Pester, Fester, BOOM!

As you know, the year 2020 will be here any minute now. It is kind of a big deal. Decade years always are, but what I love about the year, 2020, is the double-entendre: it implies 20/20 vision, too.

What do you see for yourself? What is your 20/20 vision for celebrating the New Year? Maybe all you know is that you don’t know. Trite but true:

I don’t know” is the beginning of new possibilities.

Maybe all you know is what you don’t want, eh? That has tremendous value, too, because it is still, in effect, knowing what you do want: not that.

So now what, right?

“Pester, Fester, Boom!” – the syndrome of ignoring that nagging feeling; pushing it aside like an annoying child at your apron strings; finding peace but far less often these days…

“Pester, Fester, Boom!” is pushing ‘it’ down far enough out of sight only to find that it festers out the sides of your life, the pressure eventually giving way to ‘BOOM!

There is never a convenient time for “BOOM!”, is there?

That nagging feeling can be satiated but only when you move toward the thing that calls to you. It is your next “what” in life. Stay focused on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ makes itself known.

That’s why you are reading this, of course. Hopefully, you’ve embraced the idea that just 1% can make all the difference for you. This new year could be the year that you and others around you seek to UNtie ‘cement shoes’ to get up in that ‘hot air balloon’.

Untie cement shoes? What the #*&^ does that mean?

It looks like removing rocks from socks & boulders from your shoulders; dropping the 70lb. bag of bricks on the roadside and enlightening your load.

How to Make 2020 Different? Well, you cannot redo the past but you can rewrite the next chapter. Pay attention to where you are in the Pester, Fester, Boom process. It’s time to make the rest of your life the best of your life, and it shouldn’t take the rest of your life to do it! Decide now so you won’t feel forced to pay attention, later.


Lonnee Rey
Lonnee Rey
Pippi Longstocking met Dr. Wayne Dyer and Held Hands with Steve Harvey. It’s been no ordinary life, by design. Professional Tumbleweed, Lonnee Rey, has traversed some rocky territory and returned with a lantern to help those who fumble, stumble and mumble through life, to find their voice and confidently express themselves with originality and flair. As a podcast guest and interview trainer, she helps ‘Nervous Nelly’ types to step-up to the global microphone with confidence. You know the ones: people with rare talents, (or no talent for marketing) and a story that begs to be told? Authors, coaches, niche market mavens, and metaphysical types all need the same thing: an easier way to establish their authority with their story. They just don’t know-how, yet. You could say this coach, mentor and muse was born to encourage the outliers to become infielders and mentor them on how to #sayitforward. Lonne is a creative, whose tagline, “you need to have an angle if you want to have an edge” is the core of working with her: expansion. More options are always a good thing. It means more money, fun and Kodak moments. A six-time show host, voice-over talent, and TV/film production junkie, she was featured on Tyra Banks (to do a live HIV test, no less) and Steve Harvey. “Mid-life My Ass” is her most recent podcast. A unique solo venture into philosophy, Lonnee brings humor & wisdom that worked for her. Additionally, she hosts “Bold Movers & Shakers” and “Poke the Podcasters,” just for kicks. She has become the person she dreaded, muttering aloud in public. Fortunately, she doesn’t really give a damn. Mostly.

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