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For modern businesses, brand is everything. The degree to which a bit of graphic design can help your business is staggering. And, of course, with every business struggling for the top, your branding has to meet the high standards that others are adhering to. Of course, this is a hard area for most people to break into. Graphic design is a complex and skilled profession, which can’t be mastered overnight. So, you need some help. And, that’s exactly what this post is for.

A good brand represents so much more than just a fancy logo. Your brand should be an embodiment of your business. It should reflect the ideals and codes that you intend to uphold. In reality, your business’ brand is the impact your business has on your customers. A strong and good brand will leave a good impact. And, a weak brand will leave a poor one. Building a good brand is hard, though. So, this section will look at just that; building a good brand.

There’s probably not much point in trying to develop a brand by yourself. Unless you’re an artist or graphic designer already, in which case it shouldn’t be a problem. But, most people aren’t artists. In fact, most people struggle to draw with a pencil, let alone a graphics tablet. So, it’s best to hire a professional. There are companies out there that offer full branding services. This doesn’t just include the design of a logo, but will also help you to develop your overall branding, throughout the business. It’s particularly hard to judge your own work. And, of course, this makes it difficult for you to judge your brand if you build it yourself. So, having someone else take the pressure will give you the chance to look at your brand as an outsider, before you commit to it.

When your brand is being developed, you’ll be given choices of color. Of course, your designers will help you with these choices. But, it’s still good to bear certain things in mind. Color can be a trick thing to master. Having too much will make a brand look cluttered, but having too little will make everything boring. You have to find a balance. Having three main colors is a good place to start. And then, you can choose some accent colors. Altogether, you should have no more than five or six colors in your palette.

Every good brand stands out from the crowd. Of course, with so many companies out there, this can be hard. A lot of modern companies are adopting social branding. Where, instead of their materials conveying their business, their actions do. Building up schemes that directly help local people is a great way to go. Obviously, your graphical branding should be as unique as possible. You can’t copy another company’s design because that will make it hard for customers to distinguish between the businesses. But, you also can’t have something too weird or unrecognisable. This is where branding gets particularly hard, and where a professional can really help you.

Once you’ve paid for a fancy brand, you need to find ways to get your customers eyes on it. Once your customers recognise your brand, they will be much more likely to return to you. And, if new customers see a professional brand, they will be much more likely to shop with you. This is another area that a professional can help you with.

Your physical business should be heavily ladened with your branding. The fonts that you use should be on the walls, and your logo should stand proudly outside, and at least once inside. Sign design companies can help you to design a great sign. This will help you to make sure that your sign is visually pleasing and easy to spot. Of course, you don’t want to go too heavy with your branding. Little is often more, so keeping things held back can be a good idea. Having one wall with your logo, and another wall in your company’s main color is a great way to make the inside look good. A refined and simple sign outside will do the rest.

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Your website is the digital amalgamation of your company. It should reflect the aesthetic that the rest of your business carries. Of course, your logo should take pride of place at the top of your site. But, the rest is up to you. At this point, it can be wise to hire a professional web designer. They will handle the design and building of the website for you so that you can avoid having to do it yourself. These services are usually fairly inexpensive if you shop around.

All of the promotional material you send or give to customers should be recognisable without having to read anything. Like on your website, your logo should always hold the top spot. The document should be made using your company’s colors and fonts. This includes both digital and physical media. So, that’s everything from emails and social media posts to flyers and mailouts. This is something that you can discuss with most brand designers, who will be happy to help you generate some content.

Most businesses use items in their day-to-day work that could do with some branding. Things like mugs and pens are cheap to have made with logos. And, of course, anything that you give to your customers should be branded and recognisable. So, say you give out water bottles in a waiting room, they should use custom business water bottle labels. Touches like this will form a vast rift between you and the competition. Having this level of branding will give your customer the chance to soak in your company, and they’ll, hopefully, never forget it

And, of course, just like your merchandise, your staff should also be wearing your colors. Most modern uniforms are based on semi-formal wear. Items like polo shirts and sweaters are great to give your company a relaxed but professional vibe. You can get clothing branded incredibly affordably.

Of course, when it comes to content like a brand, there will always be people out there to steal or copy it. So, you need to protect it somewhat. Obviously, this shouldn’t be too hard. Digital content that you create or pay for is as much your possession as a physical purchase. You just need to take the right precautions.

Of course, as a general rule, all of the content you own is covered by copyright law. Usually, it’s a good idea to have copyright logos on your content, to display your intentions. But, copyright law is flakey and hard to enforce. Most governments won’t bother chasing crooks of this nature. So, you rely on other companies to help you.

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Instead of relying on copyright law, you can pay to have a brand protected. Through the use of trademarking, you can have your brand immortalised as your own. Services can help you through the paperwork involved, for a small fee. Or, you can go through the entire process yourself. Having a registered trademark will enable you to dispute other trademarks being registered if they’re too similar to yours. It will also give you a better standing in legal disputes if you can prove that you registered your brand.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working on your brand. It’s an extremely important part of any business and one that can’t be ignored. Of course, you will need some help along the way. But, money and time that you put into this can be viewed as an investment, more than anything.

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