Pay Close Attention to Your Intention

Each intention—anger, greed, compassion, understanding—sets energy into motion…What you intend is what you become…Power is energy that is formed by the intentions of the soul. It is Light shaped by the intentions of love and compassion guided by wisdom. It is energy that is focused and directed toward the fulfillment of the tasks of the soul upon the Earth.

~Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul

If you were to think of your life as a journey, how happy, how fulfilled, how peaceful would you be at this point in your life? Is it possible that, as my friend Gary Zukav infers, our intentions shape our experiences, which, at the end of the day, comprise the sum of our time spent on the planet? Is it really plausible that what we intend we become? Opening our mind to this question has profound implications because it beckons us to consider how conscious (or not) our intentions for the life we are living have been. Courageously exploring this question enables us to see that we play a crucial part in determining where the journey of our life will take us in the future.

Irrespective of the current state of our life, we can meet the new day with immense optimism by embracing the fact that our future is shaped by our deepest, consciously made intentions.

Too often, in the busyness of our lives, our intentions are semi-unconscious, meaning they slip unnoticed directly through to the reactive habit-mind, circumventing the deeper contemplative self. As a result, we may make choices which spawn consequences we may not expect. There is a direct correlation between the choices we make and our intentions. Every choice we make announces our intention to the Universe about what we desire and puts energy in motion to make it so. The root word for intention is intent, which means, “An aspiration to do something on purpose with an objective goal or target in mind; by design.” Whether we are aware of it, we each live by intention. While many of us believe otherwise, our intentions, whether our highest or our basest, conscious or unconscious, are always being served. If we find our lives to be “off course” it is only through becoming consciously “Self aware” that we can challenge and change the compass coordinates set for our journey.

How conscious are the choices you have been making? Are they propelled by the light, wisdom and energy of love and compassion, or something of a lower, more base vibration where the ego quietly lingers in the shadows—such as fear and doubt? Are your intentions arising from the infinite depths of your soul, or the shallows of a reactive mind operating just under the radar of the fully aware self? It’s easy to discern. Just witness your feeling nature as you ask yourself these questions and you’ll know from where your intentions arise:

  • Are my daily choices driven by unconscious habits, fears, doubts, and insecurities, or love and trust?
  • Do my choices incorporate harmony, sharing, cooperation, and reverence for life?
  • Do my choices create authentic power within, or do they cause me to look to other people and external things for my power, purpose, and direction?
  • Do my choices include intentions that honor my body, my relationships, my world, and my soul?

THE TAKE AWAY: You really are on a journey of a lifetime. Mindfully pay attention to your intentions is the rule of the road. Know that where your life heads now is not predestined by where it has been. You are at choice. Take time to plumb the depths of your innermost being and listen carefully to the wisdom and guidance, for what you intend today is what you shall become tomorrow. May your journey be a sacred one, where the intentions of your deepest Self rise and commingle with your daily doing, serving as the compass that points the way to the life you truly deserve.

Peace, Dennis


Dennis Merritt Jones
Dennis Merritt Jones
Throughout his lifetime, author, speaker, and mentor, Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life. His vision is to guide people to their purpose, knowing that when one fully awakens to who they are and why they are on the planet, they share their gift to humankind and create an enriching life for themselves and the world around them. Dennis is the award-winning author of six books—three of which are recipients of a Nautilus Gold or Silver award—and hundreds of articles and blogs. He has written and released the following books: The Art of Abundance - Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life; The Art of Being - 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life; The Art of Uncertainty - How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It; Your ReDefining Moments - Becoming Who You Were Born to Be; Encouraging Words - Proof That Who You Are Matters, and; How to Speak Science of Mind. Dennis believes we each have the capacity and, ultimately, the responsibility to contribute something positive to this world, leaving it a better place than it was when we arrived. Reflected in his writings and presentations, his teachings promote a contemporary life-affirming, spiritually logical, and positive outlook on life. As a keynote speaker, Dennis is equally comfortable addressing an audience seeking spiritual inspiration or those seeking a purely secular motivational message. He uses his understanding of universal principles to draw upon wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. As a mentor, Dennis works with individuals and non-profits to assist them in clarifying their vision and mission. He believes that there is a deeper consciousness of unity, cooperation, and reverence rising in humankind where the value of all life, regardless of ethnicity, geography, culture, or sexual orientation, is sacred. He believes this consciousness of unity, cooperation, and reverence for life and the planet will be one of the most significant influences upon society as we approach the challenges of 21st-century living.

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  1. Love love, love this article 💙 – deliberate intention setting is indeed THE manifestation tool to change our lives. IF we become – as Dr. Merritt Jones rightly says – self-aware enough to make more discerning choices and switch off from this auto-pilot existence we often live.
    In my experience, self-awareness is only one ingredient in the deliberate intent alchemy. Having worked with this on an energetic basis myself – and as a big Zukav fan – the realisation of power “intentional living” holds is often overwhelming. So, the motivation behind intentions needs to be ultra clear, as it is the set-point of all consequence (or rather ripple effects) that will follow when actioning intentions… so a good dose of self-leadership also plays it’s part and honesty. And this often requires a deep-dive into the deepest recesses of our soul, to get real clear of the WHY behind our intentions … and that can be a revelation many do not see coming. So it is essential that we navigate to the purest frequency and exercise much more mindful, deliberately action from a source of love, not ego. That journey alone is a process; a process that can sometimes bring painful clarity of ones own true motives behind the vail of “good intentions”.
    No wonder the saying: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” … holds such wisdom.