Rampage Killings

Extra! Extra! Read all about it, “Another rampage killing on the loose!”

My heart bleeds when these headlines hit the fan; from social media to the evening news.  Lives are being affected by this deadly behavior and cycle of cruel, gut-wrenching, emotional instability.

Today’s society has created a heartbreaking form of tolerance to bullying, killing, and acceptance of “this too shall pass.”

When did people become so violent that there’s no value to life?  When did it become okay, to try to reach the Guinness Book of World Records of the deadliest rampage killing spree?  Why isn’t anything being done about it?  These questions plague my mind on a daily basis.

We hear talk about what they would like to do; yet, nothing is being done.  So in the midst of the politicians’ brainstorming; people are becoming bolder and finding new creative ways of taking anyone down with them as they fall. Innocent lives are being affected by the staggering behavior of our world’s leaders.

More and more of our children are committing suicide because they have no hope in living life.  A life that never had the chance to even live and see the abundance of what life has to offer. It’s frustrating, to say the least.  We protest, we write, we plead, and our voices have yet to be heard. Leading me to ask: what devastating event must occur to finally gain someone’s attention?  To not only talk about it but be about it!


How many lives must be taken before we realize THIS IS NOT OKAY?

Diseased minds spreading like leprosy, all value of human life gone away

Competing to have their names above all engraved into history

Just another segment reported drawing our attention away from the actual conspiracy

How far does it have to go before the proper action is enforced?

Miss me with the speeches of your condolences when truthfully you feel no remorse

“Make America Great Again?”  Hopefully, it’s not too late!

The media gravitates towards the latest White House scandal and what went down during the debate

It’s your obligation to address this catastrophe.  Enough with the childish tweets of who’s right or wrong

Appearing as if we’re impotent; what happened to the promise of this nation will stand strong?

You’re ruling a country; we could care less about the high ratings you get

Besides, you’ve depleted all excuses of “fake news” placing you in the most awkward predicaments?

Hell yeah the little people are frustrated and you’re baffled as to why

It is as it has always been.  Sacrifice the pawns so the king won’t die.


Pre.Kaya' Gilkey
Pre.Kaya' Gilkey
Pre.Kaya’ Gilkey is a Poet, Entrepreneur, Author of debut book Exposed Poetry Memoirs, and Featured Contributor Writer for BIZCATALYST 360°. She passionately developed her website HOPING1WORD.COM to inspire and uplift others. The website focuses on self-improvement, unity, encouragement, and love through poetry, positive affirmations, quotes, and more; while hoping to encourage the world one word at a time.

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  1. This is timely for me . Having evacuated due to the storm. It made me pause and reflect on when did we as a people decide to stop living in harmony with nature. We cut down the forest and build in flood zones. While many do great acts of kindness and give much back to to help often I feel as a people we are not kind and we are destructive. We try to make a difference everyday yet the flood waters on mankind seems to rise a bit more everyday.

    • I feel where you’re coming from Larry. Nature has a way of revealing how destructive we as humans are. If we cannot unify and ban together our eyes remain wide-shut. Events are occurring to gain our attention. Only a few are taking heed to it’s warning.

  2. I feel your pain in every word written. I have questioned the same and want to know when it will all end. The ability to look the other way is being limited as the other way is pain and destruction as well. We want to find the good but it is so well hidden it’s like a needle in the haystack. We must ban together to find the good that still exists in the human condition. I love your writing…it is inspiring.