Perfect Holiday Gifts… Affordable & The Right Size

heart+book-book reviewDo you have people on your holiday shopping list who are the hardest to buy a gift for, because they have everything already? Do you have a hard time thinking of anything to get them and end up looking for days or weeks for something they might enjoy or need?

Whether eBooks or actual printed, books are the perfect holiday gift. They are affordable, always the right size, and something everyone enjoys receiving. It’s fun to have a good book to curl up and relax with or one to read for useful information to help you in a way you need.

As you know from being a WVM reader, our writers are the best, and we have a varied and unique list of topics… something for everyone! Many of the WVM Columnists are also popular book authors. Some of their books will make you laugh, some will make you look at life in a totally new way, some will impart valuable information, and some will let you get lost in the story. All will inspire you!

Check out the WVM list of great reads that will make fun, thoughtful gifts for those on your holiday list!


Driving Lessons For Life by Jim R. Jacobs, LCSW

Driving Lessons for Life is a collection of short and inspiring stories about change, self-improvement, leadership, and becoming a better person. It is about strengthening individuals, marriages, families, the workplace, and all of our relationships. Author Jim R. Jacobs takes the common experiences of car drivers and applies them to our daily lives, asking readers to rev up their hearts and minds to achieve a smoother ride, whether you’re already sailing along with your cruise control on or maneuvering life’s potholes.

Filled with car metaphors, hot rod memories, deep insights, and rear-view mirror humor, this book will teach you what your driving instructor never did, from what not to do in the car wash to the history behind giving someone the bird. Best of all, the car metaphors will make you recall the lessons in these pages every time you get in a vehicle and drive down the road. Because cars are an integral part of our daily life, those frequent reminders will result in lasting change. You’ll drive more safely, appreciate others more, experience less road rage, and take more time to sing in the car. The joy ride awaits you on the first page.  BUY HERE

WVM Book 1 Lori Hobson Cover ImageMomma Sayings and Life Reflections by Dr. Lori Hobson

Momma Sayings and Life Reflections puts a new twist on Life’s Little Instruction Book. Dr. Lori takes everyday witticisms shared by her family members (and those of others) and combines them in a way that entertains and educates. She uses her expertise as a Counselor, Life Coach, and Trainer to teach very valuable life lessons. Her witty and genuine style of storytelling will take you from laughter to tears and back again.  BUY HERE

gpbookfrontcover-final2Not Ready For Granny Panties – The 11 Commandments for Avoiding Granny Panties by Mary Fran Bontempo

Granny Panties are as much a state of mind as a giant pair of unmentionables. And no woman is safe from getting stuck. In Not Ready for Granny Panties-The 11 Commandments for Avoiding Granny Panties, Mary Fran Bontempo shows women how to reclaim and redefine their lives on a hilarious ride that’s equal parts inspiration and fun! (Look inside at!) BUY HERE

WVM mary fran DirtyWords Cover

The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words by Mary Fran Bontempo

We women talk—a lot. Yet, the words that take others to their happy place often make us miserable. Words like “vacation,” “change,” and “balance” can leave us breathing into a paper bag with our heads between our knees. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join Mary Fran Bontempo and The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words and redefine the “dirty words” that make women cringe. You’ll laugh, clean up your self-talk, and trim your “dirty words” list down to size! (Look inside at!) BUY HERE

Libby Hellman Havana LostHavana Lost by Libby Fischer Hellmann

A historical thriller that spans three generations of the same Mafia family beginning in Havana during the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power. It also tracks the rise of a female Mafia boss through the years. A thriller set largely in Cuba that spans three generations of the same family. BUY HERE[su_spacer]

A Bitter Veil by Libby Fischer HellmannA Bitter Veil by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Anna Schroder meets and falls in love with Nouri Samedi, an Iranian engineering student who’s at university in Chicago. They marry and move to Tehran. Four months later, the shah is deposed and Ayatollah Khomeini in in power. A literary thriller, A Bitter Veil is the story of Anna’s life in Iran as it moves from luxurious, to tolerable, to unacceptable, and how she comes (or doesn’t) to terms with it. BUY HERE

nobodyschild-final small copyNobody’s Child by Libby Fischer Hellman

Chicago PI Georgia Davis discovers she has a half-sister she didn’t know about, and that sister is in big trouble. Join Georgia as she tries to extricate her sister from a ring of sex traffickers and baby farms, and comes up against an old enemy in the process. Publishers Weekly describes it as “Thrilling… Hellmann ratchets up the suspense with every page.” BUY HERE

WVM Arlene Switzer Flynn Book CoverBuzzard’s Glory by Arlene Switzer Flynn

Author of Buzzard’s Glory, the novel. Arlene has gone to the old and beautiful Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia to tell you the breathtaking story of Ursula. Hear Ursula’s words and see through her eyes as she weaves in and out of poignant difficulties and humorous trepidations that drive her to build her own moral compass by observing the people that float in and out of her life. BUY HERE

rebecca-lacy-leadership-in-wonderland-bookLeadership in Wonderland by Rebecca Lacy and Susan Goldberg

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an executive for a major corporation, a pastor of a church or president of the local PTA, becoming a better leader is a journey – often a bumpy one, at that. Join Alice on an adventure to explore valuable lessons in areas such as communication, vision,  building trust and overcoming self-doubt. The book approaches a serious subject in a fun and unique way, and the workbook makes the learning experience personal. To read the first chapter and buy the book, please visit our website. BUY HERE

WVM Louisa Grave Book CoverAge-Proof: Beauty Alternatives You Need to Know by Louisa Graves

Discover the key elements of age-proofing within this concise, doctor-recommended guide. The regimens, products and beauty tips suggested are scientifically proven and accessible. Best of all, they are affordable. The author reveals how to: detoxify and rejuvenate your body * age-proof your skin * address challenging head to toe beauty concerns * instantly halt stress * help balance hormones * uplift your mood * enjoy uninterrupted sleep * boost brain power * banish brain fog * conquer cravings for carbohydrates * utilize powerful, safe- age-defying supplements * build bone density and firm muscles in just 10 minutes a day * reverse constipation * ignite fat-burning * stop thinning hair * make your own beauty recipes and low-glycemic snacks and meals * identify toxic skin care and home use products * make your own safe household cleaners, and much more. BUY HERE

Monica Hagen Fit_Fueled_and_50_Cover_for_KindleFit, Fueled and 50 by Monica Hagen, M.A.

As we age, many of us find that what we were racing toward was not where we wanted to go. What is important to you? Where are you headed? How can you get there?

Using science mixed with practical advice, Fit, Fueled and 50 guides you to new awareness and priorities that help pave the way to active, empowered years, even if you’ve “let yourself go.”By focusing on increasing health and fitness through lifestyle adjustments, delicious whole foods, mindful practices, and engaging activities, you can say goodbye to “working out” and dieting. Some senior athletes achieve the best performances of their lives in their later years–let their experiences help you explore your authentic life by eliminating the struggle and instead enjoying your days. BUY HERE

Angela Schaefers - Your Story MattersYour Story Matters You Matter A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story by Angela Schaefers

Each of our stories matter. Not just the good part of our story, not just the happy fairytale endings, but the good, the bad and the ugly! Why, you may ask, would the divorce you went through, the abortion you had, the abuse you endured or other life challenges matter? Because, life matters. Every bit of it is a learning opportunity. BUY HERE

Kat Kanavos book - CancerlandSurviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing by Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos

This book is profound and terrifying, yet it is humorous and uplifting too.  Surviving Cancerland explores a life-and-death battle with breast cancer diagnosed through dreams, whose power helped save the author’s life via their crucial insights.  Cancerland gives a spiritual twist to the compelling New York Times bestseller Always Alice. BUY HERE

WVM Book 2 Lori Hobson Cover ImageSet Yourself Free: A 30-Day Planner for Improving Your Most Important Life Areas by Dr. Lori Hobson

Desc – The Set Yourself Free 30-Day Planner is designed for people who need a little motivation along with their daily schedules. For each day, you will find inspirational quotes from Dr. Lori as well as a number of amazing people whose names you will recognize. It brings the practical and the emotional together in a holistic way.   You will be able to use Set Yourself Free to look over your life, determine your level of satisfaction and focus on the things you would like to improve.  BUY HERE

Megan Cyrulewski - Who Are You WVM Book CoverWho Am I? How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again by Megan Cyrulewski

“Who Am I? How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again” is a deeply personal, blisteringly honest autobiography that doesn’t pull its punches, and at the same time is a compelling read.  She tells her story clearly and cleanly, with little in the way of artistic embellishment. What shines through is the heart of this woman, her fierce determination and her uncompromising love for her daughter.  Sadly, domestic abuse, postnatal depression and acute anxiety attacks are not uncommon. Megan has shared her personal story as a message of hope and courage, and a heads-up to us all to be aware, and to support anyone finding themselves in a similar situation. BUY HERE

 27 Flavors27 Flavors of Fulfillment by Cristina Smith & Darity Wesley, Contributing Authors

In this compelling look at life, 27 expert authors share their deepest insights and vast wisdom on what it means to live a fulfilling life. Packed with real world examples and personal stories, this book shows a way to solve the problems of inner conflict, depression, career, relationships, and health crises. Each chapter shares a new viewpoint on how it’s possible to live an abundant, healthy, happy, and meaningful life, no matter the circumstances. BUY HERE

Layne Dalfen - Dreams Do Come TrueDreams Do Come True by Layne Dalfen

Layne Dalfen teaches a step by step, easy to understand, and down to earth method on how to decode those strange images that come to us at night in her five-step process described in her book titled, Dreams Do Come True: Decoding Your dreams to Discover Your Full Potential. Discover how to use your dreams to help you problem-solve current issues in your life. BUY HER

Dying to Live jpg front coverDying to LIVE: Near-Death Experiences (NDE) by Monica Hagen M.A.

Join Sharon Lund and others as they bring to light the peace, connection, and immense love felt upon death, and show us how to use this information to improve our lives. Through death, life takes on new meaning, connecting us to the present moment, free from fear of that final breath on the planet. BUY HERE

There is More book coverThere Is More . . . 18 Near-Death Experiences by Sharon Lund and Monica Hagen BUY HERE[su_spacer]


wvm-cristina-book-coverThe Tao of Sudoku- Yoga for the Brain by Cristina Smith

Both a profound philosophy and fun puzzle book, The Tao of Sudoku is yoga for the brain that stretches your mind, nourishes your soul and touches your heart. The 100 easy to intermediate puzzles to help you stay sharp come with an inspiring quote, making every page both a challenge to be solved and a meditation for self-realization.  BUY HERE[su_spacer]

Laura Mayer book - Unlocking the Invisible Child

Unlocking the Invisible Child by Laura Mayer

Unlocking the Invisible Child reveals the key to self-healing of mind, body and spirit through the grace and gratitude of the all-knowing, compassionate child within.  “Unlocking the Invisible Child contains some universal truths which can help us all to achieve our potential to heal our wounds, nourish our lives and induce self healing of body, mind and spirit.”  Bernie Siegel, MD, author of A Book of Miracles. BUY HERE

Female Fusion by Stacey RowcliffeFemale Fusion by Stacey A. Rowcliffe

Inspirational REAL stories about REAL women from different generations and cultures who have gone through adversity and decided to use it to shine their light that much brighter on this world.  This book seeks to tear down those negative walls that women learn to put up around each other and replace them with bridges of acceptance, hope and love.

Take the first steps of true understanding and awareness through the sharing of stories from women of the bible, famous women and common everyday women.  This book hopes to 1) teach women to believe in self, 2) support each other, and 3) maintain a faith in something bigger than self.  In the end, we are all just Different Flowers from the Same Garden. BUY HERE – Paperback: Xulon Amazon, eBooks: Amazon KindleNookiBooks Part of the proceeds will be donated to Dove’s Foundation for Self-Esteem.

WVM Caprice Smith Book CoverUncuffed – Behind My Smile by Caprice Smith

Caprice is a powerhouse…she’s an author, award-winning business owner, and a 20-year seasoned police detective.  Uncuffed~Behind My Smile tells her own story of survival as a victim of child abuse, dating violence, and domestic violence. As a police detective, she has investigated hundreds of cases involving rapes, sexual assaults, and domestic violence. BUY HERE

WVM caprice women in business book copy

Keys to Living Uncuffed – Women In Business  by Caprice Smith

A book designed to help women in business to achieve success and happiness by utilizing keys shared by The Uncuffed Living Expert and a group of women including police officers, nurses, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.  BUY HERE[su_spacer]

 StopPeeingCvr3DStop Peeing on Your Shoes by Julie Bauke

Career Strategist Julie Bauke’s experience working with thousands of professionals taught her that really smart, accomplished people make the same mistakes over and over again as they seek out their next opportunities. Why? They were never taught exactly HOW to find a job. BUY HERE[su_spacer]

Dr Lang Stepping Stones s260x420Stepping Stones to Success by Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang

Dr. Jacqueline Lang, is joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in both life and careers. BUY HERE – Website Amazon[su_spacer]

Build Your A Game, Be Seen – Be Heard – Be Remembered by Carole Sacino

Build Your A Game, Be Seen—Be Heard—Be Remembered connects readers with the idea of taking the reins to bring forth their best selves in life, work and relationships. Create/recreate your awareness, authenticity, alliances, affluence, how you advocate and activate it–your personal A game. BUY HERE – Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers

WVM Book Cover Rick ItzkowichGIVE: 16 Giving Strategies To Grow Your Business, Increase Sales and Network More Effectively by Sam Rathling & contributing authors Beth Misner, Julia Foerster, Iain Whyte and Rick Itzkowich

Written for business owners and entrepreneurs looking for new ways to grow their business, this book will re-shape and shift your mindset regarding your goal-setting, relationship building, networking, and sales pipeline.  It shares keys to unlocking more business opportunities without spending money on advertising, marketing, or staff.  BUY HERE

WVM Book 1 Sylvia Lafair

Don’t Bring It To Work by Dr. Sylvia Lafair

How you can get to the bottom of workplace behaviors that simply don’t work for you or your organization? Winner of 9 book awards, this book explores what happens when patterns originally created to cope with family conflicts are unleashed in the workplace? This groundbreaking book draws on the success of Sylvia Lafair’s Pattern Aware program Total Leadership Connections™. Throughout the book she shows how to break the cycle of pattern repetition and offers the tools that can turn unhealthy family baggage into creative energy that will foster better workplace associations and career success.  BUY HERE – Amazon 

Pattern Aware Success Guide (Companion to Don’t Bring It to Work) BUY HERE – Amazon

WVM Book 2 Sylvia Lafair

GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change  by Dr. Sylvia Lafair

It’s GOOD to be GUTSY! This is a great book to get you started on your path to being GUTSY! You’ll learn to observe and understand behaviors that have stood in the way of true collaboration and transform into the world of outstanding partnership. From exploring models of being GUTSY to what it means to have a pink or blue blanket, this entertaining book will give you the puzzle pieces to build a GUTSY You!  BUY HERE – Amazon

GUTSY Success Guidebook (Companion to GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change) BUY HERE – Amazon

WVM Book 3 Sylvia Lafair

UNIQUE: How Story Sparks Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement by Dr. Sylvia Lafair

Book Desc – We are all UNIQUE and connected. This book helps you find your story, your place as a leader. Stories teach us about courage, creativity, compassion, and collaboration. Once you learn to tell your story, you develop a personal brand that puts you head and shoulders above your peers, and it will help you impassion your team and create positive and authentic working relationships.  BUY HERE – Amazon


Assertiveness by Suzanne Potts

‘You don’t have to be pushy to get what you want. There are simple ways to assert yourself that will make you happier, healthier and more successful. Packed with practical tools and techniques for dealing with a whole host of situations at work and in your personal life – a great read!’ BUY HERE

Mary Occhino - Beyond These Four WallsBeyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium by MaryRose Occhino

This is MaryRose’s own inspiring true story, from the recognition of her gifts as a child, to their nurturing by her mother and grandmother, to her current standing as an extraordinary psychic-medium who uses her abilities to help us see beyond the walls, and beyond the limits. BUY HERE – AmazoniTunesKindle

Mary Occhino - The Sign of the DoveSign of the Dove, MaryRose’s Messages From the Other Side by MaryRose Occhino

A revealing book that offers readers new insights into recognizing, accepting, deciphering, and surrendering to the psychic signs and symbols in their own lives. Mary also stresses the importance of listening to-and gleaning lessons from dreams, and revealing what can be done to make them come true, whether it’s choosing the right life partner or the right job, or finding true purpose in life. BUY HERE – AmazoniTunesKindle

Mary Occhino - Awakened InstinctsAwakened Instincts: Seven Keys for Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life by MaryRose Occhino

Mary’s third book, “Awakened Instincts: Seven Keys for Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life,” written with Mary’s daughter, Jacqueline Sullivan, is a guide to inner healing and spiritual development. BUY HERE – AmazoniTunesKindle

WVM Kristin Rader CD Cover 1I AM Yours CD by Kristin Rader

I Am Yours is an intimate and worshipful compilation that will touch your heart, renew your spirit, and leave you encouraged. “I Am Yours iTunes Link Coming Soon” FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD


WVM Kristin Rader CD Cover 2Undeniably You CD by Kristin Rader

With a mix of Pop and Contemporary Christian Music, Undeniably You is an upbeat, inspirational album that will not only entertain, but help lead to a deeper relationship with God. iTUNES LINKFREE MUSIC DOWNLOA

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from WVM. Enjoy!


Brenda Krueger Huffman
Brenda Krueger Huffman
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