Principles of Life Series: The Collective

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

–Albert Einstein

In my years of living so far, it has become apparent that there are set principles as part of our experiences. I have known from a young age that life is much bigger than I am. There is a force beyond my control, yet I can use it to control what happens in my life. This has been beneficial in both my career in managing RV dealerships and sales training, as well as, in my personal relationships. When I retired and partnered with my wife in filming live music video productions, it gave me more time to study my understanding of how human nature and the natural laws governed by specific principles work together.

In this series, I will share my insights and in-depth explanations of the principles of polarity, principles of masculine and feminine, along with the principles of ebb and flow.

My intention is that people learn to live a peaceful life, working in the realm of their passion, doing the things they enjoy the most, for the benefit of the community.

I remember at the age of 12, creating a design that was geometric shapes layered and interconnected. Upon completion of this artwork, I thought to myself “where did that come from?” This has stuck in my mind and to this day I am still working towards a satisfactory explanation. I have been able to go back to this image from time to time and see a connection between what I drew and what I would be currently experiencing in life. There seems to be a thread creating a web we are all a part of, and it includes many things associated with math, science, and physics. I have been prompted to study Hermetics and what science is always discovering or looking deeper into.

This series will be filled with information for you to ponder, some you may agree with, some may stretch your imagination, and I will share with you my own personal thoughts and suggestions.

The foundation of what I will be writing is about life and the growth of humanity through the energies of time and space. Freedom of the spirit, exploring opportunities and our past. There is a structure, built on a framework, systems, and a blueprint that if we live by the principles discussed, life has meaning and purpose.

As our awareness continues to expand, attention to our perceptions can help us discern the smoke and mirrors that embellish and elaborate upon what we know as truths.

I like to think of myself as an explorer, who analyzes, examines, inspects and questions before coming to a conclusion. But I stay open to shifting what I believe today, for I know new information will surface causing me to re-evaluate what I thought I knew yesterday.

You will find in my articles, research, data, personal opinions, and factual information in the following subjects and more:

Ask Questions
Healthy Communication
Pushing Perceived Limits
Power of the Pause
Programming Instant Reflexes
Training Your Ego
Explore all Extremes
Keeping a Strong Foundation
Living, Not Expecting Others to Agree with You
Offering an Olive Branch
Loving People
Appreciate People for their Good Traits/Assets
Asking for Help

I encourage you to ask me questions along the way, so we may engage in conversation for improving our knowledge each of us holds.

Everything exists in your life because of two things: something you did or something you didn’t do.

–Albert Einstein

Trevor Bild
Trevor Bild
Trevor Bild, Videographer, Producer, Sales Trainer, Life Coach. For over 30 years, Trevor Bild managed and trained sales personnel and companies to reach their highest potential. Through his unique skills in redirecting thinking, maintaining integrity, empowering his staff and creating opportunities for success, he became well known for his ability to enable companies to become profitable and excel in all areas of business. After retiring, Trevor has focused his skills in videography, becoming an exceptional producer who brings out the best in musicians, taking them to new levels of personal and professional enhancement. Through his inspiring and thought-provoking writing, you will gain insights into big-picture thinking and ways to see things from new and different perspectives.


  1. Trevor, I love the way you sandwich your musing between Einstein’s ever-insightful quotations . Have you ever read ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’ by Gary Zukav? Looking forward to reading your articles.

  2. Trevor, I likely think I’m open minded as well it baffles me how we all know that “change” is constant then why do so many people still judge on prior perceptions. People change too? Anyway. That’s a thought for me later. Looking forward to your shares. Thank you. Paula



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