Power, Politics, and Pot. 


The powerful influencers in the cannabis industry include all types of businesses, individuals and wealthy investors. The diverse groups are driving the production of cannabis-based products, services, educational systems, and research. Everyone involved in the industry is developing new business models, creating processes and systems that have never been seen before while creating new careers. The fast-paced growth of the industry is being driven by both short-term and long-term profits that can be enormous.

Corporate America is now one of the most influential players that are defying the political system.

The number of players is too long to list, but some of the most powerful influencers include:

Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (CNBS)

Arizona Iced Tea

Altria Group Inc., Tobacco


Carl’s Jr.

Constellation Brands Inc., Alcoholic beverages

Cornell University

Evolv Ventures, the VC arm of Kraft-Heinz

GW Pharmaceuticals

Molson Coors

The UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative

Thrive Capital Management (founded by the brother of presidential adviser and Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner), a $35 million fundraising round for LeafLink.

Trichome Financial Corp. led by Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

University of Colorado


Corporate America has figured out that most Congressional members are not reliable enough to ensure stability in the cannabis industry and have moved on without Congress’ approval. The cannabis industry is not unlike other industries that have developed without federal or state regulations to become multibillion-dollar industries that include social media platforms, the vitamin industry, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms. Although non-regulated industries have succeeded, cannabis has a few major hurdles. The factors holding back business growth are the legality of the plant, lack of implementation of basic business practices such as banking rules, and dealing with social justice for the thousands of people (mostly minorities) that have been imprisoned over generations for the use and possession of marijuana.

The lack of leadership from both federal and state politicians will continue to create global, political, and economic tensions. However, the power of businesses and consumers which demand products and services, along with the creation of careers, will drive the business and ignore the ever-growing dysfunctional political system.


Due to the millions of dollars already invested by corporations, researchers, politicians, and higher education, the cannabis fad will develop into a new norm. Despite all the hurdles of doing business, organizations and individuals have moved forward with creating a multibillion-dollar global industry. The cannabis industry globally will expand into a USD 66.3 billion-dollar industry, according to Grand View Research, Inc. by 2020. The United States and Canada will lead the global growth while Israel will play a significant role in research. In the meantime, other countries will try to catch up to participate in the ‘green gold rush.’

Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang
Dr. Jacqueline B. Langhttps://www.drjacquelinelang.com/
Dr. Jacqueline Lang, MBA, MPA, MSED has 20+ years of leadership experience in a variety of industries (manufacturing, services, politics, and education). Her career has been within Fortune 50, 500, 1000 and private organizations across the U.S. and in higher education. As well as a U.S. Congressional Campaign Manager. Along with serving in the United States Army Reserves. She currently divides her time as a Business Professor & Small Business Owner in the Cannabis Industry. #Entrepreneurship - #e-commerce - #educator - #BoardMember.