Real-Life Superhero Leaders: Elon Musk

But Musk isn’t trying to change the world with everything. He believes that a “usefulness optimization” should be used wherein, even a marginal increase of making someone’s life better is worthwhile if it occurs for a large enough group of people.

Lesson #3 for mere mortals:  While changing the world is great, all goals don’t need to be world-changing. As long as you’re making someone’s life better, you’re impacting the world.

Superpower #4: Extremely smart yet basic thinking – One only has to look at Elon Musk’s simultaneous role as leader of multiple companies to understand the superpower in how he thinks differently. Musk relies on a thinking approach called “first principles”[6] which is looking at the world from a physics mindset and boiling things down to the most essential and basic fundamental truth. Using this as the starting point, everything is reasoned up from there. This way of thinking has allowed Musk to see complex concepts and problems differently than someone who thinks analogously, which is more common.

Musk is changing the world in a lot of different areas at the same time, and while it may appear that he is multitasking on a grand scale, instead he is a master of prioritizing and compartmentalizing. He prioritizes the stepping stones to a vision[3] through which things have to occur and puts 90 – 95% of his attention on the present issue and avoids distraction by not getting ahead of what has been accomplished. Musk also described thinking about certain aspects of his different companies for “a half hour per week” which points to an ability to compartmentalize and set things aside until it’s time to focus on that particular piece.

Lesson #4 for mere mortals:  Think differently. Start with the fundamental truths and then reason your way through the steps to arrive at logical conclusions. Said another way, start with a problem, and when you can’t ask any more questions and are down to the core idea, you’re using first principles thinking.

Claiming Your Superpower 

Do you possess any of Elon Musk’s superpowers? While his superpowers come together in a most spectacular way, perhaps you have one or two strengths that resemble the list above. If these just aren’t in your wheelhouse, don’t despair. Remember there are lots of superheroes, each one with different superpowers.

How can you claim your “superpower”? You start with uncovering what it is. Your superpower may be an internal behavior that you possess and take for granted. You may not be aware of its potential power or haven’t paused to recognize the significance of this trait in the past. For example, there is at least one time in every leader’s career when you’ve done something that demonstrated brilliance. Think about that time in your life and, specifically, what you did.

Remember when you demonstrated an act of brilliance.

The situation in which you demonstrated this amazing strength may have faded from memory, but it’s still there. It was uniquely yours, a flash of amazingness, and perhaps you had no idea you had it in you. That trait you demonstrated quite possibly is your superpower and is a good starting point. A superpower is an extraordinary internal strength that helps you be successful. Just as your goal or passion doesn’t have to be world changing, neither does your unique strength.

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Carly Vivian
Carly Vivian
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  1. What is the same about leaders and superheros?
    More often than not, both are in good shape. They stand strong and hold the same poses, with the chin raised, minus the hands on the hips.

    And if you have some muscles, you project a stronger leadership presence. I’ve only ever see only one exception to the rule.