Reaching Out To Touch The Sun

The radiant sun captures the very essence of our being by illuminating all that dwells around us while dwelling inside of us by cradling our bodies with its warmth. We raise our outstretched arms in a futile effort to touch that which is 92.96 million miles away from the planet earth. As it so pleases the sun obscures itself behind oh so many clouds.

Two hearts each with a beat of their own mesh with the soul and become one with the other. On a beaded blade of grass, they lay down next to each other exchanging looks that do not understate the feeling of yearning that grows with each passing moment as the sun shines approvingly down on them. Soon they will be as one with the other in soul and body.

With clenched, gentle loving hands, they shed their outer trappings. Not wanting to let go of the moment or each other now are forever clothed in their nakedness as they initiate the romantic ritual of intimacy. While neither looked up from their passioned embrace the sun ceremoniously blessed the night by saying good morning as it blazed its way to a now far away place that anxiously awaits its arrival.

An enormity amount of time begins its march forward leaving not a trace of what once was behind. Undaunted yet acknowledging and accepting of that which has escaped from them another attempt followed by yet another attempt to reach out and become one with the sun is made. In cruelty, the sun resoundingly rejects their advances while redirecting the forlorn lovers back to each other for further embraces.

No boundaries, no wedges, no amount of insignificance can gain any ground in their mission to take what is preciously theirs away from them. Their still lives within each other an unbridled passion that ignites the fuel of their love. The needing to have their bodies united into one has seen no lessening of intensity. It is, after all, an unstated statement of devotion that will lift them into the future years.

Suddenly without so much as a whispered warning, a crack appears in the formerly impenetrable walls of their fortress. Tonal inflections that were once so tender have now the unmistakable sound of anger. Tuning out their personal desires and dreams in favor of a greater good for both now has been replaced with themes of their newfound necessity for each to gain their own singular possessions that neither would share. They are now splintered into I or you but no longer we.

Each would be overpowered by an urgency just to have what they felt they denied themselves of for far too long now. As if by decree the sun they both hoped to touch has removed its light, its warming radiance to a new place where warmth already exists needing only to be nurtured by the bright yellow ball of fire. Scars that entered through the crack in their foundation will not allow for a healing process that might have led to reunification or rededication to one another.

There was a time not too long ago neither in their wildest dreams thought this would be how the beginning of the end would evolve. Each would always revolve around the other as they were so solidly encamped in love. Why does it no longer seem possible to recapture the steps they lost along the way? Their eyes cannot exchange glazes into each other anymore. Smiles have been replaced by scorn with suspicions of deceit. It was just one of those head banging collisions that neither foresaw coming.

Now in their own times of desperate cries for help, there would be no audible sound of offers to help. Their horses must now be hitched to the wagons that would be pulled into directions unknown that lead to places not yet known to be thrust to people who they would not want to know. They would now know they would no longer sleep or slumber on sheets made of finely woven silk.

Cut down branch by branch by an unforgiving saw that sliced through them with ease. The smoke from their simmering anger that dominated their dwindling days obliterated any memory of cherished moments they once shared with each other. Each from their own new location they would now live allows no opportunity to sneak peeks at a sun that once smiled down at them. Where there was once warmth has been replaced by bitter cold that freezes the lips formerly used for kissing.

We held such high hopes for their love we never thought they would relinquish. Yet they did let it all go scurrying past them. If they could have only clung to the dreams they dreamt together who knows how far up to the sky they could have been taken to. The batteries that ran their watches will never again run with their love.

A paradise is a fleeting place to set sights upon. Few get there while those that did soon were gone. It was this previously unbreakable bond of undying romanticism that brought them so close together will never be replaced or replicated. You chose to let a once blissful life reduce the two of you into twisted and tortured souls. What was once romance has been ripped apart and stuffed into a  dented metal trash can left out by the curb to be hauled away to where the remains of many a love are dumped onto smelly piles of nothingness.

Was that all there was? Was that all that was meant to be? Could there be a rewind that would take away the danger that lurked? Questions upon questions that beg for answers that will never be given. To the end, we all think what happened to them could never happen to us. If you let the lives you lead pull your love into a state of complacency the door from which you will exit will swing wide open and usher you out.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. At the beginning of a love, everything seems perfect, but then, perhaps complicit in everyday life, small habits are introduced which can wear down the relationship. In most cases, the negative dynamics are not great cataclysms to make the passion wither, but small and bad habits. For example, individual selfishness, laziness, jealousy, always being together, lack of sincerity or always avoiding conflict. Presume instead of asking and listening, or basing one’s whole life on the partner.
    Erity is that love alone is not enough to have a stable and lasting relationship. With time, other factors must take over so that it can last. Love is what keeps things alive, what drives us to act in one way rather than another. But there are other things that love must have if we want it to last. Love needs to be nurtured and supported if we want it to continue to grow.
    To name a few, I would certainly say trust and mutual respect.

    One cannot love only with the desire to love. With wanting to love. With wanting to stay. Because then it’s not enough. There must be history. Even the words of love are not enough to love.
    We have to take a walk. We have to have dinner together. Read a newspaper. Go shopping. Do something together. Let it be ours. That we are.

    • Aldo, as I have said before you are very wise, astute, and obviously of above-average intelligence. Everything I was trying to convey in my article you caught onto and more. Love is the most precious of emotions but if it is not nurtured and maintained it will not last. This is even truer in a marriage where it takes commitment to each other along with the work of proper and regular communication to keep the marriage solvent. The word love should never be used or taken lightly. Thank you, Aldo.

  2. Oh Joel,
    Can I just say that this one really got to my heart! Having been in this web of love and knowing what a broken heart is.. it was almost like I could feel the seclusion inside the heart…of a precious belief in true love… and then the experience of harsh and brutal disconnection too. Looking back, the belief was there.. that Love was what I felt indeed. But after life and broken pieces…in retrospect the pains we have endured from loves lost and replaced with malice. I have come to a place where I now know that it is love that I have truly felt… I have forgiven, let go, and hold no hate. As I listen to John Denver and his beautiful voice, I feel the tears swell in my eyes…” Love is all I ever hoped to find here…True love is still the only dream I know..”. I’m truly moved here. Thank you for this article here as it was an opportunity for me to realize that my love was and remains real. I still believe in it truly. Sometimes the brain has to remind my heart that it’s in charge when I am weak, and the heart reminds the brain that it is ok to be weak.
    Thank you for this my dear friend. Happy Sunday! This is a great read for me today!🙏. PaulaG

    • Paula, I am touched by your dear words. When the love goes away so many emotions are left in its wake. Living without love is a horrible feeling. When Jon Denver (I am not positive of this) wrote that song it was at a time when he and the love of his life had drifted away from each other as love had been replaced by anger. Ultimately they did divorce. Love is not self-maintaining.

  3. As usual Joel, your elegant and inviting prose has no bounds even as you describe the demise of what once was. You wonder how couples who appeared to be so in love travel to a place of acrimony even when children are involved. I agree with some of the other comments. Marriage is work. Once the fireworks extinguish, the long steady flame endures with constant refueling. I agree with Jane, and I am sure many other commenters would concur: There are no free lunches. Other than our own freedom, it is a Faustian fantasy. Thank you for this glorious but bittersweet article.💖

    • Darlene,
      Thank you for your kind words along with your astute observations. So many confuse love with hormonal satisfaction. While physical intimacy should accompany love that in of itself does not equal love. Love is a special feeling that words can never fully express. I have been married for over 30 years now and yes it has been and will continue to work but not in the negative sense.

    • Larry, you are very observant and obviously well versed in this subject. As many emotions, you can think of where in this article.

  4. That was both stunning and lovely Joel. This is what I call writing with a blunt-force object. I do this quite often in order to get a message through the reader’s skull. I get the distinct feeling here that two love birds have now fallen far from cloud nine… In fact, it smells an awful lot like resentment and indifference… love thrown in a Sunday trash can. This is what I see frequently in society – the complete undermining of love, values and the importance of marriage… the complete disregard and neglect of both… I hope this is not the continued direction of society, as it is a heartbreaking notion… Thank you for raising my eyebrow if not slightly my friend. The message is not lost. Prayers and blessings to you and yours…

    • Thank you, Aaron! Yes, the couple in this story did split up. For a marriage to work, it takes love and commitment. Despite their ups and downs, my parents (of blessed memory) would still be married today had a heart attack not killed my father.

  5. That’s so sad. Im sorry for what sounds like a broken relationship and lost love. At 48 years of marriage, my husband and I would probably not describe our relationship as reaching for the sun or dreaming of things beyond what we have. Maybe that’s why we are still in love and want to be together. We are long past the illusion and are comfortable in the settled and supportive.

    • I should add that there is no such thing as a free ride in relationships. Both parties have to fight the outside forces that threaten to tear it apart, not fight each other. I think that’s what happens alot.

    • Mary, thank you for reading my article in addition to sending along your very kind comment.