you want to boost your income. This is another factor you should think of when moving to another place. As a freelancer, do not only think of the place where you think you are in demand but you also have to compare your income to the cost of living. Can your income compensate your expenses and you still have enough for your savings and leisure? Take advantage of places where you can afford the cost of living, maintain and enjoy certain income level and boost your career as a freelancer.

As a freelancer, you may have enjoyed several perks that aren’t available for a full-time worker such as working at home and choosing the hours of work. But it is a different story when you have decided to change location. So if you want to keep and boost your freelance job and transfer from a different location, you may consider working out the tips mentioned above to ensure a positive outcome.


Key Acanto
Key Acanto
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