Puppy Worthy

Worthiness is something we feel or we strive to achieve. Worthy means you have or show the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way. But why is it that people don’t always feel worthy of what they currently have or the things they dream of? Well plainly said something happened early in life that created a self-limiting belief of unworthiness.  It can affect people in many aspects of life in different ways. I learned the feeling of unworthiness was impacting my life in exponential ways. As a little girl, I believed because my purity and wholeness were taken, I was not worthy. And that created a pattern of self-sabotage and resistance throughout life.

But once I started clearing that belief and taking steps to achieve my dreams things began to change and unravel.  And the sense of worthiness and self-worth increased. And that brings me to being puppy worthy.  I had been dreaming of and wanting a puppy for years. My kids had been dreaming of it too. We even ended up with a bird a few years ago on my search for a pet. But my true sense of worthiness came after jumping into a case that rocked my world and made me face the fears I never dealt with as a child. And in those moments of stress as I reported a case to DCF and dealt with the police all my childhood emotions, fears, and stress hit me full force.

But amidst my chaos, some magic happened and her name is Luna. My son’s girlfriend had her heart set on this gorgeous little Havanese puppy she got the same week I faced my most challenging obstacle. And as I played with Luna my stress response began to calm, my mind cleared, my heart settled and a deep sense of safety filled me. And at that moment I knew a puppy would help me heal. And over the next few weeks, I made it a regular habit to visit with Luna or stop at a puppy shop to play and relax.

And the more I enjoyed the puppies and released the stress the DCF case placed on my nervous system the truth became clear.  And over time my courage grew and I finally realized that I was worthy of having a puppy.  I realized I was ready and I took a leap to explain to my husband the way Luna had helped me during the DCF case and its impact on my nervous system. And suddenly something shifted and the resistance faded. And my husband said, yes. And I immediately gave a deposit for Cloe who had been born on 8/8/22, 1 week before.  And I was blessed to watch her grow over the next few months as I prepared for her arrival. And on October 3rd I met my green-eyed chocolate Havanese. She blessed our home 2 days before my son’s 16th birthday.  And it has been a love story ever since.

The moral of the story is that each of us has self-limiting beliefs. And we self-sabotage and resist our own dreams as a result. But when we slow down, listen, and tune in to the things that bring us joy, peace, and calm. We can develop the courage to reach for the dream with ease.


Diane Vich
Diane Vich
My name is Diane Vich. I am a registered nurse, professor, author, and holistic health coach. I help women explore their inner dreams and desires through mind, body, and soul connection. I use my experiences overcoming chronic illness and disability with alternative therapies, to help my clients overcome trauma, chronic disease, and negative patterns that impact their health, happiness, and dreams. My transformation began when I went through a significant health crisis that took me away from direct patient care in nursing and opened my eyes to the importance of my own health. I adopted holistic healing modalities while facing a debilitating illness and fatigue that required me to take 13 prescription medications each day and have 9 surgeries before the age of 40. Through nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, dance, vocals, hypnosis, and emotional healing, I not only transformed my health but reconnected with my long lost libido. My passion is now to help women create a deep sense of awareness to tackle the root of their pain and symptoms and unveil their intuition, natural healing potential, and feminine power. I now help women connect with their sexual power and heal past trauma through workshops, coaching, books, and novels. I believe that sexual energy is the key to creativity, empowerment, and fulfillment but it is essential to tackle the trauma at the root to unveil a deeper sense of ingenuity and intuition. I currently live in Miami. And in my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two children in the outdoors: camping, boating, and bonding with each other and mother nature. I spread knowledge, love, and support for the special needs community through empowerment for parents. Diane is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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