We, humans, wish for peace. It was an epidemic and then now the war. Both are BIG disturbances that disturb the peace. Departure from disturbance is the Peace, which implies things are in order. There may not be a method to eliminate the disturbance or perturbations’ from the peace. However, it is the amplitude of perturbations that decides how much disturbance it creates.

It is like a stone thrown in quiet water, the bigger the stone the bigger the impact or disturbance.

Second is the dynamic nature of disturbance like a wave. So, apart from amplitude, the wave has a frequency too. The frequency also plays a vital role in deciding how much away we have moved from the mean position or peace. The Behaviours of a boat at sea will be influenced by the state of the Sea. Peace will prevail on the boat if the Seas are calm.

Let’s see our body which may be static but the mind is dynamic & hence mind cannot be bound to a point but it wonders. So, to feel peaceful we need to control our minds within certain bounds. Thus we can create peace within our body, which may radiate peace and influence peace in the surrounding area around us. The range of control or radius of action is the measure of our peace. The greater the radius the higher the power of peace. That’s the power of self-control, the higher it is the more is the radiation to the surrounding

The three vital factors which need to be controlled to institute self-control:

  1. Desire,
  2. Greed &
  3. Anger

So, it is extremely important to invoke peace. Let’s join in.


Vinod Dahake
Vinod Dahake
Vinod Dahake spanned his career of four decades in Research & Development, Engineering & leadership. The primary focus of development was Mechanical and its applications for agriculture & bioenergy resources. Collaborative development was stressed as a modern product called for contributions from different expert groups. Agriculture equipment development circles around the plant and hence basic understanding is of prime importance. Critical understanding of systems engineering & design principles and automation (including computer applications like CAD & CAM) has played a decisive role and as a result, a small team could conceive Product development, testing, and Technology transfer. The due importance was always attributed to the Human element in the backdrop of science and technology. The collaborative working from diverse workgroups needed to understand work culture, practices, and communication styles. Presently leads a simple retired life and devotes his time to understanding people from diverse fields. A Hobby gardener, who takes every opportunity to support birds, An explorer & traveller, who enjoys learning from nature and local traditions & culture, Being a sports lover keen to highlight on learning from sports field with reference to human behaviour, and strategic planning. A Mechanical engineer with a PG in Aerospace engineering from the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

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  1. It is common opinion that the current one is the longest period of peace in human history; in reality, globally, the number of ongoing conflicts is still sadly conspicuous. Most of these crisis situations are concentrated in the so-called developing countries, often returning from long decades of colonial domination and oppressed by dictatorships, corruption, economic exploitation. These are mostly internal conflicts within individual countries, in which ethnic, religious and political factions are fighting; often, however, the real reasons for the conflict are much deeper than the proximate causes that generate the explosion of violence.
    Most of these critical situations are “forgotten”, the necessary attention is not given to the media or the international community.
    The very sad Ukrainian story is followed because it is in the heart of Europe, it finds no reason other than the greed for arrogant power of the strongest towards the weakest: in short, pure bullying, but with dramatic consequences for too many.
    Faced with the inertia of the institutions, then, we citizens must take the field: It is right that we consider ourselves active subjects, and not passive ones, not mere public opinion, but active citizenship, and that we ask, that we demand that more attention be given to these issues.

  2. I think this is your first post on BIZCATALYST, Vinod. If right, then I welcome you to the tribe. I want also to thank my friend Dennis Pitocco for inviting great writers like you to this platform.

    Your post is amazingly well written. Your analogies are focused and to the point.
    It is also amazing that the post coincides with my new draft of a post for BIZCATALTST on closing the tap of thoughts. Thoughts are like the waves you described and are successive and increase with the wind. Can me put our minds on vacation if the wind is high and the surrounding water is running fast?

    So, your recommendations that this is possible if we control what agitates water (desire, greed and anger). So interesting thoughts to consider.