Power of Innovation: Fast, Furious & Financially ‘Glocally’ Rewarding

legacy-leadership-izabella-lundbergby Izabela Lundberg, Columnist & Featured Contributor

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]A[/su_dropcap]RE YOU WONDERING about or have you been asked in your boardroom meetings, white boarding sessions or staff annual planning:

How do we innovate and how do we do it better and faster? How do we seize transformative opportunities before our competition? How can we do it better, faster and maybe even a little bit cheaper or offer something extra? What are we not doing but we should be doing? What do world leading innovators do that others don’t do?

If your answer is “yes” then you are part of a small percentage of groups that are thinking ahead and eager not only to innovate but also to question, improve and change the wide range of practices and processes that may no longer be serving and providing value to their teams and organization, especially to key stakeholders.

If your answer is “no” you may be too comfortable with a “status quo”. But this comfort is fleeting in the middle of glocal competition. If you think about competition, you might sense a paralyzing fear that is part of getting into a reactive mode aimed at surviving vs. thriving mentality not only in your company’s HQ locally, but nationally and globally. It is like going on the elevator ride of 100+ floor building where random buttons are pushed on your daily ride in the office – you don’t have any idea where you will stop or exit next, nor how to prioritize your task and quickly solve complex issues. You are not in a fun place to be – we get that.

Innovation2But there is also middle part, a “meat of the sandwich” that is combination of both, and somewhat feels secure and comfy knowing that at the moment their position is secured and they are ok to take a time, meet and plan, and meet some more and do something but nothing serious enough to disrupt the status quo. Sounds or feels familiar?

Today more then ever you and your organization have to deliver outcomes and significant impact in the organization much faster, more furiously, with measureable financial gains and a glocal perspective. If you are thinking locally, if you are thinking globally, this is not enough. The greatest innovations will come from a new hybrid of thinking, the glocal perspective.

Successful innovation requires very special skills and talents – more then making your self and your team agile and ready for the challenge! It is more then ever essential to know do you have a right team with the right skill set in your organization for the job that needs to be done. If not, can you train or retrain existing talent and how fast that can occur? If not, where and how can you get the talent?

You must be wondering how in the world do we make this possible, Izabela? Is it even possible? Sure it is!

Through new and customer focused innovations coupled with effective and significant organizational transformation and change can drive positive impact through disruptive technology, people and process integration. Best example is Innovation Collision.

Innovation Collision is a one of a kind conference that will simulate your thinking, eliminate group thinking and set the solid foundation for long lasting effects. Where? In #1 most innovative city in the U.S. as per CNNMoney and #5 most creative city in the U.S as per Forbes Magazine.

Please join me in NYC to learn more about Power of Innovation: Fast, Furious & Financially ‘Glocally’ Rewarding on September 10th & 11th at the Innovation Collision – Design Thinking, Creativity and Crowdsourcing!


Izabela Lundberg
Izabela Lundberg
As a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and thought leadership, Izabela proudly prides herself and ethically serves as a transformational leader delivering global business advisory, coaching, strategy through leadership and organizational development, and innovative learning High-Performance Impact Method™ framework at Legacy Leaders Institute. By aligning and supporting business growth objectives, she works side by side with executive leaders from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. For more than two decades, Izabela demonstrated a unique ability to identify, create, and deliver solutions to complex global business challenges with her unique perspective. As a result, she successfully increased talent and team engagement, performance, revenues, and overall organizational impact in dozens of selected companies. Today, Izabela helps talent and teams come together to accomplish more than ever before with her progressive solutions and worldview (living in six countries, speaking six languages, traveling to over 45 countries, and working with diverse teams from over 100 countries). Besides, Izabela earned a Master of Science in Leadership and Organization from the University of Denver with a focus on Strategic Innovation & Change and Organizational Development & Training. She is #1 International Best Selling author and her book, The World Messenger, that is highly respected by academics, athletes, and business leaders worldwide. To receive a signed copy, go to right NOW! Need to speak with Izabela right of way? Follow & Connect with Izabela on LinkedIn and email her at [email protected]. Game On, Champions!

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