Power of Belief


When I close my eyes, I see and smell roses;

The flower of peace, hope, and love;

I feel peace in the midst of unrest;

I see togetherness in the days of separation;

I feel love in the midst of violence and hatred;

I feel hope, where there once was none;

I believe in the power of love, hope, faith, and peace;

I hear humanity’s plea for equality and breath;

I see strength in peace, unity, together we rise;

I have beliefs so strong, they steer my ship to calmer waters;

The waters where depth of inner knowing is clear;

Feelings of clarity in spite of confusion;

Though upon appearance is murky at best;

In spite of negativity, I choose positivity, love, faith, truth, hope, peace;

The hope in believing in our ultimate destination;

Our allusive goals promised;

The peace of knowing, love and hope will indeed reign high;

No matter what the naysayers may proclaim;

Stay the course my friends and choose to believe;

Have hope,

Share love,

Believe in the power of hope, love, beauty,  strength, and courage; the power that lies



Char Murphy
Char Murphyhttps://believeinspire.us/
I’m a 15-year former practicing attorney, now three-time book author, speaker, featured contributing author to such amazing organizations as, Motivation Champs, BIZCATALYST 360, P.O.W.E.R.(Professional Organization of Women of Excellence), REVIVAL Sanctuary for Women in Business, Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine. I’m Passionate about lending hope, inspiration, and empowerment through my writings and my spoken words for those who have fallen, lost on their path and questioning, why me, who am I now and why am I here I do this by sharing my story of abuse, thriving through breast cancer four times, losing my law career and practice, my newly remodeled home, my husband, my identity of “who I thought I was”. Pulling myself back up, taking a few deep breaths, dusting off...going deep within, consulting the inner alchemist we all are, to re-create and co-create with the universe myself anew. To transform and transcend all the many unknowns, to living my true passion and purpose. My greatest rewards in life have been born out of the thrill of knowing I have helped someone else struggling to get back up and finding their direction, purpose, and living their greatest dreams. To heal, with a renewed inner strength and power, knowing it was all meant to be. And being grateful for all of it. That’s the magic we as individuals and a part of humanity as a whole are capable of. Realizing that we are made up of those beautiful gems that lie waiting inside ourselves, that have always been there...just waiting to be discovered. I’m here now, to tell you, YOU ARE the Power. You have more resources, strength, courage, beauty than you can imagine right in your very beingness. Reach in and take hold of that wisdom and truth. Own it! Step out and up, love, and embrace fully the authenticity which IS you and always has been. And never let it go.


  1. This is beautiful Char,
    The power of believing is the first step of action.

    This line grabbed me…
    “ I hear humanity’s plea for equality and breath;”

    We as humans all have the right to breathe and it should never be compromised by another.
    Thank you for this beautiful poem.🙏