Pretty As A Smile

Looking into the reflections of the windows of the department stores a young girl seen only what she believed that her eyes told her.

She never knew that she was beautiful all she ever thought was that she wasn’t good enough or pretty enough to fit into the in crowd

Honestly, she had a glow about her, the kind of glow that not many people have today

She was kind to everyone and she had the kind of smile that made the whole room light up and everyone in it no matter what they were feeling at the time

There’s a recipe for happiness and it includes a smile and kindness, to begin with, and the rest of it comes from a lot of love given at the right time

The in crowd that she had grown up with that never had anything to do with her grew old and hateful and the dish that they served was bitter to the taste and unpleasant to the eyes

The young girl, once sad and lonely now has flourished into a beautiful person full of encouragement and pretty as her smile.

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