Poetry: Publishing Your Own Book

There’s nothing like the excitement of having your first book of poetry published. After years of thinking about it and knowing it was a dream of mine, to leave my legacy behind. I finally accomplished just that! I asked myself the question why didn’t I do this before? The answer was simple, it just wasn’t my time yet. I’ve been writing for years now since I was about twelve years old. I kept every single poem I ever wrote. And as the years went by my poetry got better and better. And I found that reading others’ poetry really helped.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!

The first step is having enough poems written to put a book together. Fifty poems do nicely for this. If you have more than fifty, then you have the challenging task of picking out the ones you want to use in your first book and what theme you want to go with. For example, will it be a love poetry book with only love poems or about nature, spiritual, or a variety like I chose? Then you must decide what order you want to put them in, this is for your table of contents page. You’ll need an About the Author page that gives a little information about yourself and if you wish a Dedication page. I dedicated my book in loving memory to my parents who have passed!

You even take part in what you want for your book cover and of course, you need to pick a title. It is especially important to pick a title that is catchy as the first thing the reader will see is your book cover and its title. You must create some interest with just this alone for them to want to see what is inside. I chose my title Where Poets Dream for my first book from a poem I wrote called Where Poets Dream and placed that poem first in my book.

The more poems you post online the more exposure you will get but remember to mix it up and put some poems in your book that no one has ever read.

It was suggested to me to alternate poems with some short and then long to keep the reader from losing interest. That was a grueling task for me as I write a lot of long poems.

You must believe in yourself!

When my mother was in the hospital, I brought my poetry up to the hospital and my aunt would read them to her. She was quite pleased with this and asked for more to be read. That was when I realized my mother really liked my poetry. And she was proud of me. My father and I had a talk one day after my mom had passed and said, I should author a book of poems. That’s when I realized he liked my poems and was proud of me. That meant the world to me. Knowing they were in my ballpark made all the difference. I started thinking seriously about that book. Dad passed shortly after that conversation and that was when I started to plan to put my poetry books together.

I got excited about my poetry again!

Several members of my family are also gifted with writing poetry, and I hope my books encourage them to reach out for their dreams as well as all of you! I’ll bet a lot of you poets out there are sitting on a gold mine of poems. Like I am, I have written over five hundred of them. Well, if you’re like me then maybe it’s your time to author that book of poetry. At first, I doubted if my poetry was good enough to put in a book. But I found with posting on the internet I got a lot of likes and people were enjoying my poems. And I enjoyed reading theirs. Which gave me even more confidence in my poetry. So, what I’m saying here is don’t sell yourself short. You’re a lot better than you think. There’s nothing quite like having your poems in print.

But as with all dreams we need to put them into action to achieve them! Sure, there were times when I’d have a dry spell and the ink didn’t flow from my pen. But during those times I continued to read. And when the ink flowed, I wrote! All the time waiting for this time in my life to come. I shared my poetry with family and friends, to begin with. Even gave them out as Christmas gifts framed and made special for each person. Then came the internet. Wow, a lot of sites to post poems on. And I did it all over the place. Just recently I found my internet home at BizCatalyst 360°. As a Featured Contributor. My poetry is on YouTube now as well as narrated by Alan Johnson from the Trending Poets group on Facebook. And I write quarterly for The Wildfire Publications Magazine LLT.

You can make those dreams come true!

For me, it is about leaving my legacy behind. A book to last years after I’ve left this earth. I hope to see you all in print soon.


Eva Marie Cagley
Eva Marie Cagley
Eva Marie Ann Cagley was born in 1958 to Frank and Priscilla Cagley. Raised in Waterloo Iowa, U.S. She spent most of her time working with teenagers as a counselor. Working with teenagers gave her immense joy, having had none of her own… She came from a large family having nine children. She has always had a passion for writing and believes it is a gift from God… There's little else to say about her as her writing reflects who she is. Her beliefs, perspectives, trials, tribulations hope and despair, dreams of all her life’s journeys…She currently has five poetry books published and a Miracle story. Her poetry and essays are on various ezines and blogs. Her poetry books can be purchased, on Amazon and Lulu. Book titles: “In the Garden of My Mind,” “Dancing in Heaven,” “The Airwaves of My Soul,” “Where Poets Dream,” I Shall Always Think of You,” “God's Miracle Story.” Her personal web page is She is in the book “To Be or Not to Be a Writer” by, Sweetycat Press publications. Available on Amazon. Who's Who of Emerging Writers 2021 published by Sweetycat Press. Also available on Amazon. The Beacon Ezine, (Poetry). Spillwords (Poetry) Honor of Socialite of the year 2021. The Academy of the Heart and Mind, (Poetry and essay). Wink Writers in The Know Magazine & Blog (Essay and poetry). Journey of the Heart, (Poetry). Wildfire Publications LLC, Inc. (Poetry and articles). Grey Thoughts, (Essays, Poetry). The New Zealand Blog (Articles and poetry). She has also been found in numerous anthologies. You can find the links to all her published works at She currently authors articles for Wildfire Publications LLC quarterly Magazine. And is a Featured Contributor for BizCatalyst 360°. She has always had the desire to write and takes her work seriously. She has just recently become aggressive by submitting her work. She is pleased with her success!

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