Put Down the Smartphone: Not All Videos Will Help Your Business

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand timesvideo1: Video is the hottest marketing tactic going, and if you want to increase your website traffic, get more people to engage with your content, and most importantly, get people to buy, you have to make videos.

Thankfully, making videos is easier now than it ever has been before. Most of us have smartphones or webcams, and with the basic editing software that comes standard on most computers, you can put together a reasonably okay video without spending too much money. No one will ever mistake it for a Martin Scorsese masterpiece, but your in-house videos get the job done.

Except when they don’t. While in some cases a simple video will get the job done, when you are creating videos that will be an important part of establishing your brand, such as explainer videos, it’s almost always worth investing in a professional video production service. Working with a Florida video production studio like Diamond View Studios can help your company avoid some of the most common amateur video mistakes, and ensure that the finished product is one that truly reflects your company and helps attract customers.

Why Production Quality Matters

Imagine that you are looking at a company website. Clearly, the company put a great deal of time and effort into the site. The design is crisp and clear, everything is easy to find, it is full of attractive, well-photographed images, and the entire site just evokes an air of quality and excellent work. And then you click on a video on the “about us” page — and you’re shocked. Instead of a top-quality video that matches the quality of the site, the video is blurry, with poor sound quality, and not at all in line with rest of the site.

Now granted, this is an extreme example, but it makes an important point: Many businesses that wouldn’t even consider anything but the best when it comes to their website and other marketing collateral tend to drop the ball when it comes to video. Why? Because it is so easy to do it yourself. The problem, though, is that when your video isn’t in line with the rest of your marketing, especially when it’s poor quality, customers are likely to get the wrong impression about your company and look elsewhere.

In fact, when it’s clear that you made the video yourself and it’s not that great, it’s very possible that potential customers will see the video as a true reflection of the work you do, and will not be impressed. Therefore, even if you do opt to create your videos in-house, you need to pay close attention to the quality and do everything possible to ensure they accurately reflect your company and the work you do.

Common Video Production Mistakes

videoSo what are the most common mistakes that companies make when they opt not to use a professional video production company?

  • Poor lighting. If the video is too dark or too bright, has too many shadows or bright spots, or the color is off, it can detract from the content.
  • Poor framing. All too often, amateur videographers do not consider the entire frame, and include distracting elements — or go the other way and don’t have enough interest in the shot.
  • Poor sound quality. The typical consumer video equipment isn’t ideal for business videos because the sound quality isn’t what it could be. With well-placed microphones, and professional sound equipment, the sound is crisp and clear without echoes, feedback, or muffled noises.
  • Videos that are too long. Depending on where you intend to post your video, the ideal length is less than two minutes. Inexperienced video producers may have trouble editing the video down to the appropriate length while still hitting the most important points.

Other common video quality issues have more to do with the content of the video; e.g., the video is too boring, doesn’t include a call to action, or is too focused on sales and not on the benefits your product has for the customer. A professional video production team can help you refine the script and your images to ensure the finished product is an effective and accurate representation of your company.

There are times when amateur video is completely appropriate, and can even help engage your audience. Maybe you wish to evoke a more laidback atmosphere in your company, show off that it’s not all serious all the time, or you want to prove that your company is still a small startup. Provided you at least have one decent microphone (sound on an iPhone video is still lacking) to pick up what everyone in the video is saying, an amateur video can be acceptable.

For videos that are an integral part of your branding, though, or form the cornerstone of your marketing plan, it’s worth considering hiring professionals to ensure a high-quality product that wows your audience.

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