Raquel Vendome Learning About Real Estate And The Family Passion For Real Estate

Many may think that growing up in a real estate family will make things easier for an upcoming real estate agent. However, this was not the case with Raquel Vendome as her struggle to make a stamp in the real estate business is evident. With big shoes to fill and great footsteps to follow the struggle to make it made who she is today. Raquel’s father is one of the real estate moguls in New York City, and he is popularly known as Nino. For Raquel making it in the real estate business came with a lot of high expectations and this meant she had to work extra hard.

  1. Early life

Raquel Vendome was not interested in real estate business growing up, but most people are not interested in taking up their family businesses either. She went to high school at Locust valley high school, and she got good points to take her to college. She was admitted to Lynn University in Boca Raton, and she majored in Early Childhood Education as she had a love for kids and enjoyed serving them.

She was dedicated to her passion, but she dropped out in 2010 to focus on the family business. Making a decision to forego her passion for kids and venturing into the family business empire that her father had worked so hard to maintain was a tough decision. She is a dedicated businesswoman, and she took on the family business and was ready to make it grow.

  1. Raquel’s success in the real estate business

Raquel’s journey to make her father’s empire be stronger has been a struggle. Even though she grew up in the real estate business, she had to learn how to do things by herself. She had to know all details concerning the business from how to forge the contract deals to making great relationships with the clients. Additionally, she had to prove time and again that she can do the job and she is not just another daddy’s princess joyriding in his success. This made her more motivated to prove that she is as good as her father in the business and can take the Vendome group Inc. to higher levels.

She attributes most of her success to her father who has always been a mentor and adviser. The fact that she grew up watching him work tirelessly to improve the business and make it grow is one of her motivations to push on. She is an honest, hardworking, diligent businesswoman and all this attribute and values she acquired them from her father.

  1. Vendome property management under Raquel Vendome

Vendome property management is a family company that deals with real estate in Queens and downtown Manhattan. Antonio Vendome started the company, and it has grown ever since. Raquel Vendome manages the company with the help of her father to make their empire stronger day by day. The company is reputable forgetting some of the major house contracts and building the best condominiums in the city. Although, New York City is highly competitive when it comes to real estate this has not slowed down Raquel.

She has continued to increase and build her father’s company and make it among the moguls of real estate. Vendome property management is currently involved in building and developing 26 story condominium which will be a great market strategy. With Raquel’s determination and her father’s advice and mentorship, the Vendome property management continues to grow bigger and better.


Learning how to be a successful business person in New York City requires determination and great character. Raquel has struggled to keep up their family business afloat and maintain it as an empire. This requires a lot of strength and hard work with no room of giving up or slacking.

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