Raadaa Is Opening Research To Millions Across Africa

In education, art, and business, the written word is a form of expression that is indispensable. Such creations, therefore, demand a powerful platform that allows its creators to showcase their ideas, reach their audiences, and get a good-enough critique of their work in order to gain recognition and acknowledgment. Authors, publishers, poets, playwrights, academics – all need to have a platform from which their voices can resound without anyone overshadowing the other.

The Raadaa project is bridging this gap by providing a solid platform upon which research can be preserved, accessed and critiqued by anyone from anywhere. At Raadaa, the founders recognized the power of the written word and know that access to literary content for educational, recreational and research purposes is limited, not just in Africa, but in several places the world over.

“We sought a solution to this disconnect and decided to leverage the internet and its wide/far-reaching availability”

said Ezugwu Chigozie, The Founder, and CEO.

The Raadaa team believe that if there is a platform upon which researchers, owners of publications, fiction writers and academics could upload their content and earn income based on the impact of the work on readers, they will be motivated to upload good content.

Who is Raadaa for?

Raadaa is for researchers, academics, authors, organizations and readers who just need a source and a repository of quality literature and research materials. Individual writers can upload their work and grow their audience via the Raadaa platform. Publishing houses and organizations are not left out. They can upload any material they have copyright license for. Academic and research institutions like schools, health institutions and the like can also publish research papers and academic material on the Raadaa platform. This is a platform to take advantage of and get your literary material the recognition it needs.

Why should you use Raadaa?

  • It’s a free platform – now and always.
  • Upload and share all written content – from journals and papers to works of fiction – at no cost.
  • Get reviews and critique for your work.
  • Create your own channel on which you can collate all your work and your followers can submit their own content and give reviews of your work.
  • Earn money for views and reviews of your content.
  • Measure the impact of your research work
  • Connect and collaborate with researchers and writers all over the world.
  • Organize all your research in one place.
  • Read and download papers and journals for free.

If the possibility that your research or article might one day help make a breakthrough in cancer or HIV research is not enough motivation to put your work on, the Raadaa team is also ready to pay for views and reviews on your papers and research which is also a primary motivation and incentives for authors and researchers.

Many academics already believe in the importance of this platform and in less than one month since the Raadaa project went online, thousands of professors, students and researchers have registered on the platform and a lot of research works already uploaded.

Raadaa is also making it easier for several professors to have all the research works and papers of their students on one channel for quick and easy reference. Researchers in universities, societies, and organizations have uploaded their work on and are receiving quality reviews and critique from like minds. Some have been contacted by organizations and individuals to follow up on their work.

Publishers, authors, and users on the platform are also taking advantage of the Raadaa monetization policy and are earning money from views and reviews of all the content uploaded on their channels.

Put your work on Raadaa and let the world benefit – it’s the best reward you could get for it. No geographical barriers apply here. Sign up, upload, share, monetize and read.


Chigozie Ezugwu
Chigozie Ezugwu
CHIGOZIE Ezugwu is a Nigeria Startup Entrepreneur, the founder/CEO of is an educational startup that aims to make quality research and content available to everyone for free. It also gives users of the platform (researchers, publishers, authors, students, and freelancers etc) an avenue to monetize their own research contents like YouTube video creators. Chigozie studied Human Resources Management at the University of Nigeria and Business Management at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

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