Proprioception Recovered by Cryptomnesia?

Newsflash! Emergency alert, Defcon 3! Well, not really that dire my kind readers. Relax and ponder Gumshoe’s musings.

Is it the heartbreak of psoriasis? Is it the outbreak of communal halitosis? Nope! No one available to pass the Grey Poupon between our Bentleys’? Negative. Gumshoe has ascertained this covert emergency crisis through diligent observation. (Sustained overt surveillance in cop talk) Hide in plain view as it were.

Friends, family, strangers, all of us fellow travelers in life were quietly surveilled with due diligence by Gumshoe. Here are the results. The cold, hard facts. (Gumshoe just loves that film noir dialogue)

You see my friends that during this past year of the “pandemic panic” (Thanks to the 24- hour news media cycle of “hyped” hyperbole ad infinitum, stoking the flames of fear) directly led to our collective mis- “proprioception”. ? ? ?

“Proprioception”, that’s one’s relation to one’s body in one’s space that maintains one’s physical balance (equilibrium). Sort of another sense added to the five known senses that we already possess. Gumshoe took this concept of one’s physical balance (space relationship) one step further and applied it to our emotional balance relationship,

Note: Gumshoe is not a head shrinker nor a new age guru or even a past prescriber of “O” Magazine. Be appropriately warned before continued reading.

Our emotional balance (relationship equilibriums) was greatly put a-skewed, akimbo, off-kilter. Our personal bevel-bubbles burst along with the annoying flashing “tilt” signals on our inner pinball machines. Game over!

Gumshoe is yammering about our shared sense of community well-being.

Who has done this dastardly skewing to our emotional proprioception you may ask? None other than the great talking heads of pseudo-science who have blindly followed the much-renowned chronicles of social distancing by the Great Father Fauci. The Grand Poobah of Balderdash and Flim-flan. Nice guy who loves to pontificate and has not been able to recognize his expiration date of relevance. Sad but true.

The social distancing from our other fellows, coupled with the masking of our personal facial identities has made us distant and faceless creatures. Droids of dread. A pathetic parade of cyborgs in obedient lockstep to social oblivion. Forward, ho!

Halt! Just wait a doggone minute. Sorry Dr. Fauci, Gumshoe don’t wanna go! Gumshoe is MIA in the ranks and permanently AWOL from the groupthink.

Okay, Gumshoe will put into play that weird concept of “cryptomnesia”.

That’s when a forgotten memory is recovered and recognized as something new and original. The unfamiliar becomes familiar again. Presto-change-O! Deja vu, I see you! I’ve been here before and so have you. Greetings old friend and companion.

Once we removed the masks and lessen the “anti-social distance”, we begin to recognize one another again. Our close personal interactions of “Breaking the bread” (with some red wine perhaps) over a shared meal. Ambient candlelight for that special someone for sure!

Actually viewing a person’s face, exhibiting warm smiles, exchanging polite hello’s. Common civility is received and returned in kind. Strangers welcomed.

This all seems familiar once again. Memories flood back in a welcomed cascade of camaraderie. A true renaissance of a social celebration in being human again. Pass the bread and the Pino Noir mi amigos! Unplug the talking heads.

Maybe the esteemed Dr. Fauci can join us? The invite stands.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Always remember to love the ones who love you and try to love that don’t.

PS: Masks are optional along with that yardstick for distance for Dr. Fauci if he can reach it?

Coram Deo!


Danny Pitocco
Danny Pitocco
RETIRED (as a Detective with the Snohomish County Sherriff’s Department, Washington State), Danny has over forty years of law enforcement experience across city, county, state and federal levels of government, including service as a Special Agent for the DEA, US Department of Justice. He’s a decorated law enforcement veteran, and recipient of the "Detective of the Year" award for Snohomish County, Danny is a certified composite artist and has testified as an expert witness in the field of narcotics and modus operandi of particular crimes in state and federal courts in California, and has given testimony before federal grand juries. Danny served four years of active duty in the US Marine Corps and loves Jesus as his personal savior.

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