Polish The Diamond In Your Heart

How To Reveal You Unique Fire And Brilliance And Use This To Start A Business In Midlife And Beyond

No matter where you are on your business journey something is happening within the context of your life, the two are inextricably linked. Polish the Diamond combines passion with practicality and life lessons with business challenges, resulting in a heartfelt, transformational read. This mix of memoir, mess and course correcting shares how I’ve turned my unique brilliance into a business and how you can to. FYI your unique brilliance has nothing to do with you inventing the next big thing or becoming the next Zuckerberg. It means because there is only one of you, no other woman on this planet has what you have, or can do what you do, in the way that you do it.
Written specifically for mid-life women this book is for you if, after experiencing some life changing events you’re ready to go after your calling. Let me be clear, life changing doesn’t mean a near death experience. It simply means you’ve experienced a set of circumstances over time that have been life changing for you. It’s true there are already thousands of life and business books out there, but none of them combine both in the way that I do or teach this in the same way, that is, how to dovetail the innate gifts and life experience of a midlife woman, with online business start-up strategies for beginners. That sounds mad I know. Why? Because the term midlife beginner is an oxymoron. One is new while the other is halfway there and as such it’s assumed that these two fall into separate categories therefore, and until now, each audience has been catered separately, so here’s why I’ve combined the two. The opportunity for a midlife woman to take what she already has and turn this into an online business has never been easier than it is today, in theory.
According to the Office for National Statistics the biggest trend in new start-ups is women over 55 who currently make up a fifth of Britain’s new business owners. Add to that the 67% increase in women over 55 opening business accounts in the last decade, according to Barclays, and that’s a growing trend. That said, knowing how to set up the online side of your business is another story and one that’s proving to be the nemesis of many a savvy midlife woman and it boils down to this: “If your skills don’t match your dreams it’s time to learn some new skills”! I’ll go through the book in stages, first we’ll talk about you and your current situation. Then it’s off to the disaster zone, aka my mess, where I’ll reveal some of my major midlife fails including my epic 46k start-up mistake and what you can learn from that! Just so you know, I didn’t spend that sum of money in one go and I will give you the OMG juice on how and where that figure came from and how you can avoid it.
Last but not least I’ll take you to the recovery site, in other words course correcting and planning your new business. I’ll evidence some of what I’ve learned through story sharing, which at times is deeply personal and throughout the book I’ll give you some actionable steps and guidance you can implement to get started. In sharing my journey, you’ll discover there are aspects of my earlier life that have impacted my business in a way that wouldn’t become clear until much later. Like you I couldn’t have known that what happened back then, would be relevant now. Steve Jobs put it beautifully when he said you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Every woman I meet has a story to tell and somewhere in that story the seeds of her new business have already been sown. If I were to say to you; “your career is what you’re paid for but your calling is what you’re made for”, and you get that line, then this book is for you so please, for once, do something amazing for yourself and read on.



Dee Coxon
Dee Coxon
DEE Coxon is a bestselling author of Polish The Diamond In Your Heart and Business Start-up Coach who inspires women to go beyond their known capabilities and get their business online in less time. A former hairdresser and beauty therapist she learned everything she knows about women within the four walls of her own salon where she admits to getting more satisfaction helping clients with their personal struggles, than she did doing their hair and makeup! Self-employed since she was 18, she eventually left her vocational path, swapped her scissors for a lap top and entered the world of academia. In the year she turned 50 Dee gained a Master’s degree, a teaching certificate, became a grandmother and lost her mother to cancer after a 2 year battle, during which she nursed her. A quote by Rufus wainwright: You’re born twice, once at your birth and again when your mother dies” had a profound effect and changed the way she sees and does things now. As the creator of The Fast Class: A bespoke, 1 to 1, accelerated learning experience, designed for beginners and delivered in one day. Dee blends expertise with life experience to make sure her clients get past those self-imposed barriers that keep them from launching a business they love. Dovetailing these two elements is fundamental to the Fast Class and reflected in Dee’s coaching style. Why? Because she believes, no matter where you are in your business journey something is happening within the context of your life, the two are inextricably linked.

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