Raise Your Standard, Care, and Look More Up to Yourself

Change of perception and an engaged approach to new subjects, career goals or to overcome life situations will enhance your creative & critical thinking skills, inner strength, resilience, and personal growth. Who cares but you!

Don’t block yourself by focusing on the worst scenarios occupying your brain with toxic news and thoughts, don’t fall for that temptation of evil spirits. There are countless still to explore possibilities of personal growth, applicable ways, and solutions to succeed in your life and profession. You name it and go for it. Regardless of your present situation might be, trust that things are going to improve. When seeking non-stop for safety and secureness, anxieties and insecurities got fertile ground to sprout.

How many times we’re thinking, are programmed with “I can’t, I’m not good enough” or “It’s too difficult for me, I struggle.” Rewire your brain, be more like a curious researcher investigating and conquering new desired territories in corporate and private life guided by a fearless and optimistic mindset.

“Better act like nothing to lose than lose by no acting, remaining static.”

Overcome inner boundaries with a manifested passport in your pocket that says nothing gonna stop me now.

“Cannot, ‘no have’, it’s difficult & complicated – these are one-way roads wiring the motherboard inside your head in a defense, self-belittling mode.”

Erase, quit all these blocker phrases someone armed with a lack of compassion may have insensitively “told” you in your childhood or teenage or later years. It can take half a lifetime to overcome and work this Voodoo out.

Self-limiting thoughts are leading nowhere but to the loss of precious time, procrastination to pay with pricey postponing at the expense of your personal growth. And undermine forthcoming in necessary action-taking. Stand up, proudly forgive & forget past events but re-invent your thinking in possibilities of the things that inspire, you love to spent time for, are good at.

“Share your ideas and inspirations with others, you genuinely appreciate and feel happy to be around. Your freshly gained mindset might fall on fruitful entrepreneur’s ground, you never know till you share your insights.”

Clear communication is key and an active listening ear the car too.

Realize in time that serving comes before deserving. To serve in genuine commitment is the foundation to deserving and an incredible possibility to learn new skills. It’s creating, building in the best possible way meaningful, long-lasting relation- and win-win business partnerships. We all started this way, myself included. There’s nothing wrong but necessary when keeping a broad picture in mind where you want to see yourself in a certain individual frame of time.

When turning 30 and starting from scratch due to a partner separation and complete change of life circumstances I needed a job. Applied, and was offered a position in the government’s tourism headquarter of a province in South Austria close to the border to Italy. I was pretty the only one with no university degree out of fifteen employees, the reception lady included. Making the heavy mail ready for sending, including a personal letter and colored magazines of places to go and activities not to miss when visiting was the job description.

My new “office” was in the basement of the location. The only sunlight was shining on the high glossy covers of the ton of magazines I’ve packed for the advertising and marketing department. After three months I was promoted and got a seat in the open-plan office, responsible then for all photos and movies used for advertising and promotion. A new logo and marketing line was launched. I started to build up the entire promotion items department, a boutique where people from all over the world could order from T-shirts to backpacks, wristwatches to games for the family, from skies to outdoor and function wear.

A year later a company bought the license to produce and started to sell the incentives on a bigger scale. I’ve gained vast know-how and experience got poached and did the production including the cold sale country up & down. Was offered a supporting assistant and started to build up a promotion items boutique and sale for another province in Upper Austria.

“Every single teacher and university docent was a student once and found the seed for a career in the education industry by teaching, transferring knowledge, and serving students.”

Leaders who’re in global positions, including CEOs all over the world, grew and are still growing due to a genuine interest in the subject, active listening, and responsible acting, serving and supporting firstly.

“Success is earned a lot due to giving for free including a convinced heart without expecting in return or taking advantage of the connection and/or situation in the first place.” 

Integrity, commitment, compassion, empathy, caring & sharing due to promoting, supporting others in various ways, understanding, and patience are the key ingredients of an emotionally intelligent human. Whom is a privilege to be befriended or to work for/with.

“Be a role model to others, authentically live what you say and talk about, share the values you believe in.”

Successful and globally well-recognized humans regardless of branch, business, e. g. doctors & scientists, artists, actors & movie makers, painters, writers & musicians are still active. They stay hungry for creating, convinced inspired, no matter of age, or have achieved what others have tried to copy or dreamed about for a lifetime. It’s the enthusiasm and driven mission, their nourishment due to activity in creating. The undivided focused and curious mindset to move something bigger even when having already moved mountains. A lot to learn from these humans.

“The most inspiring thing ever is always the task, the project you do at present”, is their spirit, their drive to create and serve.  

When our geographic borders are (still) closed, this got nothing to do with our minds & hearts are wide open. And compassionate for others who live in underprivileged or unfortunate circumstances. Watching the news feels like sighting trailers of bad movies theatre one won’t attend even the ticket including a delicious dinner is for free.

Redefine yourself with peace of mind and inner calm. Invest in yourself by meditating as a solid part of your daily life. If you need support to start up, let me know at any time, it makes me happy to add value to your life.

Let flow feel-good thoughts and warm emotions nurturing your mental happiness and inner health as a daily habit, especially when being alone.

Our thoughts choose and build how we perceive reality. There’s so much beauty and inspiration, when our senses are open to the little things, happening around us right now. Attraction always follows action, the way we lively perceive ourselves and others.

When our actions align with our intentions, are in a well-prepared making-sense state we attract goodness, possibilities arise and synchronicities occur.

It’s the energy and vibes exchanged with others that building bounds leading to inspirational grounds where friendships, exciting new things, services, and product developments got their roots & spirit.


Otto F. Gatternigg
Otto F. Gatternigg
Hello, I’m Otto, the CEO, and Founder of Foundation For Humanity and a passionate writer who loves to share insights, experiences, and feelings with others. I’ve left Europe behind in 2009, relocated to SE Asia where I started a new life from scratch, have worked and lived in 4 countries within. At present, I reside and am active in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries with the most beautiful & humble people in the world. My home is close to Angkor Wat, the biggest temple monument in the world. I’m offering face-to-face mentoring and Master Mind Group Talks & activities as part of retreat holidays in a tropical garden resort with 10 bungalows where body, mind, and soul meet like-minded humans to exchange experience and wisdom of life. Where a holistic regeneration, recreation, and lust for life happens to the benefit of each guest. A selected vacation with the aim to return home powered by a fresh & optimistic outlook on life, increased felt inner happiness and strength not only to master daily challenges but to enjoy the richness life offers. I believe in humanity and personal growth by inspiring, being generous, and supportive towards others. By mentoring, by a mindful caring heart, and compassionate understanding one can rely on in the process when working with me. To reach inner confidence (again). To gain resilience to overcoming uneasy life & work circumstances many of us are heavily confronted in these times of global change and the new awakening of mankind.

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