Profitable Low-Budget Business Ideas For Money-Wise Entrepreneurs

startup-entrepreneur(1)Small businesses are becoming increasingly popular today. If before people need to have a fortune to start a business from scratch, now, with little start-up costs – they can build their own company and watch it grow to success.

For instance, you can start a business right at the comfort of your own home. With technology and the internet, managing small business is easier than ever. People who have no prior business degrees can now easily start their own business and gain better control over their finances.

Not sure where to start and what business to do? Here are examples of small business ideas you can start with a low budget.

Mobile food business

Perhaps you love food and cooking, but are not quite ready to start your own restaurant. A cheaper option would be to start a food truck business. Food trucks are much cheaper and as you grow you can have a whole chain of them for a good profit minus the commercial space. Food trucks are great because you can move to accommodate your target market and even take part in fairs or festivals.

Another option is catering. Most people do not have time to cook for their own events and therefore need caterers to manage that for them. Catering can easily be started as a weekend side business. However, you’ll need your own utensils, cutlery and crockery. You also need to hire servers to help you in large catering events.

If you like cooking at home, you can start your own cooked meal delivery service. You could target office workers for their brunches or lunches. Or you could cook daily meals for the elderly. All you need to start for this business is some cooking kill, ingredients and transportation to deliver the foods.

Pet care or pet training

Do you love animals and enjoy taking care of them? Starting a pet care business could be the business you’re looking for. A pet care business can not only be emotionally rewarding, pet care business can also be lucrative in the long run.

There are many services you can offer in your pet care business including dog walking, pet sitting, and pet training (if you have the skill). By offering to help other people, you can save their time, and do good work by caring for their pets, all while earning enough to support your lifestyle. You’d be surprised how much people would pay to you to keep their furry friends cared and pampered.

No need to worry about where to get money funding this business. A pet care business requires little start-up cost as you could provide this service in the comfort of your own home or you could work on site at the owner’s request.

Restoring old furniture, bikes, or cars

Restoring or refurbishing old/antique items can not only be rewarding from a creativity stand point. The process of restoring items also increases the value and the quality of the items which is a good way to upcycle unwanted junks. This business can be started from the comfort of your own home, using old furniture or items you’d like to sell.

As you expand you can start sourcing and buying items to fix up and sell. You could also offer restoration as a service and people could bring you their antiques to revamp. Because this can be started at home the start-up costs are minimal. The only costs would be any paints, varnishes or sanding materials you may need to restore the item. If you’re good enough you could also put your items in other stores under consignment.

In restoring classic cars or bikes, you will have to choose old vehicles that will retain certain values and have available replacement parts. You could sell your creations online or from home until such a time that you can afford a shop of your own.

Cleaning business

Cleaning is always in demand especially in very busy households. There are several directions you can take up when starting a cleaning business.

First, you could provide a laundry service where you fetch, wash and deliver clothing. Or you could have the clothing dropped off and picked up by your clients at the beginning and end of their work days for example. The only start-up costs here would be the soap to wash the clothing, electricity and gas for delivery.

Residential cleaning is another lucrative cleaning business idea. While cleaning an entire house can be time consuming, you could eventually expand and form a cleaning crew. You could also do household organisation and specialise in organising and clearing clutter rather than cleaning. Carpet cleaning is also very in demand right now as many people do not have time to do it themselves. The only investments here are the cleaning products and appliances you need to complete the job.

Affiliate marketing

Probably the fastest and most inexpensive business ideas. Affiliate marketing is simply one providing a link between buyers and sellers. It doesn’t cost anything to become an affiliate. Therefore, there are no production costs as you yourself do not have to be selling a product.

Affiliate marketing has a global market which is beneficial as you get paid on commission. Depending on the marketer you can get paid per lead, click, or sale. Affiliate marketing is best run off of your own site or blog but can also be run off social media sites. This business opportunity is becoming increasingly popular with the ever growing online community.

Final Thoughts

These, along with many others, are brilliant ideas to start making money from something you love. Or just make some extra money in your free time.



Armela Escalona
Armela Escalona
ARMELA is a freelance writer and content marketer. Her works have been published in various blogs, magazines, and new sites on the web. She writes about business, startups, and technology

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