Raising Our Voice – In Partnership With Women’s Voices Magazine


BIZCATALYST 360° Expands Women’s Voices with Women’s Voices Magazine

[message type=”custom” width=”100%” start_color=”#FFFFFF” end_color=”#FFFFFF” border=”#fb7200″ color=”# fb7200″]Tampa, FL (July 19, 2016) – Today BIZCATALYST 360° (BC360°) and Women’s Voices Magazine (WVM) announced a strategic partnership that will allow both organizations to strengthen their ability to highlight women business owners and champion content written by women. Embracing its goal of expanding women’s voices in its content, BC360° added a Women’s Voices Magazine channel this past weekend. WVM content will also be featured to thousands of BC360°’s subscribers in 139 countries via its media networks and newsletters.[/message]

WVM content advances BC360°’s commitment to broadening its weekend lifestyle content. BC360° Publisher and Executive Editor Dennis J. Pitocco notes;
“We have found our business readers don’t necessarily want to read business on the weekends. We are happy to respond proactively to our readers’ needs by adding thoughtful and engaging content focused on life outside of work. WVM’s content mapping and quality writing consummately met this directive for BC360°. In addition, partnering with WVM will help BC360° strengthen its outreach to women business owners while increasing BC360°’s work-life balance offering for professional men and women,” said Pitocco. “WVM is a very well-respected voice, and BC360° is proud to be collaborating with an organization that creates so many incredible opportunities for women.”
WVM Banner UPDATED 1.20.2015[message type=”custom” width=”100%” start_color=”#F0F0F0 ” end_color=”#F0F0F0 ” border=”#BBBBBB” color=”#333333″]WVM is contemporary, thought-provoking, and entertaining with 10 interest sections – Home, Family, Life, Enjoy, Soul, Politics, Economy, Digital, Impact, and Community.  The 60+ WVM Columnists live in cities and towns all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, the United Kingdom, and is always expanding.  WVM Columnists range from 20 to 50+ years of age, men and women, from single working class mom to seasoned executive with columns ranging from the serious and poignant to the downright hilarious and fun from first time writers to the highly successful book authors. [/message][su_spacer]
“WVM is excited to broaden our international reach with BC360° syndication. We are delighted to have our talented and dedicated columnists enjoy a global presence and to have men and women worldwide be inspired, informed, and entertained by their work,” said WVM Executive Editor and Women’s Voices Media CEO Brenda Krueger Huffman. “The values and quality of BC360° online media compliment the WVM mission of encouraging and supporting the voices of women (and men), particularly those not normally heard in a national or international scope in media.”
Women’s Voices Magazine is created and published by Women’s Voices Media, LLC. WVM actively pursues the creation of a community that welcomes and encourages all people. We seek to provide a place to celebrate life and relate to one another. The goals of WVM are to offer insight, information and inspiration while creating an inclusive community experience. Our purpose is to bridge the generation gap, the wealth gap and the circumstance understanding gap, for we know most life themes, no matter how they play out specifically, are universal life themes for most people. We know we have more in common than not in life’s bigger picture, and we all do better when we come together as a relatable community.
BIZCATALYST 360° is positioned as a “one-stop resource” for busy professionals seeking cutting-edge insights, intelligence and information across all major business sectors – and beyond. In our digital age, we’re drowning in information. The web offers us infinite data points—news stories, tweets, wikis, status updates, etc. — but very little to connect the dots or illuminate the larger patterns linking them together. We believe success in the future is about knowing the ideas that allow you to manage and master this universe of information. Our hallmark from day one remains fresh, actionable, original, and syndicated content daily – all presented in a polished, user-friendly format. We focus on “storytelling” at its best – crafted to break through the “social media content overload” surrounding us all. Our Editorial Team scans dozens of knowledge bases around the globe daily, while curating original “thought leadership” provided by our expert Panel of over 100 Columnists & Contributors spanning six continents – all in our quest to provide our global audience with selection matching our three-pronged criteria; SIGNIFICANT, RELEVANT, and ACTIONABLE.

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