Political Correctness Gone Literally Mental

A tiny personal encounter today which prompted the thought of going totally bonkers in our mad reality. Went to my gym to pump some iron. There was a new member, a gorgeous girl who clearly won the genetic lottery – tall, slim amazing long hair reaching her butt. She was with the trainer, building her fitness programme. I was minding my own business, but felt very uneasy for some reason and couldn’t understand why. Then it dawned on me – her long Rapunzel-esque hair, worn down. I followed her and the trainer with my gaze, heard his explanations but was baffled by the sheer fact that he didn’t advise her to pull it up into a bun – after all, it could have easily been caught in one of the machines. But no, not a word about that.

I finished my session for the day, and on a way out, stopped to chat with the manager. I drew his attention to this little puzzle and asked maybe to talk to the trainer so he would caution the girl – for her sake only – to tie her mane up. The manager laughed and said that no way was he going to do that. Seeing the bewilderment on my face, he answered: “Because we don’t want to be accused of harassment. If we comment on her appearance, she may file a harassment complaint.” I was not very polite and blurted he was mad – she might get injured and the club may incur horrible legal/insurance costs. He bitterly laughed again and said: ” I can sustain insurance costs if she’s injured, but I cannot risk a harassment suit. It’s her responsibility how she shows up to the gym and we have no say in it. Look, you saw that other girl that prowls here almost naked, with a tiny strapless bralette barely covering her ample ‘assets’, that looks like going to fall off any moment? I am forbidden to utter a squeak about that. If she chooses to come in naked – we can’t comment. As long as she has a towel and exercises without major issues – her choice and right.”

I was still scrambling to get my jaw back in place when some of the administration girls totally supported him. They acknowledged that saying anything – even for the sake of member’s benefit and safety – about their appearance is a ground for legal action. So it’s each to their own. On all counts.

I just can’t digest how low we have deteriorated in our radical political correctness. It’s not a tasteless rude ‘guys jokes’ anymore, it’s not throwing an innocent – yes innocent! – compliment to a female colleague saying they look good or have a nice smile. It’s gone down to the health and safety issue of every one of us. And because of this grotesque deranged PC culture, someone may pay dearly.

I don’t know this new girl – I don’t go to the fitness club to socialise – I come to work out. Chances are that if you accidentally popped in when I am there – the shabbiest person, in a worn-out non-trendy gear – that’s me. I don’t waste thousands on athleisure lycra stuff. Find it totally preposterous. But hey, again each to their own. So back to the girl – dunno about her cognitive faculties and don’t want to sound condescending, but well, have started to wonder what she was looking for there or did she understand the environment and its purpose. And if she didn’t – nobody could help her with that.

The saddest thing is that we all are losers in this surreal creation – the only beneficiaries of this dystopian world will be lawyers and insurance companies. As always.

Well done, us!

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Vickie Zisman
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Historian and a blogger (a story weaver), Vickie daylights as a marketing communications professional, specialising in brand building, content, digital media and cross cultural environment. Works with businesses and organizations across all industries in the private and public sectors. In her spare time likes to deconstruct modern management myths. Believes: 1. The Torch of Erasmus still shines bright in the digital era. 2. Word carries the Power of Change - into a positive ROI as well. 3. Capitalism can be humane and benefit all, when applied wisely 4. Technology is the tool not the goal. 5. Human is ABOVE the Machine. Highly allergic to self-righteous hypocrites, universal moral preachers et al. Incurable, politically incorrect, cynic. Mad cat-lover. Vegetarian. Proud Israeli.


  1. I believe there is a line between kindness and harassment. I believe that intelligent people know how to recognize this boundary.
    Harassment and blackmail are intolerable. Kindness is part of life. Also of working life.
    If an atmosphere of generalized suspicion is created, it is evident that it becomes impossible to defend oneself. The faults are clear and so is the innocence: just look at the world with clean eyes.