Plenty Of Patience? Then Consider One Of These Careers

Patience truly is a virtue, and in fact, it’s an essential element to success in many careers. In particular, professions where you deal with the general public often need people that are very skilled in the art of patience. Therefore if your blood is slow to boil, and not much gets you riled up, why not consider one of the career options discussed below?


Working in education can be a disastrous choice for someone that doesn’t know how to be patient. Conversely, it can be a true vocation for a person that can remain calm, even in the face of stress.

Of course, there are many different types of roles and sectors to work in within the field of education. In fact, you can choose between teaching, or working as a member of support staff within a school. A role where you might need to assist the learners, or the teaching staff, and in some cases both.

You will also need to make a decision on which education sector to work in, the choice being elementary, middle, secondary, college, private and even further and higher education.  In particular, higher and further education jobs can be gratifying because the students have chosen to be there, something that means they are often better behaved and more motivated to learn.

However, this is not the only sector of education that can be enjoyable to work in. The key thing being to find the right environment and role fit for you as an individual.

Prison service

Another possibility for those that have a lot of patience is to work within the prison service. Once again many roles are available here,  with the most obvious one being a prison guard. However, parole officers, teachers, counselors, and other support workers are often needed within the prison service as well.

Of course, as you would expect for a job that needs a lot of patience, working with prisoners it’s not always an easy role to take on. In fact, within this area employees are likely to come across challenging behavior, and stressful situations on a regular basis.

However despite these challenges, many do report that working with prisoners is a rewarding and satisfying role. The reason being that you know that above all else you are really making a difference to the quality of their lives and to their prospects in the future as well.

Customer service

Customer service work is another field in which people that have ample patience can do well.  This is because dealing with customers on a regular basis, often ones that are unsatisfied with their experience in some way can be incredibly trying. What this means is people that can separate out a customer’s behavior from who they are as a person, and still provide them with excellent service and resolve their problem, are highly sought after.

Of course, many companies have detailed customer service training programs that attempt to school these skills into their employees. Yet, those with a natural aptitude for problem-solving and de-escalating will always be regarded as a valuable resource in this area.

Therefore, if you can calm people down, and want to help them solve their problems, a customer service role might be just the challenge that you are looking for.

Home caring

Lastly, while patience is not the only quality needed to be a capable home carer, it is certainly within the top three skills that are required. In fact, caring as a profession is often much underrated as it requires a considerable amount of patience, empathy, and effort, as well as a healthy dollop of respect for the person you are caring for.

Caring as a career can be incredibly varied as well, as you may have to tend to a person’s physical needs, help them around their house, and even provide emotional support too.

Also, just like any role where you work with people, there is no guarantee that the effort you put it will be well received by the individual you are caring for. In fact, sometimes people can end up taking out their frustration on you instead.

Of course, along with these challenges comes the great rewards of knowing that you have made a tangible difference in someone’s life. A person that would probably not be able to achieve that quality of life on their own, and wages can be relatively high compared to your level of expertise as well. Not a bad reward really, for a person that has enough patience to succeed in this type of role.

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