RE-Perception of Complete Value: What Does Your CV Reveal?

Our lives are our CV—our Complete Value. What we bring into the world, who we serve with kindness, compassion, gratitude, and respect, the values we share with others … these are the parts of life that matter most and make up our personal CV.

We can learn to change our paradigms from the old, worn-out ones that society and others have handed us. By sweeping out the negative mind chatter, replacing it with a message “I Am More Than Enough” we take a step in the direction of all we can be.

Focus on what you can do. Let go of those things that weigh you down, and people who don’t support all you can be. Every person reading this has Value. Every person reading this is More Than Enough. You are a worthy person. Be proud of the things you’ve done, and know that You have more amazing things to do. List some huge goals that make you stretch and grow. Plan them out. Review them daily.

Interestingly, there is only one person who gets to occupy your brain space. That person is you.

As our attitude toward ourselves improves, so will our relationships with others. People want to be around others with high energy and a positive, happy attitude. You can be that person. Not everything you think about yourself is true. You have the ability to take your past mistakes, and review them closely and honestly. There are things you’ve done that you’d love a “do-over” for, yet the fact remains that your wake is unchangeable. That said, you don’t have to continue dragging it along into the future. The most productive thing for you to do is learn from those mistakes, forgive yourself, harvest the good lessons, and leave the past where it belongs, behind you. Interestingly, there is only one person who gets to occupy your brain space. That person is you.

It’s true. We’re the only ones who get to be our Inner Voice. Is your Inner Voice today a friend or a foe? Stop the inner critic before it starts. Become aware of the negative messages you’re allowing into your mind. Catch yourself, question the voice.

Awareness is the first step of cleaning up and washing out that negative dialogue. Once your awareness starts, you’ll be able to act, and action is key.

Once we internalize the idea that our life truly is valuable, the noisy demands of society fade to the background. If you’re having difficulty believing your life is of value, an exercise I teach is something called, “Mirror Work.” It’s an easy task to add to your daily routine. While brushing your teeth, look directly into your eyes and say ‘I love you’, followed by your name. Once you understand that this is true, provide an affirmation. I AM ________. Whatever follows I AM, follows you. Adding a solid, truthful reason for your ‘I am’ will create a new paradigm, and a brand-new life for you to embrace and love.

If you’re starting with a low self-esteem, and simply don’t believe you have any value, use facts initially, saying I AM a man or I AM a woman, I AM a daughter/son, father/mother, an employee, a neighbor. You understand the concept. Once you’re able to master I AM _____ move forward to “I Am More Than Enough”, “I Am Worthy”, “I Am a Good Person”. Mirror Work and affirmations will promote your inner self-respect and positive mindset.

Mirror Work and affirmations when accompanied by gratitude and journaling create a mindset shift. Gratitude journaling is another, easy to do, exercise that will build your self-compassion and self-confidence. Again, start small. Write down 3 things a day in a journal. Write about something you’re truly grateful for in your life, clean water, food, reliable transportation, clothes, education, simple things you take for granted, yet not everyone in the world has.

For many years, I internalized all the negativity passed down to me from society, family, and others. However, that was their truth. It was me, buying into their nonsense and false perception that made it mine. I continued berating myself for years. Now I look back and realize this behavior isn’t just corrosive and untrue, it’s also unattractive. People don’t gravitate to someone with low self-esteem. By continually acting out those traits, I unintentionally pushed people away.

Now I need a telescope to see the tactless, judgmental, unhappy version of Mariah from years gone by. The me you know is an awesome human with character traits that others naturally want to be around. I intentionally share kindness, compassion, gratitude, and respect with others. Thus, I get it back in return. My life now is meaningful, joyous, rich, and abundant in all ways.

If you incorporate these simple steps into a daily routine, a year from now you, too, will need a telescope to see the old you. Once you understand that you have the key to making this change, you can begin your journey into the new, magnificent you.

Lean in, learn, grow forward, and Journey Well. You Are More Than Enough.


Mariah Edgington
Mariah Edgington
Mariah Edgington BSN, RN: Retired Critical Care/ER/Flight Nurse. Published Author. Professional Speaker. Contributor: BizCatalyst 360° and Medium Digest. Content Creator. After gaining the insight that she is Neurodivergent, with ADHD & Dyslexia, Mariah now mentors other neurodivergents giving them tools, tips, and techniques to live to their fullest potential. She wants everyone to know that their lives are of value, and they are More Than Enough. That there’s a better brighter life calling and encouraging everyone to capture that life. Mariah co-authored, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life with her husband, Byron. The book is available on her website, along with the accompanying Guidebook, Online Course, and Gratitude Journal. See Mariah's social media channels above. Website:

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  1. “If you incorporate these simple steps into a daily routine, a year from now you, too, will need a telescope to see the old you. Once you understand that you have the key to making this change, you can begin your journey into the new, magnificent you.”
    Firstly thank you very much for a wonderful article , which gave out my own reflections from the mirror of the past … Yet, an endeavor is always to get the challenging ‘Newness’ and energy of a journey to develop new dimensions … A thought provoking article indeed ! Thanks again

  2. Reading your post, Mariah, I thought of an early 2020 dialogue between Tim Ferris and Brené Brown where Tim reflected on the moment when he realized that he didn’t have to believe what other people said about him. Eureka.

    My mother used to say I was “just like her” in a tone that made it obvious a not good thing. It took years of self loathing before once I mentioned this to my father and he said “sure you are – that is why I love you so much.” I am gradually getting myself back, but it is hard work to pull me out of my own shadow.