Python Certification: Steps to Getting Started

Python has turned out to be the most famous open-source learning language for Data Analytics. This programming language readily interacts with other technologies and complex projects. It reduces the time by using simple syntax and easy compilation function.

Employers all over the world are using Python programming to bring out better results from their existing projects. This is basically a high-level language that contains dynamic semantics.

  • The built data structure for python makes it a very impressive language for Rapid Application Development.
  • The syntax used with Python is easy to understand and learn. This language is easily interpreted that reduces the maintenance cost of the program.
  • This language is highly preferred among programmers because of its standardized library and interpreter.
  • Getting Python certification increases your productivity and provides you with all the required skills you require to be an efficient programmer.


A member of the National Research Institute or Mathematics and Computer Science, Guido Van Rossum was the first person to conceptualize Python in the 1980s. This program was designed in response to the ABC program. Basically, it was designed to overcome the shortcomings of ABC.

Reasons for Gaining Popularity

Python has gained popularity among beginners as well as experts for the following reasons:

  • Community

Python comes with an open-source community that indicates it already has a number of projects already present online and that simply signifies one need to just pick up any project in random and integrate with your existing project.

  • Easily Readable Code

The syntax used in the programming is easily reproducible and the concept can be understood without putting many efforts. Easy English language is used to make the syntax with proper punctuations. This simplicity helps in efficient maintenance and updating of the codes.

  • Compatible Among Various Platforms

Python has the capability to operate on many platforms by minimal or no change in the syntax. So, there is no need for the recompilation of the code. This important feature of Python helps the programmers to run the same code at various platforms thereby reducing the operation time.

  • Efficiency

The deployment of a Python generated program can be done on any platform, without any performance loss. It uses regular expressions that reduce the length of the codes and increases the possibility of a reliable output.

  • Learning

Learning is the most attractive part of this programming that makes it popular. Due to its high readability, this language has a shorter learning curve. Any person just a fresher in programming, having almost no knowledge of it can try his hand in Python and start building software.

Steps to Getting Started

For beginners who want to learn Python, there are certain steps that you must follow:

  • Why Python

Before starting the actual learning, one must be clear about the reasons he is taking up Python for. The reason and use of Python should be clearly understood. This not only enhances interest but also increases motivation at the same time.

  • Installing Python

After making a quick survey, you need to find out which version of Python is required for the specific project. You can easily install it either from the official website or from Anaconda Pocket manager.

  • Use of IDEs

For a beginner, it is very important to analyze your mistakes and learn from the errors made. IDEs help you in finding your mistakes by simply debugging your code.

  • Learning Basics

It is very important to learn the basics of any language before getting officially started. Online videos, online courses and various blogs available will help you get acquainted with the basics like variables, lists, functions, etc for this programming language.

  • Implementation

Learning is never complete without implementation. Once you start the programming yourself you will come up with various questions and while finding the answers for the same you will get to know about some new aspects of the language.

Reasons to Learn

This not so complex language has gained popularity for various reasons:

  • It is a universal language, thereby providing developers with expanded options.
  • This language is used by various advanced companies worldwide, so, you can be sure of this language being used in various applications.
  • This language has a very supportive community. A number of developers are actively working on this language in order to provide healthy support to the co-developers.
  • The use of cloud solutions has increased the efficiency of the language and has also enhanced the popularity of the programming.
  • This language has gained popularity in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

After getting enrolled in the learning process of Python, the following are the things that you will get to learn:

  • Installation of Python

In this step, the programmers have guided the process of installation of Anaconda-Python Distribution.

  • Mastering Fundamentals

Basics of Python are taught in the best way possible like the syntax, types, and variables. Programmers are able to create their first Python program.

  • Data Structuring

This step teaches the programmers the data structure that Python can handle. Also, creating, manipulating of Python list is learned under Data Structuring only.

  • Conditional Statements

In this step, one can easily learn to write complex decision-making codes. These codes can be made by using control structures like if, for, while, etc.

  • Modules

You can easily learn to import your own Python module and use the same in your future projects.

  • Regular Expressions

You will get to learn all about the regular expressions and their use in matching texts for information and patterns.

  • OOP

A programmer will be able to learn to write the user-defined functions, in an object-oriented way of writing objects and classes.

  • Mastering Python

You will be able to take your programming skills to the next level. This course will enhance your code readability skills and the making of efficient programs.

There is no specific requirement for taking up Python programming, but one must possess the basic knowledge of programming and concepts linked with object-orientation. Despite certain shortcoming, the ease of learning of Python makes it a popular language among its learners. The pre-designed frameworks and libraries make it easier to implement.

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