Priming Your Positive Pump

When you prime any pump you first put in a little starter and then the pump starts pumping. To prime your positive pump first you have to decide that this is what you want to do. You must make a choice to practice being positive. That is your little starter.

When you are feeling positive you hold your head up higher, you stand up straighter, you may have a relaxed face or a smile, you are more open.

When you feel positive more often than not you see the good in situations. You tend to look for and talk about, funny, happy and positive things. You feel more at peace with the world around you. When you are feeling positive you hold your head up higher, you stand up straighter, you may have a relaxed face or a smile, you are more open. Being that way allows your body to function better, more properly. The flows are better which means better health and a better feeling about your health.

To create and maintain a positive attitude, here are some things you can do right now…

✅ Go on a news fast. Stop listening to the news. If you haven’t noticed, the daily news is very skewed towards negativity and sensationalism. If something disastrous is headed your way, trust me, someone will tell you about it.
✅ Find positive material to put around you. Use positive messages that resonate with you. Put them on post-its or cardboard and place them everywhere you will notice them like the refrigerator, on the mirrors, next to the toilet, next to your bed, etc.
✅ Be an uplifter. Look for ways to uplift others. Because when you uplift other people it bounces right back to you and it lifts you.
✅ Clear your vibration and your environment. You can meditate, do yoga, get a massage…whatever will give you a peaceful mood. And clear clutter for clarity. Clean your environments and put a plant or two around as they give off oxygen.
✅ Do something that makes you laugh. Watch comedy or funny movies. Find a laughter yoga group in your area. Go to to find a place near you and learn more about laughter yoga.  Call up your funny friends. How many times a day do you smile?  Physically, smiling releases endorphins and dopamine into your system, which creates a feeling of well-being. It is good for your body, mind, and spirit.
✅ Put your bare feet on the ground sometime today, and every day. Can you imagine how ungrounded you are when you are way up in the office buildings and surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies from all the computers? The way to negate that kind of energy in your body is to go barefoot in the grass, put your feet on the ground. And if you live in a city, go barefoot on the cement. You are closer to the earth that way and you still get those good vibrations from the earth. Or you can soak your feet in water.
✅ Start a Gratitude Journal – get a notebook and just start writing down all of the things you are grateful for in the moment and if you can’t think of anything just write ‘thank you’. If gratitude is difficult for you, then take your focus off of what is lacking in your life. Think about what you have, your loved ones, your health, your work.  Writing in a gratitude journal will help you to focus on the good in your life, even in the difficult times. When you are in a grateful state of mind you are in a positive vibration.
✅ Go outside for a walk, being in natural air is rejuvenating to the body.
✅ Listen to some music that really appeals to you and makes you feel good inside. Everyone is different. Only you know what makes you feel good.
✅ Practice random acts of kindness, even something as simple as a laugh, a hug, a thank you.
✅ Read. Get books on becoming a more positive person. Read as much as you can and implement what resonates with you. You can also go online and Google positive thinking or go on YouTube and find inspirational videos to watch. Surround yourself with positive content. If you were to get only one book, then get The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

You are the only one who decides what you think and feel, and you are the one with the power to change your life. Your positive vibration comes from you… and only you.

Shift happens. :)  It only takes a few minutes of focus to shift your thoughts, which will then shift your vibration. Keep on thinking positive thoughts, surrounding yourself in positive environments, and creating positive circumstances.

Everything changes just by changing your thoughts.


Candi Parker
Candi Parker
Candi Parker is an artistic entrepreneur, a best-selling author, book designer, publisher, graphic artist, certified Law of Attraction coach, leader in the global Women’s Prosperity Network, an Army Veteran and retired Acupuncture Physician. She has helped over 300 people become published authors and has created an effective system for tapping into the multi-billion dollar industry of eBook sales with her course, Write a Kindle Book in a Weekend. Her Positive Tribe Magazine is reaching five countries and growing. She is building a global Foundation for Positive Living, supporting Veterans and widows to re-identify their lives and supporting animal rescue operations. The common theme in all she does is her passion and expertise in providing ways for people to achieve health, wealth and happiness. Candi's mission is to "add value to the lives of every person I meet and use my gifts and talents to support others in realizing and expressing their own heart’s desires."

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  1. I have not watched the news in many years. Such a fear-inducing addiction. I was glad to see that as one of your tips. Your 11 tips are all very inspirational. I’m bookmarking this for whenever I need quick ideas and reminders. Thanks, Candi!