Prevention 101: Tips To Protect Your Company From Cybercrime

Throughout the past couple of years, cyber attacks have become a serious problem for both individuals and organizations alike. No matter who the individual is or the size of the company, the looming threat of being under attack is always present. That said, as the frequency of cybercrimes and data breaches continue to grow, so should the defenses. A failure to provide some sort of defense should no longer be an option for organizations big or small.

For small businesses, in particular, it’s essential for them to remain vigilant and take additional steps to protect sensitive information and their business against cybercrimes. Here’s how:

Backup Your Data: You can increase your company’s protection significantly when you regularly backup your information. It’s important to backup all your data, files, and other resources, especially since these files can be the backbone of your business. Backing up your data is helpful in case it gets lost due to hacking, malware, or viruses.

When there is malware present on your computer, it could also disable some of your computer’s important features or erase all your information. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to have some sort of reinforcement on your device by having things stored elsewhere.

Saving sensitive information to a cloud, external hard drive, or a USB drive is an effortless method to make sure all your information is stored somewhere safe. Keeping the threat of cybercrime on your employees’ minds by sending emails that discuss possible threats and hosting meetings is also a great way to make sure everyone is practicing safe measures. The most effective way to prevent everyday hacks is to set rules for employees that prevent them from accessing harmful sites and limit their use of personal accounts on the company’s network.

Encrypt Your Data: In today’s business world, data is invaluable. From company banking information to employees’ Social Security numbers, cybercriminals are always on the hunt for easy targets who leave information lying around. How can you keep your information safe?

For companies storing important data information, be sure to make it a point to always have this type of information encrypted. You can keep your information safe by using full-disk encryption tools. Although encryption comes standard with computers, not all users are aware of it. The best part is, using the encryption takes less than a minute and will encrypt just about every file on your device without slowing down its performance.

Using this feature, however, does require some extra attention. That’s because the encryption feature will only be activated in scenarios a login is not required. From a hacker’s point of view, this means that all they need for an employee to do is walk away from their computer for a brief moment — whether they go to the restroom or the break room — in order to attack a computer system already infected. To re-enforce your security measures, be sure to set your computer to automatically log out after a period of time without use.

Understand the Risk: Your company’s computers, smartphones, and tablets are perhaps the most important items in the office environment, which is why protecting them is so important. In order to protect your company, however, you need to start with a well-rounded and clear understanding of the internal and external attacks your company could face on any given day.

In order to arm your devices against cyber attacks, you’ll first want to have a pulse on the ways hackers could possibly access your information. In other words, you’ll want to do your best to identify weak points in your cyber security and search for ways to improve your security software. The best way to identify possible data breaches is by staying informed about the various forms of cyberfraud and threats; this might include phishing emails, malware, emails, and system hacking that organizations are susceptible to.

As a business owner, you might never think about the threat of a cyber attack on your company, but if one happens to your organization, the result can bring it to its knees. Luckily, by making sure you have these security methods in place, you can save yourself from being a victim of cyber attacks and unnecessary headaches.


Herman Davis
Herman Davis
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