Psychological Health and Safety

–with special guest with Shiela Lord

When it comes to mental health in the workplace, Sheila Lord, by her own admission, has learned from her mistakes. She saw first-hand how businesses and organisations weren’t taking mental health seriously and the detrimental impact on the industry as a whole.

To tackle this head-on, Sheila started BMR, and today the company leads the way in mental health support programmes, all of which have a definitive return on investment. Well known for her ability to ‘cut to the chase’, Sheila believes that workplace wellbeing isn’t just about fruit bowls and yoga and that you can’t simply magic away employee stress by ‘fixing’ people. The problem is often more complex, but BMR is designed to help.

Takeaways and Timestamps

02:40 Pressure builds on CEOs and business leaders to deal with workplace mental health, and they don’t know where to start.

05:20 Workspace mental health is a shared responsibility; as individuals, we need to take ownership of our mental health, and in the workplace, we need to create a culture where we can have support when we need it.

8:00 Often, one thing that gets missed is leaders; after conducting engagement surveys, they do not follow up with conversations with employees to get the complete information about the required changes and next steps.

10:33 Why do workplace wellbeing programs and initiatives have relatively low uptake and engagement?

16:53 What are the dangers of implementing a wellbeing strategy to tick a box and not ask yourself why you need it?

21:18 The benefits of implementing a systemic workplace wellbeing approach even if your company is doing great.

23:32 Employees are a vital part of any organisation; they drive your business forward every day, and having good mental health in the workplace is not an employee perk or reward.

26:31 What are the visible signs of mental health issues, and how having a risk-based approach can help prevent problems from occurring in the future and know what to do when someone needs help?

30:42 Everybody has a shared responsibility for mental health and workplace welling, so let’s work together to create happy workplaces.

35:43 Fear is often the root cause of inaction when addressing mental health and wellness in the workplace.


Peter Griffiths
Peter Griffiths
Although I never planned it this way, I had two parallel careers before co-founding my own company. I performed as an electronic musician at numerous international festivals and clubs, including the Glastonbury and Creamfields festivals. At the same time, I served as a people manager for large-scale organisations in Europe and the Middle East. Balancing such diverse careers helped bring the benefits of creativity into the workplace and gave me valuable problem-solving and leadership experience. My travels through business, music performances, and personal adventures have taken me to 50 countries and five continents. Those experiences allowed me to cultivate meaningful relationships with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Throughout my career, I learned how to maximise individuals' potential and create the right conditions for creativity and innovation to flourish. By fostering diverse thinking and developing a psychologically safe environment, I am skilled in bringing out the best in others and showing others how to build high-performing teams from their own experience. My leadership approach has always been to trust first, nurture growth through opportunities that arise from failure and uncertainty. Knowing first-hand the value of communication and self-reflection, I seek to guide people to reconnect with their wisdom, creativity, and passion for life. Over the last two decades, I developed hundreds of individuals and high-performing teams for Orange Telecom in the United Kingdom and Zurich International Life in the United Arab Emirates, and in Germany. Currently, I work as a creativity consultant, certified executive coach, and mentor.

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