Can’t make this shit up. Due to Emperor Biden’s vaccine mandate, I was given an ultimatum by my employer to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or else risk my livelihood. Like countless millions of other citizens in this fine country, my feelings were torn. I don’t blame my employer for following orders. They are a global entity, and we work directly for the government. In their eyes, they are trying to keep people safe and reduce chances of litigation. They are also trying to maintain a positive working relationship with the government in order to keep business objectives in scope – I totally understand that.

You hear that Dr. Fauci? Are your ears tingling?

However, I am genuinely sympathetic to those who are skeptical and resistant to taking the vaccine. They are not the villain, no matter how hard the media or our radical government overlords try to portray them. In all walks of life, from firefighters and cops to medical workers and truckers, they are hard-working Americans who use their brains and intuition to determine what is right or wrong for their bodies. They don’t need Big Government idiots forcing their will and agenda down their throats. The real villains are those who fund criminal biological research in their Frankenstein labs, yet lie about it to the public with a friendly smile. You hear that Dr. Fauci? Are your ears tingling?

Conjecture aside, I basically had no choice in the matter. I have mouths to feed, so I finally scheduled my first appointment for the Moderna shot. What I didn’t expect was the slightly creepy experience I would have at the local Publix Supermarket. Upon arrival, a teenager distracted by her cellphone sat at a makeshift desk, oblivious to my appointment. I had to knock to get her attention away from Snapchat or Twitter or whatever mindless brainsuck she was engaged in. She took my insurance card and handed me a clipboard with some forms to fill out. I was then seated next to a door by the pharmacy.

Her answers remained vague and superficial.

Moments later, a pharmacy technician came out with a sealed Ziploc. Inside was the dreaded syringe. Perhaps I’m being a bit theatrical, but I really wasn’t happy with the situation. As she swabbed my arm, I asked her what possible symptoms I should expect from the shot – if any. She provided me with a litany of scenarios, ranging from mild headache and fatigue to full-blown feelings of Covid. Fair enough. I then asked her, should I experience severe Covid-like symptoms, is this transmissible to my family? This is a condition commonly known as shedding, in which a vaccinated recipient expels viral elements onto others. She had no idea what I was talking about and went back inside the pharmacy to “call someone above her paygrade” with my question. Her answers remained vague and superficial.

Next question. Where can I find a list of ingredients for this cocktail of chemicals? If the FDA demands that consumers can find ingredients on a simple box of Raisin Bran, then I should absolutely know what is in this needle you’re about to jab me with. She had no idea, but fortunately, she found the ingredients listed in the literature provided with my paperwork. Fair enough. It was alarming that she didn’t know where to look automatically after hundreds and hundreds of people who came in to receive the vaccination.

At no point was I rude, but I did offer an apology for making her feel uncomfortable. In turn, the pharmacy technician admitted that most people did not ask any questions… they just came in and took the jab. Mind you, I don’t like terms such as “Sheep” or “Covidiot” – that sort of language is dangerous and divisive – but what she confessed next really opened my eyes. She admitted that she herself had NOT taken the shot, was suspicious of it, and that she had known fully-vaccinated people who had still passed from Covid. I told her how comforting that was to hear (sarcastic wink).

Against my will and against my principles, I was forced by my government to receive a vaccination.

As the pinprick entered my shoulder, I began to feel like I was in an episode of Twilight Zone. I watched countless shoppers pass to and fro, most of whom were unmasked. I watched a random consumer place a dozen eggs in their shopping cart while antibodies gushed into my bloodstream. Against my will and against my principles, I was forced by my government to receive a vaccination. While I am truly not an anti-vaxxer, I received my shot from a nice lady who was equally reluctant ­– yet she herself was not yet forced to take that very same shot. How strange. How ironic.

I accepted the vaccine. I did my part, but not because I agree with my government. I accepted it so that I could continue earning a living, to continue shopping at this very same Publix location. I did it so I could feed my family. I had to forfeit my principles. Should I protest, it would compromise my future. I could lose my position. Worse, all other defense industry organizations in my region would unduly require the same proof of vaccination. I’d be a sitting duck. Could I have sought the religious or medical exemption? Perhaps – but this administration is prone to change rules and break constitutional laws at will. I wasn’t going to deprive my family because of these radical idealogues.

In fairness, I have known people who have passed from Covid. It is a tragedy. While I am not interested in conspiracy theories, this pandemic simply begs for it. Whether intentional or mere negligence, the release of Covid is nothing less than genocide, dare I whisper population control. I am not afraid to speak the truth. I will not shut my mouth about the lies perpetuated by government. I just received a serious medical vaccination from an unqualified Publix professional… in a public supermarket… in front of consumers. Never in a million years would I have dreamed of getting inoculated against a manmade biological disease and walk out with a box of spicy chicken wings. Seriously folks – can’t make this shit up.

Aaron Towle
Aaron Towlehttp://www.repdigest.com/
Aaron Towle is a Multimedia Artist living in Green Cove Springs, FL. He proudly served in the military as a journalist and now works as a developer in the Defense Contracting Industry. He is passionate about art, literature, and photography and looks to continue building his credentials as a professional writer. He currently produces an online publication called Reprehensible Digest, which explores the subtle dynamics between art and literature.


  1. First, I like your writing, Aaron, the “ramblings of your id and ego” as you wrote on your website.
    In my country (Croatia), from 15 November, the EU Digital COVID Certificate (serves as proof of vaccination, testing and recovery) will be mandatory for everyone working in public and government services.
    I work at the university. I was fully vaccinated by a qualified professional, and I understand your feelings when being vaccinated in a public supermarket and in front of consumers.
    As for being sceptical and resistant to taking the vaccine, I was also sceptical at first. The internet has allowed us more access to more information than ever before. Between all those rumours, speculation, propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories, spread by the media, it is extremely hard to find the missing pieces of information needed to form a logical opinion about the Covid issue. Even my critical thinking ability, which always helped me, was not enough.
    But I have chosen to believe in science. I have chosen to believe some scientists, educators, doctors, I know and trust. I do not believe in many vaccine myths.
    Many times, what people believe is true in their hearts and minds doesn’t have to be true. Many look for information that only confirms what they already believe.
    We all need to remember that what we think is right, what we strongly believe in – might be wrong. It applies to both of us, Aaron.
    It is hard to stay sane during these Covid times where finding truth in chaos is harder than ever before.

    • Thank you for your kind words Lada, and I agree with your points. In no way am I against anyone who willingly takes or supports the vaccine. I recognize their importance globally, not just for Covid, but for many other diseases as well. What I reject is being forced by a government that can’t seem to tell the truth about the origins of the disease. Being shamed and villainized simply for having legitimate questions and concerns is nothing less than divisive. Even worse, providing people with an ultimatum… take the shot or lose your job. This is not how loyal tax-paying citizens should be ever be treated. At the end of the day, I will be vaccinated, but only because I was forced. This article was my way of protesting the principle of coercion at the hands of government… the same government that allows hundreds of thousands of infected immigrants to enter our country unchecked for the same disease. People may not agree with my position, but we simply can’t have double-standards during a pandemic. It is an outrage. On a more positive note, I must say that Croatia is such a lovely country. I spent some time there in 1996 with the military, but always wanted to return as a tourist. I was quite young then, but remember the green rolling hills and Sava River during springtime… just beautiful. I have nothing but fond memories. Anyway, thanks again for your wise and thoughtful commentary. Please stay safe and enjoy your holidays my friend. 🇭🇷

      • Aaron, I forgot to add in my previous comment that I understand those who are against forced vaccination. My husband and I were vaccinated not because of coercion, but because my husband is diabetic.
        As of tomorrow, at my university, those without COVID certificates will be able to get tested, and if their test is negative, they will be able to enter the building. The testing (twice a week) is at the expense of the state budget.
        There are people who refuse to test as well. A few employees in the largest hospital in Croatia, without COVID certificate, have been fired after refusing to be regularly tested twice a week.

        I’m so glad that you are familiar with my part of the world. Croatia is a lovely country indeed – a small country for a great vacation. :)
        Stay safe, my friend. See you soon in a comment thread. :)

  2. Hi, Aaron.
    I absolutely agree that any time we (including you and I) ridicule another, including someone simply doing her/his job, we’ve stepped over the line. Opinions are like orifices, we all have lots of them. And we do, with some thinking, understand that they are not facts, though they may feel such.

    • You are 100% correct Mac, we all have opinions and different perceptions of truth… and I will always exercise my constitutional rights to express my view. Perhaps one day they will attempt to take that away too, nothing really surprises me anymore. Best regards.

  3. Wow, Aaron, just wow…. I can only imagine the plethora of perturbations you’ve gone through, even with the acquiescence to your employer. I get it. I worked for an aerospace company in my 20s that, thankfully, life events took me elsewhere. Facing these kinds of decisions and perversions of will, against our own, is a travesty in our world today. True, we need to have compassion for those unwilling to just cut bait and move one, especially when families are dependent upon you. What we can do remains a mystery, still, mostly because not enough people have come together and forced the issue. Will they? Based on the complacency I’ve seen… doubtful. However, I remain hopeful and encouraging of such activity done appropriately and through the channels that are actually effective. Swapping out the politicians is the first order of business and I’m just not sure that the corporate financial hold on them can be broken. We do need to somehow switch the agenda from profit over people and planet to people and planet over profit. That, unfortunately, would affect the defense industry and an entire economy built on it. Can we? Will we? Patience and time… YES!

    • I appreciate your perspective Zen. The most important thing you mentioned was “swapping out politicians” – I would wholeheartedly agree, but it seems both sides are useless and unwilling to compromise. Most politicians are simply in it for their own best interests, voters be damned. Seems there are countless issues in which we all dance on pins and needles. Every good crisis is exploited for ratings, profit and power. Most of us simply want to do our jobs and to be left alone, yet all we hear is wall-to-wall negativity on the news, on social media, and from our elected officials. I guess misery loves company, because regardless of which side of the fence, we all tune in and continue to fuel their machinery. We get angry and divide from the trenches, when the real source of discord and anxiety permeates from our government bureaus. Frankly, I hope society doesn’t run out of compassion, because that is the only thing keeping us glued together right now… barely. We have all lost something in this pandemic. Best we can do is work together and not lose our sense of moral decency. It’s not easy!

  4. Bravo!! Excellent article.

    I submit there is more to explore based on your brilliant observation surrounding vaccine delivery. Something about injecting a controversial viral cocktail into skeptical and reluctant humans inside a public building that sells food to hundreds, if not thousands, of people a day seems newsworthy. Startling imagery that can’t be unseen.

    Feels like a Monty Python medieval village scene,
    where everything and everyone occupies the “same cramped spaces” inside dirty, musty make-shift dwellings. Where it is easy to find dung, dogs and natural plague prevention potions in the same aisle.

    Unless of course, one is privileged or elite. Such folks, destined to scurry around drafty old castles or hide in plain sight inside gold-laden ornate Churches, magically know nothing of the life of a commoner. They are surely ignorant of the dangers of co-mingling of poo and medicine, superstition and healing.

    Luckily, these same elite knew enough to protect the masses from knowing Their Secrets. A simple message for a simple people: Just do as you are told, tithe all your money, pay extra for removal of all sins, fight when commanded and accept the powerful and unintelligible sounds of the Latin mass. You will be saved, if you just go along with the plan. Details are not important.

    Fast forward to a new era, where a Democratic republic protects the people, all the people. Here we find a slightly more complex message for a mostly literate, productive people: Quiet down folks. No thinking or questions necessary. Details remain irrelevant. Stay off Telegram and message boards. Remember: Follow the plan. Eat some cake-like snacks. Don’t forget to pick the cakes with the farthest shelf life; they have the best preservatives. I hear chocolate is to die for.

    Where is that Trojan horse now? Does the vax lead to health? Does it “truly” prevent death? Do manufactured food products relate to the cancer epidemic? Do they “truly” make us healthier! Why don’t facts support any narrative anymore?

    I look forward to your next travel journal installment. You have captured well our “new”, strangely familiar, moral dilemma: Accept the unknown and you may eat. Defy the authorities and prepare to suffer and die.

    Stand tall! Speak truth. Travel safe.

    I believe a new Reformation is just over the horizon. The dark energy needs to go.

    The people know. We all know!

    • Thank you for the response my friend, and I agree there is a bizarre Monty Python quality to this worldwide pandemic. I recall the scene from Holy Grail where the royal guards were callously tossing plague victims on a cart, yet one old man kept repeating “I’m not dead yet. I feel happy…” Not to make light of a grim situation, it is truly strange they would choose to administer pandemic injections inside of a public supermarket. It seems like such a conflict of interest, and I would personally feel much more comfortable working this out in private with my healthcare provider. Such are the times we live in – a genuine parody of reality. Either way I hope you are staying healthy and doing your part to avoid the train of elitist ignorance. Kindest regards always…

  5. I don’t know how old you are but chances are you;ere a lot younger than me. I have been vaccinated for everything there were vaccines for up here in Canada. And I honestly cannot recall any sort of anti-vaccine movements.
    I think that a lot of people in your country have become overly fearful of big government and mistrustful of science and medicine. In Canada, we have had a relatively small anti-vaxx movement. But in two weeks from now, we will be pretty much back to normal. The anti-vaxx movement and the number of cases and deaths among the unvaccinated is extremely high. That should tell you all you need to know about the effectiveness of the vaccine, and the risks of not being vaccinated. But if you’re going to get on the personal rights bandwagon, there will always be a reason to refuse to be vaccinated. The nature of this virus is such that no-one is really safe until it’s completely eradicated. But the vaccinated have a much better chance of living through the infection. And the unvaccinated, in my opinion, are showing a certain disregard for others in their society. Whatever happened to, we are all in this together?

    • Thanks for your insight Jim, greatly appreciated. For clarity, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I understand that the greater population benefits, not just for Covid, but for various other diseases ranging from common flu and measles to mumps and rubella. In regards to “we are all in this together” – in the U.S. our very own government is shaming those who remain skeptical. My son was vaccinated as an infant and he suffered a severe medical reaction, to which we are still dealing with some ten years later. I am naturally suspicious of anything forced upon society without question, but that’s just me. I am also suspicious of any government that coerces citizens by dangling their paycheck or livelihood on a string. So I defer to our divisive elected officials on why we are not globally united. I am all for people getting their shots if they are comfortable with the situation. The truth is that they create far worse devils than Covid in medical laboratories across the globe. The next time something gets out – accidental or intentional – what lies will they tell? What measures will they take to control their citizens? Not disagreeing with your points, but I would like to think that I am in charge of my physical DNA – not some crapshoot government bureau. Kindest regards sir…

  6. Aaron: Millions of Americans are facing the reality of having to compromise their principles and even religious beliefs to keep their jobs and feed their families. A giant powerful govenment is manipulating the population by force and ignoring the genocide they are creating. Fortunately the current mandates do not directly impact us. If their reach does extend to us at some point we sill simply leave the country. However, I understand that not everyone is in a position to do that.

    • Thanks for your input Ken. It is true what you say, not all of us are in a position to leave the country. In fact, it is grossly disturbing how American citizens are berated and shamed for even questioning the mandate, yet scores of illegal immigrants are crossing the border unchecked with Covid – and then relocated to sanctuary cities across the country. To say the disease has been politicized is an understatement. It has been weaponized to further altar the chemistry and voting base of our nation. And to be fair, had it been Trump mandating this vaccine, I would have been equally disgusted. Once you peel back the layers, all of these elitists are all the same shameless animal. They continue to take and manipulate until there is nothing left for anyone… Best regards always my friend.

  7. Aaron, the synchronistic timing of everything will never cease to amaze me.

    To make a long, astounding story very short, Anne and I have just encountered a situation in the homeowner’s association in which we live that makes us feel like protagonists in a Kafka novel or Jonathan Pryce’s character in the Terry Gilliam film, Brazil. And it strikes us that the situation in our community is a smaller representation of what’s going on in the country: The monolithic bureaucracy has grown up around us, allowing us to believe the charade that we’re free and autonomous. But every charade must end. And when it does, the Big Hammer comes down.

    As Ebenezer Scrooge asks the Spirit of Christmas Future, “What perversity is this?” It’s the one we asked for with our blithe complacency. And if we don’t take it upon ourselves to turn the tide, we can’t point fingers when we find ourselves drowning.

    Out of sight is not out of mind, my friend. I’m happy to know you’re still alive and kicking like a mule.

    • Always great to hear from you Mark, it has been quite some time. Agree on all points, it is far past time for the Big Hammer to come down. Unfortunately the politicians on the right still lack the fortitude and courage to take a stand. All I hear is hemming and hawing from our duly elected officials, yet nothing ever gets done while they strip away every fabric of justice. They will not stop until the constitution is permanently burned, buried and forgotten – even if they have to weaponize a global pandemic to see their agenda through. Employers now demand proof of vaccination… so be it… but once they start demanding “family members” must also be proven, then I will start raising hell. At a certain point in history, the oppressed citizens of France finally revolted against a tyrannical king. I predict a similar future coming soon to a free country near you…

  8. Hey Aaron. Thank you so much for sharing this experience and your questions and discomfort with the dissonance that’s so prevalent. It is a depopulation agenda in motion for quite a while, and I’m grateful that I have not been faced with that choice. My heart goes to you and your family that you may stay safe and sane during these wild transitional times. Personally I will not be putting that in my body and I’m grateful that I’ve not been put up against the choice yet to maintain our basic needs. PS: Fauci has no empathy I don’t think he’s aware of why people would be so upset by his choices. I don’t think his ears ring cuz I don’t think he can feel anything – anywhere 😛🤣😲

    • Thank you for your kind words Wendy, and I pray you are never forced with the same ultimatum. The choice should certainly be yours and no person should ever be ridiculed for their beliefs, yet that is becoming the norm in America – a behavior often facilitated through toxic social media channels. Seems that yesterday’s heroes are now fired and tossed out like trash. It reminds me of our brave law enforcement officers who charged into burning buildings to save lives during 911 – now they are defunded and labeled as racists. As stated, I am not an anti-vaxxer – each person should decide for themselves based on private consultation with their primary healthcare physician. This mandate is simply another instance of Big Government tyranny and the desecration of our constitutional rights. At a certain point people must start speaking up and sharing their stories, which is why I wrote this article. I still can’t believe something so grim and seemingly important was handled in the confines of a grocery store in front of unmasked patrons. It makes zero sense… to inject elements of a viral antibody in the same place where consumers are purchasing goods. It’s so bizarre. You’d think privacy would be paramount during a global pandemic, but what do I know – I’m just another petty taxpayer… Kindest blessings my friend, always keep the faith.