Protecting Your Office Building From Woes

Every office building, whether small or tall, is going to face a lot of challenges. This is why large office buildings in cities like New York, London and Beijing hire whole teams of employees to manage the security, cleaning, maintenance and resilience from all kinds of risks. So when you are either about to create your own office building, have just moved in, or just took up residence in a high-rise office building, there are some things you can do to make their job easier. These will include things like making sure you have adequate protection from the elements first of all. Then you need to consider access points and methods, protecting employees from unwarranted access, office culture and safety, and also, a reporting structure for how to notify the maintenance teams for something dangerous in the building.

Protecting from the elements

The first thing, as we mentioned, is the case against the elements. You have to remember that unlike homes, office building roofs are open. They have ventilation shafts and fans working all the time, and thus, leaves, grit and rain can all get inside them. If you click here you can see a myriad of protection options for your commercial building roof. They are waterproofing, insulating, coating, installation of different materials and restoration services that you can choose for your needs. We recommend that you give them a call and ask them to just inspect the roof. They’ll give you a report of where damage is, what is causing it, what your options are, etc.

The other thing is, you should do an annual rooftop and building check over so you can see if the materials and design of your office building is holding up. Doesn’t matter if your headquarters is just three stories, it will be pelted by rain, hail and wind all year round. It’s different from our homes because if something should injure us inside our homes, we don’t get sued by someone. If your employees slip on a puddle of rainwater, this can be damaging for you financially and operationally.

Reporting suspicious stuff

Unfortunately in this world, there are bad people and they will do anything to get attention or harm someone. You’ve seen it everywhere, protestors use commercial buildings and places of work, to stage their demonstrations. They might damage your building, get inside and cause chaos, or maybe cut power to the rooms and floors. There are also dangerous people, who want to cause bodily harm. So you need a way for employees to raise concerns formally and then have them checked out by the relevant security teams.

A simple reporting structure is when an employee informs his or her manager, who informs the front desk, who then informs the security teams and they report back. On the other hand, you also have a paper trail reporting system, whereby anyone anonymously can report suspicious activity to the floor manager, who will then mobilize a security team to have the matter investigated. The floor manager will then file a report of what happened, which will then go to HR and report up to the board.

Effectively removing belligerent people from within the building has to be done with class but also firmness. Once again, the training of your security comes into play. Never shove anyone out, never push them over and never stop them from recording their own incident. Remember, your cameras are also recording your employees’ conduct as well!

Hiring security teams and systems

It’s quite easy to hire a security team, but you need some of the best you can find. So always hire a security man or woman who has had formal training, knows how to perform modern security vigilance, behavior study, spotting abnormal items, spotting breaks in routines, knowledge for how to use modern surveillance and communications technology, etc.

They must also know how to control a crowd, how to calm someone down when they are irate, and also how to provide first aid and CPR. These things are part and parcel of the modern security team.

Now onto systems. Modern security systems employ machine learning, facial recognition, heat detection and other marvelous new technology. Once again, your technology is only as good as the people you use to employ it. So your security team needs to be fully trained on how to use these systems, communicating together i.e. those in the security room and those on the ground are in constant contact.

Seasonal cleaning

When it’s spring, the building floors will be covered in lots of pollen, dry dirt and possibly rain. This makes for a mess when you leave it to build. But the other seasons all have their own quirks and annoyances too. So you should have the awareness to change up cleaning routines; mainly external.

Internal cleaning is going to be largely the same but external cleaning of an office building is complex. Cleaning the car park if you have one, is a weekly thing. Making sure that the front desk area is not muddy, dirty and cluttered is vital for appearances. You must also consider cleaning your windows during autumn and spring, which are probably the most dirty seasons for busy office buildings. Blowing leaves from in front of the building is a good idea for a Monday morning cleaning tour of the exterior. Consider also putting highly absorbent mats at the entrance, where rain and muddy shoes can be wiped clean.

Modern office buildings require a ton of people to maintain and protect. They are almost living organisms in themselves. These are some of the ways you can help your building from suspicious activity, the pounding from the elements, boost your security, introduce a reporting structure for employees and also, keep the place nice and tidy. If you have any other ideas and perhaps unique ways of how you do things in your own office building, let us know.

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