R U giving ur best 1st Impression when u write?

Let’s face it, we are fully immersed in the electronic era.  The days of handwriting is being replaced with typing on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.  Awesome!

The casual type of conversations we have with our friends electronically is usually full of abbreviations, and short message texting, thrown in with an emoji or two. Perfectly fine. But please, please keep that type of “type” between friends and family.

Life is hard enough.  You have heard before how first impressions are done in mere seconds when you meet someone. You should always be putting your best self forward in any situation.  Don’t let your first impression electronically alter that!  It baffles me when I see cover letters full of “text” talk.  “I” is always capital for professional communications – not i.

Here is a true example from a cover letter I received;

i am really interested in joining ur company. i am a quick learner and get along with people. ur company is very interesting and i know i would do a great job for u.”

When I have 100’s of resumes to go through, do you really think I will pick U – ahem, I meant you?

In this tough economy, competition is fierce for jobs.  After you have that amazing interview, text your friend JTLYK (just to let you know) how it went.


Patty Miller
I have 20 years of progressive Sr. HR Experience, as President of MillerNet HR Solutions, I provide Custom, Confidential Sr. HR Business Services in all industries. ANY HR function is successfully addressed. Very strong in Operations with high business acumen. We help you make/save $. We look at ways to save time & reduce $ and improve your bottom line. Succession planning, Business Optimization, Career Coaching, fit for purpose hiring on how you are wired. Complex Documentation for any requirement. Expert Profiler using Core Values Index CVI. Proficient Investigator- Bullying, Safety incidents, Performance, etc. Hired 1000+ people, w 94% retention. Terminated 130+ people with zero litigation. I inspire positive change, empower leaders & ignite performance solutions while working under your brand. Powerful! Having an Executive HR background compliments my leadership coaching since Coaching & HR all go back to day to day business. "Effective Leaders outperform Ineffective leaders every time" ~W.A. Adams. Let’s point everyone in the same direction at the same time & reap the rewards! I GUARANTEE improved Leadership Effectiveness when you work with us! Leadership Effectiveness is the key to improved EVERYTHING - ROI, Productivity, Career Fulfilment & more. Through “Influence Genius – An Executive Leadership and Coaching Company”, we work with leaders in transition who are new to leadership or for leaders who are taking on additional/new responsibilities through Re-organizations, M & A or Downsizing, Team and 1:1 leadership development. This is REAL straight talk grounded in science on how & why we react to situations based on how we are hard-wired. We equip you with the tools to see how you naturally lead & set you up to be a leader that is embraced rather than a boss. Who does not want that?


  1. Well, Patty — first of all, WELCOME to BC360! Nice to have you here, and to find another soul sister.

    Given my title and occupation, I never intentionally use anything less than perfect grammar, even if it means I edit and edit and edit. Of course, I goof, as we all do, so I’m always grateful to friends who PM me to alert me to a typo …

    It’s amazing how quickly we judge others, even when it’s unfair, but that first impression of poor language choices can really hurt a professional’s image.

    Keep singing to this choir, Patty! You’ll find a warm reception among the others here who will sing with you in perfect harmony.