Reach Out And Touch: Pivot to Your “Points of Light”

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When you touch minds, people are willing to walk a dozen miles for you; and when you touch hearts, people are willing to walk a thousand miles for you; but when you touch souls, people are willing to walk a million miles for you.

Matshona Dhliwayo

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

Those unforgettable lines spoken by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz reveal a story-telling device found in an overwhelming number of our most enduring stories from the likes of Star Wars to The Lion King. It’s known as “the hero’s journey.” In brief: an ordinary person is living an ordinary life when an extraordinary adventure is presented. The character leaves home and travels to a different world where tests and trials await, as well as mentors and villains. If she or he passes the tests and proves heroic, then the final stage is returning home with stories to tell and wisdom gained. The last piece is crucial.

Stories to tell and wisdom gained are precisely the results of our ongoing 360° Nation Handshakes & Hugs travel around the world over a number of years, particularly since the pandemic created a level of isolation never-before encountered. Every magical hug and handshake along the way has allowed us to touch souls in ways not possible in a virtual world.

Our Points of Light (click below to reveal all of our Points of Light)


Inspired by an exchange with our Columnist & Featured Contributor, Victor Acquista who creatively portrayed our collective connections around the world as “points of light” we took a deep dive into the depth and breadth of our journey so far, only to discover that we’ve had the pleasure of personally encountering over 100 kindred spirits, now referred to as “points of light” (see our Points of Light Showcase Page below) across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Croatia, New Zealand, and Germany so far. While many others light the way, these individuals blessed us with “the present of their presence” – a gift that simply keeps on giving.

Time to Reach Our & Touch?

Success can be measured not only in achievements but in lessons learned, lives touched for the better, and moments shared along the way.


Join our movement and recapture “the magic of handshakes and hugs” by pivoting from virtual to personal within your local geography and indeed, as you travel beyond. One approach is to simply filter your LinkedIn Connections by location – and then reach out to those you wish to get better acquainted with. We do this as part of our planning for every trip taken. This Article describes the process:

How to Search Your LinkedIn Contacts by Location

But don’t limit your pivot to LinkedIn —expand it to include others who also need to pivot from virtual. And then come back and share your experience, as you connect or reconnect with a handshake and/or a hug. And don’t put it off, start today, by striving to touch someone’s life. You will be surprised how much yours will be touched in the process.


Dennis Pitocco
Dennis Pitocco
DENNIS is the Founder & Chief ReImaginator of 360° Nation, encompassing a wide range of multimedia enterprises, including BizCatalyst 360° —the award-winning global media digest; 360° Nation Studios —dedicated to reaching across the world in an effort to capture, produce, and deliver positive, uplifting messages via blockbuster global events, and; GoodWorks 360° —a pro-bono consulting foundation focused entirely on providing mission-critical advisory services to nonprofits worldwide. Collaborating with his Chief Inspiration Officer (and wife), Ali, everything they do is "for-good" vs. "for profit". Their mission over the past decade-plus has been to rediscover humanity at its best, influencing and showcasing it every step of the way. Together, they do their very best to figure out what the world is trying to be —then using all their resources to help it to be better every day in every way. They understand and embrace the notion that it’s not about me or you; it’s about caring for the people we serve and more responsibly stewarding the precious resources in our care. And they believe it’s about showing up, being present, and intentionally giving our invaluable gifts of time, talent, and treasure "for good". Dennis is a contributing author to these Best-Selling Books ♦ Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational ChangeJourney Well, You Are More Than EnoughThe Four-Fold Formula For All Things Wellness: True Stories of the Heart, Spirit, Mind, and Body Voices of Strength Win the Wellness W.A.R. We Are Responsible

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    • Grateful for your kind words and for your friendship over the years, Ken (and Christina), as you’ve been with us virtually from the start… Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and we hope to see you again in the coming year!

  1. Great article Dennis

    It amazed me that I published a post on LinkedIn today dealing with peace of hearts and peace of minds and how they relate to each other. Now, you discuss also peace of souls and you touched my soul deeply.

    One day I hope to shake hands with you as our thoughts found their way to meet and shake hands.

  2. Great article Dennis.
    God said, let there be light. Light is Hope, Wisdom and Goodness. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life.

    Yesterday Queen Elizabeth, Great Britain’s brightest light for 70 years was extinguished. A woman of great integrity, and humility who brought Hope, Wisdom and Goodness to her country who she loved very much. I guess we could all learn something from the way she lived her life. May she rest in peace. My hope is that her son King Charles III will lead his country with the same integrity and humility.
    God Save the King.

    • Thanks, Tom. We miss your “point of light” on Our Friendship Bench, my friend. Sad that our Queen has passed. Ali and I just happen to be here in the UK and we’re so glad to be present at this difficult time for the country. The end of an era in so many ways…

  3. Dennis, this brings to mind to share the following since it is very fresh as of this morning. In the last week, I have been notified of 4 friends/acquaintances that are in need of prayers for cancer diagnosis. It leads me to think of this up coming family reunion and how reaching out to those within our own family, let alone outside is so important. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, the only guarentee we have is that Our Lord and Savior loves all his children, and gives us this commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and body, as I have loved you, and the second it like unto it, love your neighbor as yourself, on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. These reunions for as long as they can continue are a blessing and so important, and to come with open hearts, no judgement of any kind except to love as Christ loved. The light for all!. Thank you Dennis

  4. Great thoughts. Jesus put it this way…..“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16
    The privilege of a follower of Christ is to touch lives by pointing the way and giving glory to the One who has prepared the way for the eternity that lies beyond.