Pivoting Paths: 8 Best Jobs for a Drastic Career Change

Have your day-to-day work responsibilities left you craving the thrill of uncharted territory? Or are you simply ready to experience a different lifestyle for a while? No matter the reason for switching up your career, it is always good to assess your options before taking the plunge.

Fortunately, various careers perfectly suit someone who has become disenchanted with their original path. It’s not uncommon to want a bit of spice in your working life, so consider becoming a writer, event planner, or even a real estate agent to ease those workday blues.

A home caregiver

If you love working with people and appreciate a job with real-time rewards such as a big smile from a happy client, becoming a caregiver for those who struggle with daily tasks could be the next step for you. With the ability to perfect your secret family recipes and collect stories of wisdom from the older generation, long gone are the days of unfilling and monotonous clerical work.

To a homebody’s delight, you can work in a home environment as you help individuals in need with medication dosing, personal hygiene, and preparing meals. Senior caregiver jobs feature a more relaxed schedule and grant you the opportunity to connect with your socially deprived client, which can be an absolute dream after spending years coexisting with crabby bosses and overworked coworkers. For those natural nurturers and caregivers at heart, consider leaving your mind-numbing 9-to-5 behind for an opportunity to aid at-risk populations in your community


With a heavy dose of creative flair and a love for language, becoming a writer may seem like the natural choice for your next position. From digital blogs and emails to print media and newsletters, work for writers rarely runs dry. As a freelancer or staff writer, you could have the opportunity to refine a brand’s voice or explain a technical topic to the public. No matter your role, becoming a writer offers the flexibility to utilize your passion for communication while staying true to your voice.

Web developer

While becoming a web developer usually requires prior training in the form of a bachelor’s degree, it is a high-paying job with room to learn. Web developers commonly use programming code to create websites for a variety of clients. This creative, results-oriented opportunity involves overseeing the website’s user experience, design, and back-end performance. If you have a knack for puzzles, following an individual’s or business’ guidelines will excite any problem solver.


If your current occupation leaves you yearning for a greater connection to Mother Earth, becoming a landscaper or groundskeeper may be the answer. Not only does this career offer an opportunity to ground yourself in the grass all day, but it also provides an enriching opportunity to gift clients with a rejuvenating outdoor space or garden. This low-stress job is also confined to daylight hours, so kiss overtime obligations goodbye.

Event planner

The natural event planner counts down the days to once-in-a-lifetime occasions and milestone celebrations scribbled on their social calendar.  As an event planner, you could make those exciting events part of your everyday routine.

From business meetings to conventions and birthdays, an event planner brings polished pizazz to every activity under the sun. However, if you are interested in a specific niche, like corporate events or weddings, focus on that category to grow a devoted clientele and do what you do best more often.

Patient advocate

If you find joy in helping others, becoming a patient advocate may jumpstart your love for your career again. Patient advocates work on behalf of patients in hospitals or rehabilitation centers with insurance companies, family members, and other staff to ensure medical plans are utilized as effectively and safely as possible. For those with a medical or communications background, this job is a great option.


One of the best ways to hurl yourself out of a career crisis is to facilitate connections between highly-reviewed companies and prospective candidates grappling with a similar career rut. No matter the industry, recruiters are a vital part of any company structure. You can work freelance or for a specific organization to utilize your charming communication skills to corral top talent.

Real estate agent

Real estate is a great business to break into, as it is constantly growing. Real estate agents commonly liaise between property sellers and property buyers. Clients could range from a couple buying their first home to a big business looking to secure their new office space. No matter what specialty you choose, real estate has many certifications to work up to and grow your career on your terms.


Whether you’re bursting at the seams to find a new career or testing the waters to see if any new path jumps out at you, it’s always a good idea to educate yourself on what’s out there. From recruiting to landscaping, there’s a variety of jobs that will relieve your itch for the new and improved while building up your resume.

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