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Now – more than ever, nonprofit organizations serving our communities are faced with a capacity challenge. In other words, how do they effectively balance mission delivery with mission development? And how can they afford to access the level of expertise needed to grow and sustain their Mission?
We believe all nonprofits deserve access to the most brilliant minds in social impact. Yet much of this remarkable talent is needed in one place but resident in another. Years of corporate and nonprofit leadership experience tucked away around the world, poised to make a real impact, but out of reach to so many deserving nonprofits. You’ve got the time, the talent and the passion, but you’re based in Anywhere, USA (or beyond) and the nonprofits that need your kind of help are based in Everywhere, Around The World.
How do we all come together to effectively close that never-ending passion–mission-affordability gap? We do it by “virtually” matching the need with the talent. We do it with free, virtual delivery. We do it by proudly announcing the upcoming launch of GOODWORKS 360° – “Delivering Mission-Critical Pro Bono Services To Good Deserving Nonprofits Around The World”
It used to be that when a nonprofit was offered pro bono services, the nonprofit and volunteer were on their own. As a result, “pro bono” too often resulted in unintentionally missed opportunities, dropped balls, costly misunderstandings, etc. and the reputation of pro bono services suffered. That’s not the case with GOODWORKS 360°. Which is why we’ve taken extra care to clearly and conspicuously share our unambiguous definition of “pro bono” in writing front and center on our Home Page:

 (adverb & adjective – 1. denoting work undertaken voluntarily without payment: 2. free in the interest of a deserving cause.)

✅ Not costing or charging anything  ✅ Given without consideration of a return or reward  ✅ Complimentary  ✅ Gratis  ✅ Offered solely in good faith  ✅ No strings attached  ✅ No gimmicks  ✅ No surprises  ✅ No contracts to sign  ✅ No kidding!

International Translations: Free, Fred, Fredas, фред, 弗雷德, เฟร็ด, නරකයි, ਫਰੈਡ, zozizwitsa, Tuhinga o mua, Freds, 프레드, nggoleki, フレッド,  ֆրեդ, , , Φρειδερίκος, فریاد

Virtually @Their Service

We recognize that a structured “virtual” investment of our time and our talent is the most effective strategy for nonprofit capacity building. Which means we don’t bog nonprofits down with meetings galore and never-ending bureaucracy. Everything we do is virtual – by phone, by text, by email – by whatever means necessary to minimize unnecessary distractions, while delivery results in the most efficient manner for everybody. And there’s NO contract to sign because we operate purely in good faith with nothing more than a “virtual handshake”.

Who Needs Us?

Sustainability begins at the top. Which is why Our typical engagement partner is the Board Chair/President and Executive Director/CEO of a growing nonprofit – with a genuine passion for their mission and expanding community support, but without sufficient internal expertise and/or capacity to effectively deal with growing organizational development challenges, particularly at the Board level.
Nonprofit teams are some of the most passionate, committed people in the workforce, but often they are overwhelmed. This challenge is widely known both within and beyond the nonprofit sector: nonprofits are often strapped for time, resources, and expertise. There are many innovative ways to approach these challenges, and one of them is strategically using nonprofit partners like us to help push forward important initiatives and enable their staff to focus on what they do best. Our ideal role is not to support a decision maker’s existing plan for internal buy-in, but rather to serve as an objective and experienced professional that can help a nonprofit achieve a goal or implement a new process.

Have You Got The Time, Talent & Passion To Make A Difference?

Have you been for are you currently engaged in the nonprofit sector at the Executive Director Level? OR – are you simply ready to start your “giving back” journey from afar by making your particular expertise “virtually” available now and then? OR Perhaps you’d like to do your part by sponsoring a Grant for the benefit of a deserving nonprofit in need? OR are you a vendor/consultant to the nonprofit community who would be willing to offer your services as an endorsed service provider?
BECOME A VIP (Virtual Impact Partner)
The GOODWORKS 360° Team (e.g. “do-gooders at large”) is passionately dedicated to helping nonprofits – locally, nationally and internationally – enhance their sustainability via streamlined access to high-impact pro bono services. The end result? THEY remain focused on their mission, their passion, and service to their community. WE remain focused on delivering real solutions in real-time while helping them make their difference in the world. By becoming a pro bono GOODWORKS 360° Virtual Impact Partner (VIP), you will be poised to help nonprofits “sustain  their vision for good…” What’s the time commitment? As little or as much as you want to devote. We’ll simply have you and your credentials standing by until the time comes that we need to reach out for your particular skills. And that’s when you decide whether you’re up for the “time/talent” challenge.
It’s lonely at the top. Every now and then, we may need to “bend an ear” for advice from folks who’ve actually sat (or are currently sitting) in the Executive Director Chair of a nonprofit organization. While we’ve got ample experience at the grassroots level to the Board Chair level, sometimes we just need to chat with someone who’s been there and done that – at the helm of a successful nonprofit, as a Member of our Sounding Board. No upfront formal time commitment – just your commitment that when we reach out for a brief chat, your wisdom of experience is ready to be shared.


Capture goodwill for your brand by offering our approved nonprofit clients your service or product pro bono OR at an impressive discount. OR if you happen to have an “affiliate” program, turn the referral commission you would normally pay us or others into a @GOODVALUE Discount. In return, we’ll present your hyperlinked Company Logo on our exclusive @GOODVALUE PARTNERS Page setting the stage for endorsed referrals by us whenever your particular product/service is needed by one of our clients. AND we’ll provide you with our official “Proud Supporter” seal for display on your Website.
As anyone in the nonprofit sector is keenly aware – Procuring a grant takes time and resources. Nonprofits that are the most successful in getting grants have ongoing grants programs where someone is always looking for grant opportunities, and there is a dedicated staff to write, monitor, and report back to the foundations. And it’s always a balance of time invested in grant-writing versus time invested in carrying out the Mission and local fundraising events. Well, we want to be a blessing, not a burden when it comes to awarding GoodWorks 360° Micro-Grants. So, we’re building a bucket of donor dollars to be thoughtfully awarded to nonprofits in need based on our overall assessment of their Mission, their Passion, and their Need. Not big dollars just targeted Micro-Grants up to $1,000. each per qualified nonprofit. And always targeted first; to support a bona fide project that in our experienced opinion will make a genuine difference, and second; to ensure that 100% of the Grant serves it’s intended purpose/project. It’s not about big $$$. It’s about big differences…
Take some time to; stroll through our GOODWORKS 360° Site, including our FAQ Page to get a keen sense of it all, and then simply spell out how you’d like to help (VIP, Sounding Board Member, @Goodvalue Partner, Goodworks Grant Sponsor) in an email [Subject Line: GOODWORKS 360° | HELP IS ON THE WAY] and we’ll be in touch!

” We’re not a FOR PROFIT enterprise. We’re not a NONPROFIT enterprise. We’re a “FOR GOOD” enterprise.”
               ~Dennis J. Pitocco, Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer

In the midst of a world where so many are disengaged, cynical and apathetic, isn’t it time for some fresh air? Isn't it time to join together in building a refreshing, new community founded upon “real” relationships, “real” thought leadership, and “authentic” engagement? NO Clutter. NO Spam. NO NO Fees. NO Promotions. NO Kidding. SIMPLY Pure Engagement Unplugged. ☕️ CLICK TO GRAB YOUR SEAT IN OUR NEW ENGAGE CAFÉ ☕️

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Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos
Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos

Dennis, this article explains non-profits so well. It is the perfect opportunity to educate and help others who wish to become a part of a Nobel Cause by joining or starting a non-profit. Great article. I am sharing all over my social media pages and groups.

@Team 360°

Indeed, Kat – it takes so little to help so many… Thanks for your consistent support today and every day!

Maria Lehtman

Superb effort and initiative, Dennis & Team! Well-defined ambitions for people and organizations to support :). I love the transversal elements this concept offers!

@Team 360°

Thank you Maria – we’re seeking to do our part to change the world, one nonprofit at a time…

Suzie Cheel

Wonderful initiative Dennis you have going . So empowering

@Team 360°

Thank you, Suzie – it’s simply a labor of love :-)

Pre.Kaya' Gilkey

I love the love and heart this organization has for healing and uplifting the world! Great Article Dennis!

@Team 360°

Thank you, Pre.Kaya’!

Anita Kaiser

Oh this sounds awesome! Great work!

@Team 360°

Thank you, Anita!

Yvonne A. Jones

I love the way this organization is “others focused” and seeks to involve members/contributors so that we can support others in whatever ways we find possible. Truly a heart-centered movement and am honored to be a part.

It makes me think of the Jamaican proverb, “Every mickle makes a muckle.” While I don’t know the origin of this quote, the meaning is clear, Small amounts add up to big results.

@Team 360°

Your kind words always make a difference with our Team, Yvonne, as they work very hard to keep you and all of our amazing contributors in the limelight. And when it comes to our new GOODWORKS 360° venture, we simply continue to embrace those amazing words of Robert Ingersoll: “We Rise By Lifting Others”… Thank you!