Reasons to Get an Extended Car Warranty

Weighing up the decision when it comes to getting an extended car warranty can leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unsure about what to do next. Researching the numerous options available to you should be your first port of call so that you can get a feel for the market and how much it’s going to set you back each month. Whether you’re trying to cover your business vehicles or you’re hoping to get your personal car protected, there are a number of valid reasons to get an extended car warranty. All in all, it’s a good idea to consider if you don’t always have funds readily available for car repairs. If you’re still stuck on the fence and trying to make a decision these reasons should help you with your final choice.

It’s a Failsafe Option

There’s no doubt that getting an extended car warranty is an excellent idea, especially if you’re a frequent driver and travelling long distances for work. Not only will an extended car warranty give you the chance to save money on unexpected repair bills, but you may also enjoy a handful of benefits that go hand in hand with choosing an extended car warranty. It’s a failsafe option that leaves you protected and covered no matter what happens on the road, so this is a good reason to consider taking out a policy soon.

There Are Many Types to Choose From

When you’re in the market for an extended car warranty, you’ll be pleased to know that there is no one size fits all option. As a vehicle owner, you will have your pick of the bunch from essential cover to full breakdown cover. Having these different options can help you to assess which one you’re most able to afford and which type of cover will be most suited to your needs.

It Will Save You Money

There is nothing worse than receiving an unexpected repairs bill when you’re already trying to pay other monthly expenses. Mechanical repairs to your vehicle can add up to astronomical amounts especially when it comes to parts and labour. An extended car warranty policy will not only cover the costs of any new parts required, but the labour will also be included in this amount too. When you lay out the numbers in this way, an extended warranty seems like a no-brainer decision.

Sell Your Car For More

One day you may be looking to sell your car for a decent amount of money, but you’ll get more bang for your buck if you have an extended warranty. This type of cover actually contributes to the overall value of your car, because it creates a higher chance of good maintenance and value retention.

Many Extended Warranties Have Bonus Benefits

It’s not just the costs of labour, parts and repairs that are covered when you take out an extended car warranty, you may also have plenty of other benefits from your policy too. For example, if you were to break down unexpectedly, a good car warranty would also provide you with breakdown cover at no extra cost. Opting for a full coverage plan which offers roadside assistance will not only give you peace of mind, but it can bundle together all of your car maintenance costs into one simple monthly payment.

There Are Flexible Car Warranty Plans

If you purchase your car from a branded dealership they may offer you extended car warranty as part of the sale. Before you take them up on their offer it’s important to shop around and look for more flexible options that suit your specific needs perfectly. When you choose to shop around you will soon discover a warranty that suits both your mileage usage and your budget. Opting for a manufacturer warranty right off the bat won’t allow you this level of flexibility and adaptability. 

You Will Have Less to Worry About

When you take out an extended car warranty, you will no longer need to live in fear of something going wrong when you’re out and about on the road. As a vehicle owner, you will know that anything can go wrong at the most inconvenient time, so it’s important to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Knowing that your car is going to be well taken care of and you’re covered during the event of a breakdown, is enough to sway your decision towards getting an extended warranty.

All in all, opting for an extended car warranty is only going to bring you a whole host of benefits. The cost may be the only thing holding you back, but you will soon earn back your monthly payments when you need a repair.

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