Raining Spores of Hope

Two events generated the idea of this post.

The first one is reading a great post ‘Hope is a​n embrace of the unknown​’: Rebecca Solnit on living in dark times’. In this post, the author mentioned, “After a rain mushrooms appear on the surface of the earth as if from nowhere. Many come from a sometimes vast underground fungus that remains invisible and largely unknown”.

The above quote inspired the title of this post.

The second event is watching a video on Rain of spores’ reproduction. The way spores form and make rain is fascinating even though we still do not still fully understand how spores explode, conglomerate, and form rain. The most recent research by Money’s team suggests, “A single bead of water condenses on a spore’s surface; when the bead touches a film of water on another part of the spore, the bead pours into it, like raindrops merging on a window shield”.

It is also amazing how the shapes of spores’ conglomerates vary so that they may fall in different places. This enhances the possibility of survival and reproduction of the spores to produce mushrooms.

This is an example from nature that in variety we enhance our survivability and agility.

The idea that occurred to me is that small acts are like tiny spores. When they conglomerate they gain weight and rain. No matter how small our acts seem to be it is in their combination that small efforts may gain weight and rain in different places so that new hopes for humanity mushroom.

Emerging change from combined human efforts may rain spores of hope and irrigate our lives with new emerging opportunities.

Remember that emergent change brings emergent opportunities.

Spores differ from seeds in that seeds are that is that spores do not contain stored food resources and require more favorable conditions for germination whereas seeds contain stored food in their endosperm, enabling them to germinate in harsh conditions as well”. This explains why mushrooms need special conditions such as darkness to grow in the dark.

We humans too we may find that we are living in darkness. We still have the hope of spores to emerge suddenly above ground and rain hope instead of cats and dogs. Small acts coated with beads of hope get together and new emerging possibilities shall produce mushrooms glowing with hope.

I dedicate this post to Dennis Pitocco and his team who are trying to bring humanity together. They are cultivating the spores of hope, which shall explode into rains of hope.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. MY LORD! ~ All I wanted to say to you Ali is “BRILLIANT” but then I went to Log in and Aldo used it. So, might I add: “Bloody Brilliant” as my British friends say. lol ~ Loved this & AGREE:: Dennis is “Awesome.” (Trust him entirely with his amazing platform & support for ALL of us!. He keeps us centered reminding us that #HumanityMatters! Thx A! *****

    • LOREE, I was humbled many times, but you made me sweat with your heartfelt appreciation. I am so glad that you find some value in my post and this one in particular. It looks easy, but to write it is another issue. Your comment means the world for me.

  2. Ali you are, as always, brilliant.
    Just in recent times we have had enough signs (and warnings) of sudden changes that can only be addressed if we are “combined”.
    We cannot lose the unique thing that keeps us alive: hope.
    Despair, the absence of hope, is the inability to see ahead to a future that is worth to meet.
    Hope means just believe in a future of joy promised, is like receiving an advance of that joy and wanting to continue to get its fullness. It should be possible to leverage its own resources, and to find other ways to tell his own story to oneself, enlarging it, finding explanations and alternative viewpoints. If I change my story, I will change myself and also my vision of the future, and I can make room for hope.
    The reality is that without hope, concepts like vision, purpose, aim, objective, target, creativity, critical thinking, strategy, tactics, plan, development, aspiration, ambition, achievement, success, accomplishment, fulfillment, remedy, building, solution, results, education, and science would have no meaning.
    I understand it’s not always easy to do it by yourself, but one can try!! And if we can do it with others we trust it is much, much simpler and more beautiful.

    • to say your commentis just brilliant is an understimation of its value, dear Aldo.
      You nailed rilght “We cannot lose the unique thing that keeps us alive: hope.”
      This is the message of the post. If tiny spores working together can do it and create hope from difficult situations cannot we human do it?

      It is my hope that people read your comment and learn from it.

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