How to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are reaching concerning levels, and Canada is one of seven advanced nations where pedestrian deaths are rising. Statistics blame the lack of police in those areas and the recklessness of drivers, but it’s much more than that: people simply don’t care about safety anymore.

During common pedestrian accidents in Ontario, both parties are at fault, although the driver is usually blamed. Since everyone can be a pedestrian at some point, it’s vital to understand how to be safe while walking. It might seem like common sense for some people, but you have to be aware of these tips to prevent anything from happening on the streets. Let’s find out more!

Don’t Walk and Text

You usually hear in the media that you shouldn’t text and drive. But people should follow that lesson when they’re walking outside too. Nowadays, everyone is always on the phone, sending texts, looking at social media, or reading the news. But it’s distracting, and it can become dangerous pretty soon.

Always Walk On Sidewalks

It might be tempting to walk on the road or cut through the streets to reach your destination quickly. But you have to follow the norms to avoid any accidents. The worst part of pedestrian injuries is that they can happen in a second.

If you have to walk alongside cars for some unexpected reason, it’s recommended to go against the flow of traffic and never in the same direction.

Keep Away From Traffic

The best way to avoid a pedestrian accident is by avoiding walking near cars or roads. Stay closer to buildings and walk-through empty streets if possible.

Always Use Crosswalks

Jaywalking is illegal in many places, but some people still try to do it whenever possible as it could cut their walks short. But if you want to avoid any accidents on the road, you have to respect the laws in place. A car might not be able to brake properly if you decide to run through the middle of the street, and it could turn disastrous in a second.

Furthermore, don’t even think about crossing the road if you see a car approaching at a considerable speed. Even if you’re in a crosswalk, the car might have no intention of hitting the brakes even if the lights indicate it’s your turn. Be smart out there.

Bring a Flashlight at Night

If you’re forced to cross streets at night due to your job or anything else, it’s best to bring a flashlight with you to be more visible to drivers. Shiny or bright clothing could work too. Anything that will make you stand out on the road.

Watch Out for Driveways, Parking Lots, and Curbsides

While vehicles must slow down and be mindful while exiting these places or reaching a curbside, it’s always better to stay alert. Don’t trust that they will just stop for you, because the truth is that some people are terrible drivers. You need to stop, too, and wait to see if the driver allows you to pass before them.

Don’t Attempt to Cross Any Street While Drunk

Many common pedestrian accidents happen because people are under the influence, and it could lead to terrible situations. Therefore, you should only go out with friends or have a designated driver at all times. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

It seems simple to follow these tips, as people should’ve been taught about them when they were kids. But some folks forget, get distracted, become careless, and crossing a road can turn into the worst nightmare imaginable. Let’s avoid that and stay safe out there!

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