Protecting Your Employees After COVID-19

The pandemic that we have been going through for almost a year now has changed life dramatically. Most people are working from home and business owners are trying to balance offering the best possible service while paying for offices that aren’t being used. Routines that we were all used to were changed instantly overnight, and the effect on businesses has been hard for a lot of people. The world is – however – doing its best to fight back and in many countries across the globe, businesses are beginning to reopen once more.

If your business is in line to start opening again soon, preparing your staff is one thing, but preparing your premises is quite another. Hiring the best deep cleaners who will use the right Antimicrobial Disinfection for germ control is important, but so is ensuring that you have everything in place to keep employees as safe as possible when they come back through the door. If it’s safe to reopen your business in your area, then you need these five ways to protect your staff against COVID-19 at work.

  • Keep social distancing. It’s not easy to keep socially distancing once you have people back at work. If you are working in retail, customer safety is as important as staff safety, so contact the experts to work out how you can adjust the layout of the workplace to make social distancing easier. Moving desks, putting up screens between people (clear ones!) and a full risk assessment of the space is going to help you to make this happen.
  • Enforce and encourage clean hands. Hand washing has been the saving grace for most people during this pandemic, and you need to continue to do this to reduce the spread of germs. Installing touch-free soap dispensers is the first step, and then keep signage up asking people to wash hands. Hand sanitizing stations are also as important as hand washing signage and encouragement, so offer each employee a bottle on their desk for ease of use.
  • Physical barrier installation. We talked about screens between individuals in your workplace, but have you considered face shields and masks, too? You can’t provide people with PPE, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create as many barriers as possible to stop the spread of the virus.
  • Communicate well. You need policies in place to protect people when they need to self-isolate or have been exposed to COVID-19. Keep communicating with people working with you, and you will be able to stay aware of how they are feeling about the situation. If you can look after your staff, they will continue to support your business.
  • Offer remote work. While you’re opening your business again, give your staff the choice. If they have been working from home this whole time, give them the option to continue! It can often help people to feel safe and it shows them that you are on their side!

Normality may be a way off right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to get your business back to as normal as possible.

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