Progress Not Perfection

A journey of healing is all about progress.  Healing is never perfect. We all experience highs and lows.  We may experience great motivating days, filled with joy and happy moments.  And often we also experience sad unmotivated days, filled with disappointment and frustration.  We all experience good days and bad moments.  We all experience rollercoaster emotions and challenges throughout our lives.  Life’s fluctuations are part of the human experience.  But there are choices to be made that impact the way we experience life.  And these choices have the potential to disrupt or strengthen our experience.

A choice between perfection and progress impacts our lives whether we acknowledge it or not.  Perfection is unattainable and unrealistic.  It is a goal that places overwhelming expectations on us, those we love, and our experiences. 

But a simple choice can shift the perspective drastically and make life much more enjoyable and satisfying.  Choosing a path of progress quickly shifts your perspective and outlook.  This simple path recognizes your success along the way.  If you choose to look at life from the view of perfection, many things become impossible and unachievable. Perfection often makes us feel like failures.  Yet if we recognize each bump in the road as an opportunity and praise our progress through it, life becomes satisfying.  When we express gratitude for our success and recognize the progress life becomes meaningful.

This is a choice we need to make repeatedly, as life throws curve balls often.  The more you switch your perspective the easier it becomes to recognize your progress.  And as you express gratitude for the experiences and find the blessings amidst the chaos, you decrease the impact of stress on yourself and others.  And suddenly you easily recognize difficult moments as stepping stones toward your future. When you decide to change your perspective and allow yourself to learn from each experience, magic begins to unfold in your life.  Because when you view something as an opportunity you process the events in a new light.  And suddenly the event, reveals a lesson and a purpose.  And each opportunity becomes easier to unravel as you live your life through those lessons and change your old patterns. Trust me, I know the choice is not always easy but it is absolutely worth the effort.

My journey in healing began 12 years ago but the journey is never-ending. It began with exercise, fitness, supplementation, and healthy eating habits.  These were all essential for me to find my way out of chronic debilitating symptoms.  And it lead me from conventional medicine to alternative healing by shedding weight, inflammation, symptoms, illness, and disease.  But my body continued with frequent injuries and flare-ups leaving me seeking deeper answers.  And I knew there was a deeper truth about my chronic fatigue, pain, and severe digestive issues.  In 2019, I published a book, The Truth about IBS and Anxiety. The book proved to share the essentials of creating a foundational support system filled with mindfulness, lifestyle shifts, and physical healing.  The life lessons that came after the book was published, guided me to much deeper levels of healing.  Through my experiences, I recognized the first book was a stepping stone to a bigger story.  And it paved the way for the true healing to take place.

My new perspective helped me realize a key element of my story was excluded from this book and set the stage for deeper healing to take place.  But I had to jump into healing before I was ready.  So, I released my story of forgiveness in 2020 to guide me into the process of self-forgiveness and paving a path towards deeper understanding of my childhood trauma.  It was a journey filled with progress and opportunities to shift my perspective from perfection and criticism to optimism and gratitude. I made sure to practice self-love, and forgiveness and praise my progress often.  And in 2021, I shared another story, Self-Love Paved the Way to lead me to the deepest healing of my life.  The books were all stepping stones of progress to find the courage and strength to embark on a journey to reveal the truth about the secrets held inside my mind.   And as I unraveled the stress, symptoms, and chaos, with EMDR and therapy, a new Diane emerged.  Each event became an opportunity for me to grow and evolve.  So, when I tell you progress is a choice, it is because I made that choice long ago.   And I make that choice every day.  Because it would have been easy to judge myself as a failure through the eyes of the perfectionist.  But shedding away that perfectionist and finding progress was the choice worth making. I could have chosen to sulk as the victim and sit in my tragedy.  After all, I had sat in that tragedy for 35 years.  But instead, I chose to be the warrior and work with my progress.

It may not be easy to shift your perspective and make a choice towards progress.  But in life, anything worth achieving takes patience, progress, persistence, and practice.  So, the next time you find an obstacle in your path remember it is a stepping stone.  Today might not be amazing but finding the blessing and expressing your gratitude for the lessons learned will make tomorrow better.  And the journey is always about recognizing your progress along the way.   Remember to make your life about progress rather than perfection and you are one step ahead of the game.  And you are always worth the effort.


Diane Vich
Diane Vich
My name is Diane Vich. I am a registered nurse, professor, author, and holistic health coach. I help women explore their inner dreams and desires through mind, body, and soul connection. I use my experiences overcoming chronic illness and disability with alternative therapies, to help my clients overcome trauma, chronic disease, and negative patterns that impact their health, happiness, and dreams. My transformation began when I went through a significant health crisis that took me away from direct patient care in nursing and opened my eyes to the importance of my own health. I adopted holistic healing modalities while facing a debilitating illness and fatigue that required me to take 13 prescription medications each day and have 9 surgeries before the age of 40. Through nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, dance, vocals, hypnosis, and emotional healing, I not only transformed my health but reconnected with my long lost libido. My passion is now to help women create a deep sense of awareness to tackle the root of their pain and symptoms and unveil their intuition, natural healing potential, and feminine power. I now help women connect with their sexual power and heal past trauma through workshops, coaching, books, and novels. I believe that sexual energy is the key to creativity, empowerment, and fulfillment but it is essential to tackle the trauma at the root to unveil a deeper sense of ingenuity and intuition. I currently live in Miami. And in my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two children in the outdoors: camping, boating, and bonding with each other and mother nature. I spread knowledge, love, and support for the special needs community through empowerment for parents. Diane is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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  1. Outstanding Diane,

    Perfection does not and never will exist. The process or the journey is what matters. I was told many years ago during a very dark period, to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. Some days is will be two steps forward and other two steps backwards. As we continue to move forward, better times and better people come into our life.

    • Thanks Frank. We absolutely are always picking up the pieces. And putting ourselves back together better than before. We all have ups and downs. And it is definitely essential to acknowledge our progress along the way. Thanks again for being a fantastic friend.