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There’s no tick tock on your electric clock but still your life runs down”

          –Halfway To Heaven (Harry Chapin)

HARRY HAD SUCH AN INCREDIBLE talent for putting words and music into his famed story songs. He touched our hearts, minds and inner souls with his music. Harry helped us “connect” with ourselves as well as the world that was spinning around us sometimes without us realizing it.

The tick tock you are hearing from your inner electric clock is sound of opportunities in danger of being lost. The famous line “it’s not what you know. It’s who you know” should be front and center in your minds’ eye as you look to the future. Who Do You Know? Who Have You Met Lately?

LinkedIn despite its infamous glitches, Lions, and spammers is the single most powerful networking toll you can use to build your career or business. Send out that invitation to connect! Accept that connect request if that person is indeed who their profile warrants them to be. Build your network! Use your network to build a bigger network. Network with your connections.

Why should we connect? We should connect as two is the double of one meaning twice the networking power. Twice the chance we can create a ‘yes we can’ network for mutual advantage. If I now know you and you now know me who of note can we get to who if not for LinkedIn we would have no chance of meeting.

You want to be a rider on Harry’s train to your own Forest Hills. Have you had your ticket punched by your interior career coach who is guiding you down the tracks to your goals? PLEASE send that invitation to you to connect with you. To connect with them to be a part of your career construction project.

Why should we connect? We should connect to be a drum beater or trumpeter in our respective bands. Our endorsements of each other matter as they give us clout. The bigger your network, the more endorsements you have to show what people think of your work. We should connect because it is the smart thing to do if either of you or us have yearnings for success.

A blindly sent CV will not move the hands on you career clock forward. Who are the people behind you to back you up? Please send me an invitation to connect. You are one click of the mouse away from being in a key networkers network. A network that can spring you forward while keeping you from falling back.

As the late poet, singer/songwriter put it “building all your links on the chain.” Links-LinkedIn, LinkedIn Network. All the pieces of the puzzle fit nicely if you let them. Please send me an invitation to connect. I want to join you on your ride and hope you will join me on my mind. In other words let’s connect and network!

And time waits for no one and it won’t wait for me – Time Waits For No One (The Rolling Stones). Time as these lyrics reinforce does not wait or hesitate to keep moving. As the hour hand, the minute hand and the seconds hand keep moving you need to move with them. Please send me an invitation to connect. Time is not on your side or my side.

Why then if we need each other to be in each others’ network should we not connect?


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
INDEPENDENT Executive Recruiting By Joel is an "up and coming" Executive Search Firm formed and headed up by Joel Elveson whose visionary ideas, leadership & creativity have brought to life a more "user-friendly" approach to recruiting. His clients and candidates form powerful strategic partnerships that we use to help you. Joel’s Firm offers Permanent, Temporary (case by case), & Temporary To Permanent staffing solutions for all of your Human Capital Requirements. Contract IT/Consultants are available if needed. Above and beyond they are experts (by way of their personal industry work experience) with mortgage, mortgage banking, middle-market banking, accounting, along with many others under the vast financial spectrum of disciplines. Their business goes beyond candidate recruiting as they also train, mentor and develop your internal recruiting staff with an eye towards helping you reduce the cost of hiring. They will also work in areas such as compensation, effective onboarding processes and alike. In other words, their business is to help your business by becoming an extension of you by filling in gaps that cause delay or waste. The recruiting methods employed by Joel’s team are time tested that results in a high rate of successful placements. Joel was trained in the art of recruiting by some of the top staffing industry executives in addition to the best recruiter trainers who to this day drive me to exceed the lofty goals he has set forth.


  1. I had to smile at your question, “Why then if we need each other to be in each others’ network should we not connect?” I went to LinkedIn and sent you an invitation to connect. I have no idea how I accumulated so many connections, but for some reason I have 1245. enJOY this day!

    • Jane, Thank you for inviting me to connect with you on LinkedIn. I have yet this morning to check the e-mail account where my LinkedIn invitations come to but rest assured I will accept your invitation and endorse your skills.



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