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I am in the process of increasing the number of hours I devote to mentoring businesspeople and professionals both locally and internationally via Skype or Zoom.  An introductory 30-minute session is free of charge, and if you decide to proceed with ongoing sessions, the fee is $250+GST for 60 minutes, which may be extended by 20 minutes without any further charge.  Informal or spontaneous calls and e-mails will likewise incur no charge.  The coaching of leadership skills is part of the package.  I can be contacted at [email protected].  Below are some of the endorsements for my service.

“Andre’s guidance is given with such selfless passion that he has become an embodiment for me of what a “Mentor” truly means.  You will gain from him two critical elements for success:  Wisdom and Truth.  I highly recommend Andre as a coach, and have no doubt he will not only add value to a situation that would need his intervention but also to making a real difference for individuals and organizations in the long term.”  

–Karuna Pataudi, Talent Acquisition LEAD/ Human Resource Business Partner, Aurobindo Pharma LLC, New Jersey, USA

“Andre van Heerden is a leaders’ leader.  His wealth of knowledge, diverse experience and wisdom makes him an outstanding mentor for individuals in their professional and personal lives.  His compassion and empathy for the challenges people have in their professional and personal lives underpins his passion for guiding people to become the best they can be in mutual pursuit of a better life for all.  I highly recommend Andre as an advisor and mentor.”  

–Lehan Stemmet, Ph.D. Auckland, New Zealand

“Andre’s ability to deliver highly interesting, thought-provoking motivational sessions with passion and integrity leaves people positive, focussed, and driven to motivate, inspire, and ultimately lead their teams well.  I would highly recommend Andre to empower your organisation by creating exceptional leaders.” 

–Sandra Mott, Technical & Business Development Manager, Global Proficiency Ltd. Hamilton, New Zealand

“Andre has mentored me and led me to understand that the modern World is made up of so many different factors and aspects, all which have an influence, not only in our business lives but also in our domestic and social lives. He has helped me understand my role as a leader and given me the tools and ideas of how to be a better leader. I have put into practice the skills I have obtained from our sessions together and now have a better relationship with staff and family.”  

–Graham Skinner, Managing Director, Quattra Mechanical, Auckland, New Zealand

“I am pleased to recommend Andre van Heerden as a talented, dedicated, executive coach who is passionate about helping others.  His exceptional experience, empathy, and track record set him apart as an exceptional resource.” 

–Dr. Mary Lippitt, author Brilliant or Blunder and president of Enterprise Management Ltd. Florida, USA

“I’m a big fan of Andre’s work on leadership, based as it is on a depth of scholarly knowledge of history, philosophy, psychology, the arts, ethics, and morality.  His life experience as a teacher, soldier, ad man, author, and consultant allows for rich, deep dialogue, framed in the context of the big ideas which shape our civilisation.  I cannot recommend highly enough the benefits to be gained in starting a conversation with Andre.” 

–David Hodes, CEO, and Founder of Ensemble Partners, Sydney Australia

“Andre is the most inspirational mentor I have encountered over the course of my life and career.  What makes him stand out from the many fine teachers, professors, preachers and leaders who have influenced me is the utmost respect he shows for individuals as he inspires them to be the best they could be.  This is a theme that runs through Andre’s understanding of leadership development and provides him with a distinct and compelling voice on the subject.  I cannot recommend him highly enough as a dynamic and inspirational mentor and coach.” 

–Professor Joe Wallis, Dean, School of Business, American University of Ras Al Khaimah

“Not only does Andre break through the avalanche of “leadership pablum” with authentic, principled thought leadership, but he delivers it in the priceless form of an executable roadmap for success. Indeed, an extraordinary talent in so many respects.” 

–Dennis J. Pitocco, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief, BIZCATALYST 360°, Tampa, Florida

Andre van Heerden – Profile: Andre van Heerden is the founder of the corporate leadership program, The Power of Integrity.   Drawn from the perspectives of history, philosophy, classic literature, and psychology, as well as a wealth of varied business experience, Andre’s work, has earned enthusiastic praise from hundreds of corporate leaders over the years.

Andre has very appropriate qualifications for dealing with the challenge of change in contemporary culture.  He grew up as a cultural exile and comes from a country that doesn’t exist anymore.  Since studying law at Rhodes University in South Africa, he has been a history teacher, a deputy headmaster, a soldier, a policeman, a refugee, an advertising writer, a creative director, an immigrant, a marketing communications strategist, an account director for leading multinational brands, a marketing consultant, a conference speaker, a leadership coach, and an author.  His books include Leaders & Misleaders, An Educational Bridge for Leaders, Leading Like You Mean It, and Is Leadership History?

His career has involved working with a wide array of international blue-chip brands like Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Jaguar, Honda, Renault, Kodak, Canon, American Express, Kimberley Clark, SC Johnson, Motorola, and John Deere.  His corporate leadership program has helped management and employees in organizations engaged in scientific research, the dairy industry, food production, retail, financial services, real estate, advertising, print production, governmental services, education and training, accountancy, and legal services.

Andre is married, with four children and six grandchildren, and lives in Auckland, NZ.


Andre van Heerden
Andre van Heerden
ANDRE heads the corporate leadership program The Power of Integrity, and is the author of three books on leadership, Leaders and Misleaders, An Educational Bridge for Leaders, and Leading Like You Mean It. He has unique qualifications for addressing the leadership crisis. Since studying law at Rhodes University, he has been a history teacher, a deputy headmaster, a soldier, a refugee, an advertising writer, a creative director, an account director on multinational brands, a marketing consultant, and a leadership educator. He has worked in all business categories on blue-chip brands like Toyota, Ford, Jaguar, Canon, American Express, S C Johnson, Kimberley Clark, and John Deere, while leadership coaching has seen him help leaders and aspirant leaders in Real Estate, Retail, the Science Sector, Local Government, Education, Food Safety, Banking, and many other areas. Subscribe to my Substack HERE.

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